Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1629

The point is that the realm of star picking is an unexpected joy, but no one is willing to give up!

Shou Ru began to discuss, "What’s the trouble with getting stars? We can help! If it’s a secret matter, why don’t we make a more top secret? Everyone is a good brother, who will do it? Don’t do it?

You are alone, and how many nails can you hit with iron? Besides, there are only fourteen people who can get stars after all. It is still a little bit less, and it is easy to increase casualties, so you are not equal to me. Fully staffed and convenient to do things!

In this way, we don’t want your Ziqing either. Knowing you are poor, we will search everywhere..."

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "It’s not that I don’t. To save your brother’s face, I don’t care if anyone does this kind of thing; but it’s a bit hard to say, it’s about star-revealing privacy, and they hope that the less people know about it, it’s just one person, and use it. It’s not like you are aggressive wolves!"

Several people talked and laughed and exchanged their own judgments on the situation, especially the basic attitude towards several foreign forces. The Fifth Ring is in contact with these forces. , There are also tendencies and likes and dislikes of oneself.

Shou as I said now is actually the overall strategy of the top five ring alliances. The next cosmic dispute will inevitably draw more forces in. The circle without oneself will be destined to suffer in future wars. Wuhuan has already suffered a loss once, but I don't want to eat it a second time.

"I came to the anchor chain’s several Great Influence, Zhou Xian, Natural Selection, World Buddhism, Ups and Downs, Brightness, Henghe, among the six forces, Zhou Xian and us are the closest. It was determined by the course of the last war. If there are common enemies, there will be a common language. But Zhou Xian’s problem is that they are actually very close to everyone, and we can understand their reluctance. Feeling like making enemies casually outside, but if you still want to be a peacemaker and want to fish in troubled waters instead of coming forward, it’s hard to say how much help such a realm can provide to the Fifth Ring!

You can be friends, you won’t be enemies, but you can’t really rely on too much, and the distance between the two families makes them have huge doubts about cooperation!"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded, I have to say that the senior level of Wuhuan is still very accurate in judging the situation. After all, it is the power of a realm, far better than his singlehanded.

Shou Ru continued: "The ups and downs of the realm, there has not been too sharp conflict with my Five Rings in history, and there was even collaboration in a certain historical period! The characteristics of this realm are a bit unbearable. The outside view is that they are brave and inexperienced. They are hardworking and happy, but they are often unable to persevere!

Everything is good, but if you look at it from another perspective, they may also be the most willing to stand up and show their attitude. It is difficult for them to withstand failure, but if they do not fail, they may be the best companions!

The high-level people mean to draw in such a realm. Because they are more impulsive, they are easily persuaded. , If we can achieve a few more victories together, we can be considered a good ally!

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages, no one is perfect, and there is no other five rings!"

Ranxin saw it very clearly, "Don’t have it! If you really act like five rings, that’s the enemy!"

Everyone laughed. This is the truth, character. , Complementarity is the best, and the two of the family are very strong, that's nothing!

Shouru suggested, "Then if four people were lost in the attack, if I guessed right, this is ice candied fruit stick, did you do it?"

Lou Xiaoyi shrugged, "There is no way, I can't really get the stars to be on top of them, there will be big problems, so I touched a few of them and got shocked!"

Shou Ru asked. "You haven't exposed your dao lineage?"

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "Wearing a mask, everyone who sees me shot is dead! I am Tian Gou now, a word cultivator!"

The salary is relieved, "It’s good if it’s not exposed. We have another Yang Spirit Senior Brother on the Fifth Ring to go up and down to communicate. If they kill their people here, it will be a hindrance to the overall situation. So Lou Junior Brother, you Tian Gou's identity must continue to be pretended! Pretend to be more strict! When facing the scene, he will not hesitate to come to a duel between you and Guangyao Senior Brother to avoid people's eyes! Including the perfect contact, you can let the outside world know that both sides are eyeing. , But you can’t expose your role in it!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled wryly, it seems that the dog has to lick it all the time!

Shouru continued to introduce, "Natural Selection, a giant with a huge size! In the main world, there is no power group that can compete with them. We are too scattered and they are too concentrated. This is the problem. !

In the First World War, we didn’t face them directly. This is a fluke, and there is room for remission! Those Old Guys in the Fifth Ring believe that Natural Selection is still the one that can be contacted. Even if you can’t become an ally, you can definitely not become an opponent!

For this reason, the Yang Spirit Senior Brother also went to Natural Selection. I heard that the current Natural Selection has no restrictions on outsiders. That kind of not recognizing one's family, which means that they may also want to change. Coupled with the internal division of Buddhism and Taoism in Natural Selection, there is a lot to do in this!

Junior Brother, your set of positive and negative universe fusion The theory is a weapon to open the gap in Natural Selection. Old Guys think this theory is very useful!"

Lou Xiaoyi is a bit speechless. His theory was originally used to fool the Immemorial Ferocious Beast. If it is not mature, the theoretical foundation is not solid enough. It relies more on intuition, the induction of oneself's small universe. He does not know where oneself can go, so how can one talk about a strict logical system?

Originally this was just a little flicker, he almost forgot, but the Old Guys who didn't expect the Five Rings carried forward his conjecture. Through a series of strict corroboration, Dao Realm deduced it, and the trend of inspiration , Chaos Change, Five Elements Yin Yang and so on.

For scholars, if they are given a final result, they can find countless arguments, especially if the result is not so outrageous.

This is what the five ring old foxes are doing! See if you can give Natural Selection to the crippled Huyou! Of course, there are many natural selection Yang Spirits, many of them are great cultivators with insights, but the key is that Lou Xiaoyi’s inference is not unreasonable, but has a deep internal mechanism, seems right but actually isn’t, vaguely, It’s hard to tell if it’s true or false...

Li Shang just hit a person when he's down, "Seniors don’t steal the work of others! They never shy away from the source of this theory, never conceal it. The concept of genius comes from the most outstanding rising star in the younger generation of the current universe, a peerless talent who appeared in thousands of years, Xuanyuan Cigarette Taoist, Brackets, Lou Xiaoyi! Brackets, Chai! Brackets, one ear! Brackets, Tian Gou... Well, I added the last one.

How about Senior Brother, do you feel particularly proud? Special pride? Special face?"

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