Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1626

Although Jianhe’s target is all the invaders, there are still nine cultivators in Henghe Realm!

Lou Xiaoyi is no longer obsessed with targeting Henghe Realm, but if the opportunity is just before his eyes, he doesn't mind to destroy it!

This is no longer a battle, but a slaughter! But the massacre is also part of the battle. In the early savings of both sides, in fact, both sides already knew that there must be this moment! The only difference is who slaughtered who!

Now, the answer is revealed!

Dassami is lucky! Because his position is at the end of Jianhe's attack! Because among the nine Henghe cultivators, he was the only one who didn't use most of the spirit strength on the holy river. He only used oneself half of the spirit strength!

So, he is the only one who can barely struggle out of Jianhe's killing, bruised all over!

There are seven Cihang cultivators who can finally escape the raging Jianhe with him! The remaining eight Henghe people and three Cihang people are all in the cruel Jianhe!

In the final chaos, not only Jianhe, but also thirteen star-winning cultivators counterattack with all their strength! The Holy River once gave them so much confidence, and finally gave them what a terrible disaster!

No one issued an order, because now there is no need for guidance!

Get the stars, one is not damaged! Only eight of the Cihang Henghe group escaped! The anchorage of star-catching becomes a real flesh-and-blood mill! Everyone, including those in the miniature or watching the excitement, is guessing a question, what is going on here? What kind of power has caused so many realms to break down here?

This is beyond the scope of the normal ability to pick Star Realm! At least one of Lou Xiaoyi's missions failed. He failed to help the star catchers keep a low profile. No matter if they finally occupied the anchor position, the performance of the star catchers was incomparably displayed in front of the world!

"I’m not to blame! First of all, I must blame He Qian. His timing is so good. It is basically the rhythm of destroying all Henghe people!

And you, say yes Now it’s my sword river attack. At least it can be measured. Now it’s good. I will take away eleven. I see how you will keep a low profile next? How do you change to the anchor arm position?"

Staring cultivator big eyes staring at small eyes, the mood is very complicated! Before coming, Sect's meaning was clear. One was to kill the reincarnated traitor, and the other was to switch from anchor claw to anchor arm in a low-key manner. Now...

Of course, it is too hypocritical to say that it is painful. In fact, everyone is very excited, because they have never experienced such a hearty battle! Everyone has the dream of showing the sage in front of people, but few forces can really do it, and when you do it, you will find that the weight of the crown is really not something ordinary people can bear.

For example, they are invincible at the moment, and while they are excited, they have deep anxiety in their hearts! Because they know very well in their hearts that without Xuanyuan Sword repair, they are still the only slightly stronger star pickers, but they will never be able to do this step!

The sword cultivator set them up alive! What is the purpose behind it? Worth pondering!

Heqian has a bit of resentment, "Senior Brother! Our intention to win the stars is already obvious, okay? You don't have to tie us to the war chariot of the fifth ring like this, right?"

Lou Xiaoyi chuckled, "It’s easy to get on the boat and get off the boat! Your Old Ancestor should be very clear about what will happen when I asked me to participate in this sequence! The universe is chaotic, crowded, and you can jump on the car. Go on?

I said brother, don’t take me so sullenly! It’s not your idea? It’s not your strategy? It’s not your counterattack? It’s not that you asked me to leave Jianhe?

I think you guys are thinking too much, the body is honest, but the mouth is covered up! How can that many be just right? Starting from the three holes, this is a Road of No Return! Except for killing others trembling in fear, a strategic withdrawal, do you think that oneself can still retire?"

Lou Xiaoyi eats turban ash and throws light farts, so that the star picker is in the sequence this time Performance, they are destined to be impossible and low-key! But for him personally, the battle is not too challenging, because powerhouse has never encountered it!

The sword cultivator in Sandong FIT, the reincarnated traitor of Dutian! Maybe there are other powerhouses...... The competition has just begun, and it hasn't reached the point of fighting to the death. Everyone is still very restrained, but this kind of restraint will become weaker and weaker with the passage of time, until it is irreconcilable.

Now, it's just in the process of finding the bottom of each other, but Cihang's touch is a bit deep this time, and he directly touched oneself!

After one round, seven of the eight realms have participated in the war, and only the combination of Kong Jie and Natural Selection is still standing there. Maybe I wanted to see it clearly before, but now it’s really not. Dare to move!

Two anchor claw positions, one in the hands of the five-ringed person, and one in the hands of the bottomless pit star picker! It seems that no matter which one is not good!

Hesitation is the main theme now. But everyone's hesitation is not inaction, because there will be another change that will affect the overall situation. Take the picture!

Picture is a change in the miniature realm that is not shifted by human will. This change will cause the realm to collide with each other, so you have to fight, and you can’t pick your opponent because of the collision. The goal is completely determined by the unknowable mysterious Heavenly Dao.

This is also a very important level in the sequencing. Generally, after this level, the entire sequencing process will enter the second half. If anyone has any ideas, he must hurry up.

This is also the reason why the various realms have retained their strength in previous battles and reserved their strength for oneself, because they don't know who they will encounter in this collision? Judging from historical records, collisions between allies or great differences in strength are rare. In most cases, collisions between territories of similar strength will trigger cruel battles.

Then this time, under Heavenly Dao Will, what dramatic accidents will occur?

Everyone is looking forward to it!

Heqian is not worried at all, looks at Lou Xiaoyi, and some be eager to have a try, "Senior Brother dare to guess which territory the star will collide with?"

Lou Xiaoyi slightly smiled, "Ying Yuan! Are you betting with me again?"

He Qian shook his head disappointedly, "Don't fight! Because Senior Brother has guessed it right! I just thought I know, it’s the first time Senior Brother came to the anchor chain. Why is it so clear about the secrets of the anchor chain? It’s like practicing here for many years?"

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "No, I don’t understand. Anchor chain! But I know you! You ask this question so easily, it is nothing more than thinking that the next collision will not be dangerous! Which of the other seven realms is not dangerous? It is nothing but Chiyang and Yingyuan! Chiyang's strength is limited And I have encountered it once, and the answer can only be Ying Yuan. I am also a member of the Five Rings, so you feel safe!"

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