Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1633

Chaos, let the eight territories in the miniature horoscope show irregular motion, let alone unable to stay at the anchorage, even collisions can't happen!

The cultivators in it can't do anything about it, they can't get out! And as participants, they are also impossible to disregard Sect's interests for oneself practice. What if they still have to fight to resolve anchorage ownership in the end?

He Qianian is bitter, "According to historical law, under normal circumstances, the forming time of the miniature star chart has passed, that is to say, if we have not caught up with the changes in Heavenly Dao, we have now finished the sequencing!

But now the mutation of Heavenly Dao has extended the finalization time of the miniature star chart. No one can control this!"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded, "Well, you mean Grand The moment Dao's fragments collapsed, is the star map dissipated? The location is in destiny, and the manpower can't struggle?"

Heqian smiled bitterly, "That's it! Senior Brother, you see, all the cultivators watching the battle outside The bits and pieces are gone. Everyone has a hunch about it, so they are not interested in waiting for this purely accidental result. It is better to go to the universe to find a chance!

They are like this, in fact, we are. The same is true for the participants. Once the miniature star map is scattered, everyone’s first thing to do is also to fly to space and try oneself’s luck!

It’s the same for us to pick the stars. Everyone has discussed it. We work hard to live up to our practice!"

Lou Xiaoyi understands that the so-called opportunity in the cultivation world is actually difficult to find in a group, because of the uniqueness, who really finds it? Nothing is bad for the friendship between friends; especially this thing like the Grand Dao fragment. It's a fluke to meet one of them. How can it be possible that two squads will touch two and three will meet three?

So basically they all do their own things, and in the judgment of the direction of the fragments, they all have their own understandings, which is difficult to unify! So what He Qian said was actually telling him that the star catchers were going to disband, and to pursue oneself's future like everyone else.

But Heqian is a good friend. Although he has been hijacked by the sword cultivator many times, he still took out a detailed star map of the airspace near the anchor chain, facing the anchor chain. The various Celestial Phenomenon environments in the Tripartite Universe are marked in detail, and there are also special large-scale Celestial Phenomenons farther away, but it is impossible to do too carefully.

"Senior Brother, if you hold this, you can know the approximate spatial environment distribution around the anchor chain. I don’t know what you know from the Five Tais, and I don’t know your judgment on the direction of the fragments. But if there is this star map, you will be able to find the direction that best suits your philosophy!"

Lou Xiaoyi didn't pretend to be, and took it calmly, "I've taken you! Well, since the opportunity I'm here, why I have to look for it, maybe I hit it? I have to study this thing to see where the debris is more likely to go!"

Heqian said with a smile: "Senior Brother, you are welcome. Without you, I won't lose only four people in this ordering. What star chart can compare the value of life? I will give Senior Brother a brief introduction. These Celestial The specific situation of Phenomenon..."

In fact, it is not only in front of the river, but also other star-catching cultivators. Everyone each airs his own views. They all have their own views on the situation around the anchor chain. Only these ten The three star dao lineages are divided into nine directions. If you consider the distance, the destinations of the thirteen people are not the same. This is also the norm in the cultivation world, compared to the minor repairs such as Foundation Establishment Golden Core. , When people reach the True Monarch class, it is really different, everyone is different, which is the fun of practice.

Lou Xiaoyi was full of interest, pointing to a direction, and said in a large area of ​​air:

"What's going on here? I think the direction you chose seems to have deliberately deviated. Is there anything to say here?"

Heqian explained, "Well, there is actually nothing special to say, as long as there are people going to some weird places, but no one cares about this no-man’s land. Its biggest feature is that it’s ordinary. There is no Celestial Phenomenon in the huge airspace, stars are sparse, and there is no environment for human survival. The most important thing is that in the previous several Grand Dao collapses, this area has never been People can run into luck!"

Lou Xiaoyi said with a smile: "Someone still goes!"

Heqian shook his head, "I will go where others don’t. This is the nature of the cultivator! So after knowing that Grand Dao fragments will randomly appear in the universe in the sky, this area is not without those mavericks patronizing, merit, too vain, killing, impermanence, too easy... …

As a result, those who went there meant the sword moves with side stroke. However, Heavenly Dao didn’t give this opportunity. No one has ever gotten the debris in this airspace, so slowly No one is going to gamble on luck anymore. It seems that no one has gone since it was too easy to collapse, and it is even more so now!

Senior Brother, I know that Jianmai has such characteristics, and I always like to take unusual paths. , But you have to know that it’s okay not to take the usual path, but if it becomes a habit, sometimes it wastes time and energy."

Heqian is talking about a fact, that is, the fragments of Grand Dao. They always prefer special places, Celestial Phenomenon's complex environment. The cultivators also use this as a basis. It is understandable that they can speculate where the debris may appear from the perspective of the Five Tais.

Lou Xiaoyi doesn't have any special opinions about this, because what he got before was very unfathomable mystery, but he didn't deliberately search for it. So I feel that everyone seems to be right, and it doesn't seem to fit oneself's mind completely.

In waiting like this, it’s like riding a roller coaster, I don’t know where the realm under my feet is going!

Suddenly, time seems to have stopped flowing, everything is silent, there is only a clear ka-cha, one after another, five consecutive ka-cha!

Taichu, Taishi, Taisu, Taiji, Chaos, Five Dao Innate Grand Dao collapsed within a few breaths. This is the most continuous collapse that people have seen so far. It may be like this. There is only one time in the future of Wonders, but the impact of such continuous collapse on Cultivation World is undoubtedly huge, so huge that even the miniature star map Celestial Phenomenon they are in has been deeply affected, and it lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. Nothing exists, completely replaced by disorder.

At this moment, the eight realms of the anchor chain returned to their respective positions, and the anchorages returned were completely random accidents. The strength was reduced to the weakest Cihang and the most Buddha-type Chiyang quilt. Set in the anchor chain position, from the worst anchor tail to the anchor claw in the past, a gorgeous transformation has been completed!

Naruo and Kong Jie are installed in the anchor arm position, which is not satisfactory; the three holes are in the anchor crown, and the ying yuan is in the anchor trunk, but the two unlucky ones in the anchor tail are until now in the sequence The two realms with the best results, Star Reaching and Dutian!

It seems accidental, it seems inevitable, it perfectly embodies the universal values ​​of Hexi and Hedong for twenty years!

The miniature star map collapsed suddenly. Without the support of Grand Dao's changes, the entire star map disappeared at an extremely fast speed, giving all participants the freedom to participate in the cultivator!

When the boss falls from power, his lackeys disperse, it just describes the current scene. Since the final sequence has nothing to do with their respective strengths and efforts, of course, there is no need to rejoice and regret it. , Fly to the depths of the universe, to pursue their own chances.

This is the end of tiger's head and snake's tail, but it is the beginning of another battle!

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