Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1632

Everything in the world is not as good as expected! This is the law!

In the picture, Dutian defeated Kong Jie, three holes defeated Chiyang, then if they defeated Cihang...the time has come to the final stage, and there is not much time left for them.

Moreover, a vague feeling is constantly growing!

Noting that the star picker is flying towards the sky, Lou Xiaoyi knows that this is the only choice for the star picker. It can occupy an anchor arm position and improve the conditions for beheading the traitor. spiritual consciousness is very disturbed,

"Senior Brother, maybe the miniature star chart has changed, and our control has become very difficult, so what will happen next may not be completely autonomous!"

Lou Xiaoyi has a similar feeling, but it is vague, because he does not participate in the thumbnails of the mobile domain, so it feels not intuitive!

"What is the reason? Are there any guesses? Has this happened in history?"

He Qian was also uncertain, "I don't know! The order in history has never been There has never been such a situation! It seems that the picture is over, it seems that it is not over? It is no longer easy in the direction of the control domain, as if it will get out of control at any time!

We guess that this is because The internal mechanism of producing the anchor chain miniature star map is changing. The reason is unknown, but if you must guess, will it be possible that the fragments of Grand Dao will be scattered and the chaos caused by this is unknown, and Heavenly Dao is not clear?"

Lou Xiaoyi sighed, it is very possible! This has been waiting for more than five hundred years, should I collapse one? Everyone's hair is white, and if you wait any longer, they really can't touch the edge of the era.

suggested: "Why force it? Where is it!"

He Qian didn't give up, "We haven't completed one of our goals yet! How can we rush?"


Lou Xiaoyi shook his head and said nothing; the biggest loophole in the plan of the star picker this time is that there are too many mission targets, and there is no priority!

Is the most important thing to kill traitors? Or is the anchor arm the first priority? Or is it more important to balance all influence? Too many goals are not clear, and as a result, all the glory is here, and a goal is not achieved.

Of course, this has nothing to do with him. He is only responsible for killing people, but regardless of scheduling, his so-called power of commander-in-chief is nothing more than a verbal thing, more like a false name.

He Qian is still trying to control the direction of the boundary, but obviously his efforts are getting paler and paler. Under the disorder of nature, the role that humans can play is also limited.

It is not only the epitome of the star-picking realm, but also the other seven realms. In fact, the entire miniature star map is messed up. No matter what anchor you occupy, you are now out of control The fly came out, as if to take the picture again!

But everyone understands that this is not the kind of regular map in history, but real chaos, uncontrollable chaos!

Heqian and Same Sect finally gave up their efforts, because man-made manipulation has been useless, and now nature has taken over everything.

"Grand Dao collapsed, is there such an obvious sign? Even the changes of Celestial Phenomenon, which have been stable for hundreds of thousands of years, can't continue normally?"

Haqian asked, this is The first time, not the first time Grand Dao collapsed, but the first time Grand Dao collapsed in the sequence.

Lou Xiaoyi has realized, "It shouldn’t be so! But since it happened, maybe it’s not one of the collapses, I’m afraid there will be several collapses at the same time!"

There are precedents, such as the killing and impermanence that collapsed at the same time in Fangcao! But at the time, it had little impact on the Celestial Phenomenon. However, if you consider that this collapse is the Innate Fifth Tai, the most basic thing of the universe, then it is possible to have a temporary or long-term impact on the Celestial Phenomenon. .

Heqian said dejectedly: "The miniature realm is completely out of control! Which anchorage to float to is pure luck, and even if you get to a certain anchorage by luck, you can't stop it, unless the collapse of Grand Dao ends. !"

Lou Xiaoyi chuckled, "The plan will never catch up with the changes! The current anchorage can't leave the boundary, so you can only wait! Even if the two worlds collide, I don't think there will be a battle! Because there is no Significance! The competition of cultivator can't determine the ownership of nature!

Through hard work for the past few months, death and injury are unknown, but who knows it is a joke made by God. You just need to close your eyes and bet big and small. Okay!"

The star pickers are very depressed, but in fact everyone is depressed. The more powerful the realm that has performed well in this sequence, the more depressed, such as Cihang, who thought they were all lost. To compete for the qualifications, didn't expect God gave them another chance. They saw it very clearly that the order this time might end up being a do as one pleases by Heavenly Dao.

Not only are the cultivators participating in the miniature star chart hesitating, but the cultivators that are viewed outside are also six gods and no masters, and the order has begun to become disordered. If the Celestial Phenomenon is freely designated by the nature, the viewing will be lost. Meaning; for some of them, personal practice purpose is more important, because such a change means the emergence of Grand Dao fragments!

Taichu, Taishi, Taisu, Taiji, plus chaos, how many will collapse this time? Two? Three? Or more?

The impatient cultivator has already started to fly out. It is not important where the final sequence of the anchor chain will fall. What is more important is to go first to the place where they think the Grand Dao fragments are most likely to appear. Just wait for the rabbit!

In terms of the appearance density of Grand Dao collapse, it will always be the densest for a period of time after collapse, and then become more and more sparse as it is caught. The first soup is the most delicious, as long as you Can find the right place!

For nearly a thousand years, with the successive collapse of Grand Dao, people's understanding of Celestial Phenomenon in the airspace where the Grand Dao fragments appeared has become clearer and clearer, and it will not be the first few collapses. Then there is no head and no brain, there is always something faintly discernible.

It was like a big show. At the end of the performance, the audience found that there was more excitement outside the theater, so they left halfway through.

In that unpretentious floating raft, Cihang Yang Spirit feels something,

"Senior Brother Li, I can’t wait here with you anymore, you Knowing that I am also interested in the fifth wife of Innate, so..."

Senior Brother Li smiled, "Fellow Daoist is good to go, why bother with me? Our Henghe Dao Lineage is not too particular about these so-called Innate Grand Dao, you also know that, let me see again, Grand Dao collapsed, people were alarmed, maybe it was my chance!"

Cihang Yang Spirit is outside the raft, still spiritual consciousness warning, "Remember what you promised me! There will be no shortage of cultivators looking for fragments outside the void of the universe during this time. This is an opportunity and an obstacle. You can do it yourself!"

Senior Brother Li smiled, of course he It is very clear what this Cihang Yang Spirit meant. The opportunity is that it is normal for people to die in this period of disputes arising from the grabbing of the Grand Dao fragments, which can conceal their motives.

The obstacle is that there are so many people!

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