Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1625

Henghe people have made careful arrangements for this!

The fourteen-person eight-pointed rock formation is not to be insulted only in terms of the majesty of magical power, but not like what they say is so easy!

Nine Henghe people will attack the battle, while the Cihang cultivator is arranged to contain the task. There are many cooperations in the middle, which is the basic attitude to the battle.

Dassami is a little uneasy, because everything is too normal, and the normal is a little abnormal!

If the star-catchers are so easy to deal with, how can the previous few calls hurt soldiers and break generals here, and knock out a head bag?

But where did this uneasiness come from? He has no intuition about it. The other fourteen people are here, and they can see every move clearly. What tricks can he play?

They use oneself's best known Genhe sweeping technique, so there is no problem. Henghe people don't believe in the holy river of oneself anymore, are they still Henghe people?

So I can only shut up, and it’s not easy to speak. The most important problem is that Guland has the highest caste status. Some opinions must be divided into occasions, but you can’t just open your mouth. Come!

Under the transport of nine Henghe cultivators, a bright river was born out of thin air! Such a long river, of course, is far inferior to their incomparable power in their own territory in Henghe Realm, nor can it compare to the normal changes in the sky!

Here, in order to display such a long river in the miniature image, we must rely on the mountains and rivers in the miniature boundary to achieve the greatest effect!

The water of the holy river is rolling, as if surging from the sky, surging and surging; when there are nine people using at the same time, it becomes more and more endless, and the stamina is long!

When you collide with the starcatcher’s Octagonal Rock Formation, it is as if the endless tide is washing the offshore reef!

The two sides are on top of each other, neither giving way to the other!

The holy river is endless, the reef stands tall and deep, rooted deep and wide, and there is no sign of looseness at all! More than a dozen star-winning cultivators have connected magical power together, and they have an imposing manner of giving up to me!

This is not the realm of Henghe, they also have an advantage in numbers, and they are not afraid of even the holy river of Henghe, and they will not give up!

But the sacred river of Henghe dao lineage is not only the formidable power, the sacred river has risen, and the countless magical effects of the Henghe people have not been shown by one by one!

Under Gurland's control, the river water began to become crystal clear and near-transparent, as if it was not just river water, but it also carried countless spiritual powers, and the years flowed!

In the power of the holy river, water flow is only a part, far from all! Especially when countless spirit strengths began to converge, in its majestic place, dozens of star-catching cultivators began to feel a little overwhelmed!

No matter how strong their spirit strength is, how can it be possible to mention on equal terms with the huge believers accumulated over countless years in Genhe?

The holy river of Henghe, the essence of attack is not in ordinary power!

The reef begins on the verge of collapse! It's not that the stone is crisp, but the will is shaking!

The star catchers are still struggling to maintain, but anyone with a discerning eye can see that they are slipping into defeat!

Henghe people don't spare any effort, and they will never pity their opponents in battle! When the pressure of the spirit strength of the holy river reaches a certain level, it will be difficult for you to quit! The price must be paid!

That is no longer a problem of spitting blood or getting a little injury, it is a problem of mental ability that cannot be broken away!

How many of the 14 people are pawns? How many are cars?

In the whole process, the star pickers at first were not completely defiant. They also fought back and fought, and even had a short-term advantage in the spell confrontation at a certain stage, but all of this, Slowly changing in the silent suppression of spirit strength aggression.

Here, ten Cihang cultivators shared a lot of pressure for the people of Henghe, and even suffered injuries in the face of the counterattack of star picking, but their efforts are not without results, persistence. Meaning, until the holy river began to fully function.

Henghe Spiritual Body everywhere, began to shake the foundation of the Star Picker Rock!

The thirteen star catchers tried their best to persevere, because the flooding process of Henghe Spiritual Body is actually the process of dragon soul controlling Dahe!

Dragon Soul can't control the Spiritual Body, but it can control the power of the water that carries the Spiritual Body! Starcatchers are also waiting, waiting for Henghe cultivators to thoroughly integrate the spirit of oneself with Henghe’s countless Spiritual Body. The more fully they merge, the greater the pressure on the rock formation of the Octagon. Similarly, when the dragon soul is suddenly activated, The greater the impact on these Henghe cultivators!

This is a bet on the tipping point! Both sides are full of malicious in their savings! The Henghe people want to keep all the star pickers here, so their holy river spirit strength gathers and does not send out, they are only building momentum and fighting for the final drum!

The starcatchers seem to be patient, but they also want to keep at least nine Henghe cultivators who have fully integrated their spirits into Genhe!

In the undercurrents here, Lou Xiaoyi is the only one who is free, and the one who has the clearest grasp of the situation of both sides. He is a little worried that He Qian is too greedy and loses the best in pursuit of maximum effect. opportunity!

But his worries are a bit redundant. The starcatcher's understanding of Genhe spirit strength is obviously unique!

Gurland feels almost done! The accumulation of spirit strength in Genhe has reached a certain limit. It is not that it cannot continue, but that the speed of accumulation will slow down and there will be no efficiency!

spiritual consciousness teleports companions and cultivator of compassion, ready to unfold the Spiritual Storm of Genhe!

At this moment, 13 star-winning cultivators pursed their lips and screamed at the same time! This is Dragon Whistle!

In an instant, Genhe has changed! Countless spiritual bodies are still excited, but the water carrying them starts to get out of control, completely contrary to the intention of the Henghe cultivator, and the whole river begins to rush outward!

The sudden change hit Henghe cultivators completely unprepared. They tried to control this big river that had never been out of control since practice, but in vain!

The ones taken away by the river are not only the Henghe Spiritual Body, but also the spirit strength that the nine Henghe cultivators add to the holy river in order to control these Spiritual Body! These spirit strength even occupies 70 to 80% of their entire spirit!

They are too late to take it back! Because I want to regain control of the holy river! Because the holy river is out of control, but another big river is born out of thin air!


When you realize that something is wrong, it is too late! The timing of Jianhe's generation was extremely precise, at the same moment when the Holy River was out of control!

When the dragon soul led the holy river into the void, Jianhe engulfed all the incoming cultivators in it! For a time, the sword river of Pentium carried an endless killing intent. If the big river before was silent, then the big river now is wild, not hidden, never covered, the naked-naked-naked killing intent is so clear and unmistakable. Put it out!

For the Henghe cultivator who is still trapped in the holy river with 70% or 80% spirit strength, this is an irreversible disaster!

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