Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1627

Heqian explained, "The sequence of anchor chains is a very strange phenomenon. It seems that it has never changed since history. It will always be dramatic and enjoyable, and it can satisfy most people's wishes! Then everyone guessed , Is there some mysterious power that can gather the hearts of the participants?

As long as everyone is willing to see it, it will happen! It’s amazing, but it does exist!

What do most cultivators in the Eight Realms want to see most now? It is the collision between star picking and Ying Yuan. Since it is everyone's wish, according to the historical trajectory, it will definitely happen!

So , We will definitely run into Ying Yuanjieyu. For us, what else should we worry about?

Everyone has thought about it, Senior Brother will blend with them, we will fight for a fake Letting out is just an excuse for losing to the fifth ring and then looking for an anchor arm position?"

Lou Xiaoyi faint smile, "You guys, the real intention is to stare at the sky, right? In the anchor arm position, it can not only meet the low-key needs of star-catching, but also kill your traitor by the way, kill two birds with one stone, is that what you think?"

Haqian laughed, "Senior Brother battle strength Wushuang, and only you dare to say that you have a certain victory over that traitor. We may not succeed if we do it, and I am afraid it will make him vigilant!"

Lou Xiaoyi It doesn’t matter. His biggest goal is to tie the star picking to the war chariot of the five rings. Now it is almost complete, so he doesn’t mind to contribute to the star picking. In the final analysis, the world of cultivation is a world of interest exchange, and there is nothing at all. Paying for purpose?

"Then, since the collision between Yingyuan and Star Reaching is certain, which of the other three collisions will be?"

Heqian analyzed, "With the anchor Attitude, the collision between star picking and Ying Yuan is the first choice, and the second thing everyone wants to see is the battle between Dutian and Kongjie, because the relationship between these two realms is very bad, every time they encounter it is a fight to the end, without compromise. It’s possible! And the Guangming Realm behind them and the natural selection continent have nothing to do with each other. When they are out of the anchor chain, they are constantly filthy each other!

The remaining Chiyang Cihang, then if Sandong and other four companies are not enough To be honest, I am afraid it is difficult to have an overwhelming unanimous will! And I estimate that Cihang will be the first to withdraw from the competition. Their loss is too great, and the damage is still the Henghe people who rely on it!"

Lou Xiaoyi was a little excited, and the encounter with Ying Yuan was also his wish. He already knew the names of those people from the star-catching population. Among them, there were quite a few old acquaintances. Needless to say, Guang Yao, own senior brothers; Shangdu was once the old rivals of the Foundation Establishment. The world is unpredictable. Didn't expect suddenly encounters under such a scene. It is also fate.

……"Come with the star picking? Should we be careful?"

The five ring seven people who received the warning from Yuanren laughed! This picture-taking program fits their minds, because it will completely release their battle strength.

Shou Ru meditatively said: "If it really collides with star picking, I think it will defeat them. It doesn't make much sense! Because it will mean that we will never have an impossible battle, and everyone will avoid us. Therefore, it is a good way to give in without losing one person. It can show a good star-catcher without losing face. "

Star pickers are the only one purely native cultivator among the eight realms. Of course, they don’t know that there is a oneself in it; anyone with a discerning eye can see that they are in the chain realm. The status and strength of the domain is the most worthy object! It is precisely because they have not been in contact with any external forces that they have unlimited possibilities.

If you really compete with such a realm, death and injury are inevitable, and there is no benefit to the future, so it is better to let it, let the other party be grateful, and let oneself have no loss. As for the missing anchor claw position, just look back and grab another one.

His opinion has been approved by all the people in the Five Rings. He is very cautious in fueling his salary and considers very well.

"Shou Ru Junior Brother, Ying Yuan still needs you to go there. Communicate a lot, and you can’t get the stars in order to make a good friend. Ying Yuan’s heart will be cold. You have to take care of the proportions!"

Guangyao is sighed, "Unfortunately, such opponents can’t Have fun! It's a pity!"

Everyone feels the same way. Warlike people like them cherish opponents of the same level very much. It is also an opportunity that can be met but cannot be expected. You can't let it go. It's like sniffing. Good wine but can't drink!

Everyone has a consensus, it seems very relaxed! Although I can't fight with star picking as much as I can, I still have a good discussion to find out. This is a personal hobby and cannot be restrained!

In a short wait, the picture began, and the eight realms began to approach each other. They couldn't help but their will!

The Taoist Blue Whale explained on the side, "The meaning of taking pictures is to grab each other! The anchorages are exchanged between different locations! But if the two areas are the same anchorage, for example, two anchor claws , Two anchor arms, then the failed party will lose the anchor, and become a floating point on the miniature star chart, without roots and no proofs.

Since we deliberately want to make it, we must do a good job of losing Anchorage preparation! After the loss of the two anchor claw positions, one will be vacated. We cannot fight immediately. We have to wait for other territories to occupy before we can fight. You must be mentally prepared for this!

Finally, our Yingyuan’s opinion is that it’s better not to lose it. Hey, you said that if you don’t fight for being hovered between life and death, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Who else would dare to compete with us?"

The guests of the Five Rings laughed and said nothing. There is no way to explain this kind of thing. It is a matter of temperament. It is the imprint left by the long-lasting style of Boundary, which will never change.

As everyone expected, Yingyuan and the miniature realm of Picking the Stars are close to each other, and Ziwu laughs,

"Ge Laozi’s is like an invisible one The hand is manipulating! The acting must follow the script. Isn’t this for fear that the world will not be chaotic!"

Burning sighed, "This invisible hand is everywhere! Isn’t it just an anchor chain? Changeable, let People will never understand its laws! In other words, don’t you worry, Grand Dao seems to have not collapsed for more than 500 years? If we continue to do this, I’m afraid we will not survive this generation!"

This is another heavy question! These people, if the Grand Dao fragments were to collapse one after another in two hundred years according to the original law, they could still catch up with the tail of epoch change, but if they collapsed together in four or five hundred years, how could they survive so much? long?

Guangyao smiled bitterly, "Let’s do the present! Who knows the future, maybe it will collapse several times next time?

You are fine, don’t keep talking about it.

Some of these didn’t, and the mood that I was in good for has changed, and I’m not interested in doing anything!"

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