Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1628

In the silence of the crowd and the expectation of outside observers, the two worlds of picking stars and Yingyuan began to slowly overlap. The winner of them will continue to maintain the position of the anchor, but the loser will lose the anchorage. , Such a relative situation makes the two sides have to fight to death, for the future of the realm three hundred and sixty years!

It is still the five-ring and seven-person standing at the docking point. At this point, the five-ringed person has truly shown responsibility. The dangerous position never pushes the three and the four, but carries it on one shoulder!

"Let's go first, show our attitude, and you will come later!" Shouru warned repeatedly.

The Taoist Blue Whale shook his head, "Don’t use us as idiots! Don’t you just want to go and fight with others first? Afraid that we will hinder you?

Alright, just late In the past, collecting corpses for you, it’s not in vain to get to know each other!"

Everyone laughed. In this sequence, Yingyuan cultivator’s attitude has changed slightly, and he has considerable strength on the five rings. Cognition, usually can not be seen, it is really real, other forces' fear of the Five Rings is undoubtedly revealed, this can not be hidden, it is a good thing to have such a strong ally!

The two realms overlap in depth, and the five rings and seven people came out together. As they expected, there was no battle. For the fourteen people to pick up stars, it would be foolish to catch the ship. select!

But there is also a masked person who was beyond their expectation. Someone got in the way and was still alone!

The masked man is boasted shamelessly, "Hey! Little Universal, there are a few flies at work! Not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, I don’t understand compassion!

As a member of the anchor chain, he always takes generosity and kindness, etiquette and morality as the standard of life, and he does not want to meet with other soldiers. If you wait for the position of the anchor claw, you can take it, and it doesn’t matter. Why overbearing? Come, do the dog jump the wall in a hurry?"

Seven people laughed and laughed! They can understand that this person may also have seen the situation clearly, and judged that their five-ringed people would not really start to pick up stars! In view of the strength, willing to take the initiative to avoid! But the real start is different from the test. Why does he think that the five-ringed people will take advantage of this?

The seven of them, all proud and arrogant, face sank, "If you don’t have the stars in your eyes, should Ying Yuan have to treat them as treasures? You don’t want to take the stars? , I should not be wary of Yuansheng, wrong is not to take the picture, not to be greedy for your position!

It doesn’t matter who stays and who goes, it’s probably not a big deal for my two families to take an anchor. It's difficult, but you are very rude, do you think that people like you can win and give up by picking the stars?

The five rings are taken only by heart, and you can take it if you want to take it.

It’s useless if I don’t want to take you, but I won’t be alms from others!"

The mask is cracked, and the shoddy mask is even more hideous and ugly,

" To say more, you wait for it, and it will be given to you here. If you want it, you have to ask for it, and you have to ask for it if you don’t. Who dares to say nothing about the things that my Tian Gou sent out?"

Guangyao The eyebrows raised, "hehe, Fellow Daoist is truly awe-inspiring! This is dismissed by using us as any cat or dog! Talking more is useless, and arranging the manpower. It may not be possible that everyone will have to do something to understand who is talking here. !"

The masked man clicked and said, "Join people? Do you need it? I am enough! To deal with your five rings, and find a second person to be a hero!"

Shou If the eyebrows are straightened, even his relatively forbearing character is irritated by this person's bossed shamelessly.

"Well, if that’s the case, I will not bully you, here There are seven people, you pick one at random, you win what you say, but if you lose, don’t be so not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, the universe is so big that a frog in a well can’t look at it!"

The masked man laughed, "Choose one person? Then you won't lose the 5th ring? If you want to choose, you can pick seven of you, and you won’t accept it! Whoever listens to who doesn’t say anything, are we personally? Do you want to point your head first? One person has three hundred purple clears. I bet on seven of you one by one. Can you dare to make a bet?"

The five rings and seven people are furious in their hearts, if not this person represents the star , I have cleaned him up a long time ago, and allow him to speak freely here, pretending to be a wolf with a big tail?

Be careful, knowing that if this person dares to let go of this rhetoric, he must hold on to it. Although he is not the strongest in battle strength among the seven, he is the one with the most life-saving ability. There won’t be any problems, and there will be room for both parties. If you change to Guangyao, it will be difficult to control the process, so I jumped out, shouted:

"Three hundred and three hundred, I’ll wait. Yes! Let me learn the tricks first, and see which Fellow Daoist's true ability is better than the mouth?"

The masked man laughed, "Shouru! I guess it is your special mother's number one?"

One jumped out, isn’t it just a good death for the other hand? I’ve learned many times in diving, didn’t expect from Foundation Establishment to True Monarch, you still look like a bird! I don’t know how many Death Substituting Talisman you brought this time What about?"

Shouru startled, he hasn't fully reacted yet, Guangyao Ranxin has already rubbed his body from left to right, and Li Shang at the back is also hitting with a fist, and his mouth is still foul. -mouthed,

"You doghead Lou Xiaoyi, I said who is doing the blame here, the anchor chain is not peaceful, it turns out that it is you who is here!

Come, let's come, let alone see us first, we are still here to deprive our resources! It is tolerable, which is unbearable!"

Seven people rushed up, punching and kicking, chasing and blocking!

After a while, Lou Xiaoyi straightened the distorted mask that was being pulled by them, and continued to pull hatred,

"We are familiar, but the rule of the fifth ring is if you agree to bet you must accept to lose, you can’t deny one person 300 Ziqing! Everyone is long time no see, and you don’t need to receive it, just treat it as a meeting ceremony!"

Lanxin shouted: "Who Who should go and stay? It’s still not decided! We are going to retreat, can you still hold us back?"

Shou Ru eccentric, "Ice candied fruit stick, you haven’t won, right? Dare to collect money for gambling?"

Seeing that everyone is unwilling to pay, Lou Xiaoyi laughed, "I didn’t make a decision for my own reasons! It’s for Fifth Ring. You seven fools have been here for a hundred years. I have not been able to really win a realm. I have finally managed to get one now. Is it possible to give up?

The star picker has two goals in this sequence, one is to return to the anchor arm to be unobtrusive , The other is to resolve personal grievances with Dutian, so we must retreat and find the trouble with Dutian and Guangming!

This is a major event, you must cooperate, otherwise this star-winning will be cooked The duck is about to fly. This responsibility is not small. I don’t agree to Lao Tzu. When I go back to the Fifth Ring Road, I will go to the Alliance to deliver a small report. You have to be confined for hundreds of years!"

Naked-naked-naked His threats, blatant sarcasm, personally, no one would listen to him, even if he is also from the Fifth Ring! Because there is no such guy in the official election, this is a wild food!

But Lou Xiaoyi is not a general five-ring cultivator. It has a high reputation among their younger generations. It was the Eldest Senior Brother at the time of the Foundation Establishment. Now many of you have reached the True Monarch. It seems this The guy is still the Eldest Senior Brother!

The division of True Monarch hierarchy is not so strict, unless you are Yang Spirit, with Lou Xiaoyi's lead back to help pulling strongly against a crazy tide of unfailing credit, plus more than one Yang Spirit head, even if These people are the Peak Primordial Spirit of various sects, and no one can get a big one in front of him. This is the advantage of fame, being in the universe, sometimes it is still very useful.

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