Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1630

Shou Ru concluded: "The contact with Natural Selection is still in progress. I guess it will be a long process. During this process, our relationship with Natural Selection should be maintained at a relatively moderate level. You haven’t met a natural selection person yet. If you have contact, you must consider this, and your hands should not be too dark!"

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head straight. There are several curses in one set. How can I get people in the future? Go ahead?

I can only agree, "Okay, I know, I must consider destroying the corpse and evidence in the future, and leave the handle alone, right?"

Shou For example, said with a smile: "That's it! In fact, fighting and killing between realms is normal, even among allies, how can it be avoided with such a large volume? So for us In fact, it doesn’t matter, but your ice candied fruit stick is different. You also know by yourself, which time the trouble was not caused by heaven falls and earth rends, the sky is angry and people complain?

So this restriction is only for you. , Don’t be unconvinced, as long as you know how to constrain, you won’t be what you are now."

Ranxin replaced him and started the introduction, "Shouru Junior Brother said that you can fight for it. I’m going to say something that is more contradictory! Needless to say, the world Buddhism has already been forged. There is only blood to wash away. There is no second way!

We need to talk about the light alone here. Realm, regardless of their beautiful names, what they have done over the years may not be bright. Imitate the dog and steal chicken. We have done nothing less! Our relationship with Guangming has never been in harmony from the historical point of view. It’s just that they have been restrained from breaking out of large-scale conflicts.

There is evidence that behind the realms visited by the Fifth Ring, there is actually a shadow of the support of the Guangming Realm. Especially in a place called Yangding, it is the pawns and minions of the Bright Realm! But they did not appear in the previous Five Rings battle, so we are also impossible to take a challenge. It is such an awkward relationship.

But in the next war, we and Guangming will have a battle. This is the unified understanding of the high-level!

That’s why we just said to help you deal with the Guangming people! Because they are also ours. Target!"

Ranxin looked serious, "Finally is the Henghe Realm! The attitude of the high-level is unclear! Just let us stay vigilant against them! It is included in the category of dangerous targets. I guess this There is something secret in it, but it can’t be made public yet, but I think Junior Brother, you are not easy on them. Is there any reason for this? Or is it just because of the star-catching?"

Lou Xiaoyi Smile, wait to be said, but considering that what oneself does may affect the safety of these five-ring companions, it is still necessary to explain that they must have the minimum psychological preparation!

"It's not just the eight Henghe people! When I came, I passed by the Henghe River and killed six or seven? I can't remember clearly, there was also a Yang Spirit. , So I said in advance, if anyone walks in the universe and gets sapped by Henghe people in the future, don’t blame me for not reminding you in advance!"

Ziwu Qianduolishang’s eyes lit up, right in front of me. One's record is really amazing. They can be regarded as rampant characters in the universe, but no matter how they are killed, they can't kill this guy in an imposing manner! It’s no wonder that Shou Ru would just remind him that no matter how other people’s behavior in the universe in the sky is, it is nothing more than an individual behavior. When this killing embryo is started, it will be straight away!

A person born to stir the universe!

But there are also cautious and sophisticated, Guang Yao squinted his eyes, "Why, did Junior Brother notice something? How can you kill the killer in such a targeted way?"

Lou Xiaoyi said resolutely: "I have no basis! But there are a lot of speculations! I will tell you now, and judge you to do it yourself. I don’t know if there is a common ground with the Old Guys of the Five Rings. That’s it. ..."

In fact, there are many things, especially when it comes to the movement of a realm. It is impossible to completely cover up. There are always clues exposed, and there are always some slight loopholes in front of people. It is impossible to appear so that's how it is. It’s all in the True Monarch class. The cognition of the cosmic cultivation world has its own source. What Lou Xiaoyi did is to pick something more clearly. That's it.

No one should be with him, but it doesn't mean that everyone is as calm as they seem to be! To determine if a realm is an enemy, even if they are True Monarchs, they are not qualified. This requires a higher level of judgment!

Li Shang sighed, "Then what if you guessed wrong?"

Lou Xiaoyi doesn't matter, "You guessed wrong? It's just killing a few more people! Anyway! I want to kill too, who is not to kill?"

This is the answer of the standard sword lunatic, and everyone is not surprised. Shouru nodded,

"You can also kill and watch? It's a way! Although the bits and pieces of the dead people in Henghe came in to order the miniature images, aren't there any more out there?"

This is the mentality of the Five Rings. They will not follow the trend. Determined that the forces of Henghe Realm were the culprit behind the scenes, but agreed to kill and see? Typical robber logic, even if he is truly innocent, I am afraid he will be killed and become a vengeance!

Of course, the most important reason lies in the strange attitude of the senior leaders of the Fifth Ring Road towards Henghe Realm, neither wooing nor contacting! Let everyone be wary, what this represents is very intriguing!

They are all individual behaviors, but in the eyes of the five-ringed people seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, it is enough to have doubts. They will not say it. It is too naive, but they will definitely try. How to try, then only heaven knows!

"Henghe Dao Lineage's skills are very strange, if it is a big conspiracy, then at least they have their support! Especially on their holy river..."

Lou Xiaoyi made a necessary reminder. For True Monarch, when he faces an unknown enemy, some preparations must be done. No one here does not understand this. They are all elites who have been killed. Will not live now!

"In the three-hole wandering cultivator, there is an individual sword cultivator called a puppet. Has Junior Brother ever encountered it?" Guangyao thought of one person.

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "No, I killed it in the wrong direction! But when I killed five people, this person has already killed four. It's amazing. Don't be careless, Senior Brother. This is a real ability. , I don’t think it’s necessarily an opponent? I still need to look at it again!"

Guangyao agreed, but was not optimistic. "It’s enough to be pulled by the Lord World Buddhism as a helper. Blind! Try your best, as long as I don’t find him, he will come to us too! The old rules of Xuanyuan Sword, give a chance!"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded agreed, walking in the universe, It is not too rare to encounter an unfamiliar sword vein; Xuanyuan's rule is, for the sake of the same sword vein, he will give one chance, but only once!

This is a lesson of blood!

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