Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1634

A group of dozens of people who have picked the stars have long been optimistic about the direction. As soon as the miniature scene has scattered, they immediately divided their things.

Among them, Lou Xiaoyi was included. The scene was in chaos. Whether it was attending the sequencing or the rest of the spectators, it was like a group of fried chickens, no one had time to look after. The so-called grievances in the sequencing are past tense, and the fragments of Grand Dao are the future that can be expected!

But there are also indifferents, very few, but always there!

The back puppet received a spiritual consciousness at the moment the star map was broken,

"I can guide you to a space to meet your need to fight Xuanyuan Sword!"

A star map suddenly appeared in the back of the puppet's mind, an empty space!

I sneered in my heart, this Yang Spirit harboring malicious intentions!

He got acquainted with this Yang Spirit somewhat accidentally. It was the only once help he encountered after escaping from the teacher’s gate. As a character sword cultivator, he didn’t want to owe favors, so in this name Yang Under the introduction of Spirit, a three-hole camp was added, and there is also the meaning of seeing the master world cultivator. After all, walking in the universe is not as good as it is now to see more excellent cultivators in a short time. The universe is wide, where to meet one another. A famous person to go?

To be honest, a bit disappointed! Given the size of the main world, he really hasn't met a decent opponent yet, except that Yang Spirit has the ability to rebirth to withstand his attacks, the rest is impossible to withstand a single blow!

It is Yang Spirit. He is not afraid of the weaker ones. Of course, the Yang Spirit who saved him is different, so let him be somewhat dreaded.

So far, there are only two people who can make him feel fighting intent. One is from the genuine brand Xuanyuan Sword Xiu from the Fifth Ring, who has the same Primordial Spirit level as him, and the other is attacking to get stars. The mysterious assassin of the time actually killed one more than him in his short hundred breaths, which made him look forward to it.

The two people, by mistake, did not collide with each other during the entire sequencing stage, which is a pity. Therefore, when surnamed Li Yang Spirit provided him with such an empty place, His heart is moved!

The heart is moved back to the heart, and some principle issues must be explained.

"Between you and me, the cause and effect is unknown. This time, as you wish, the previous cause and effect are wiped out! Senior is suspicious? "

The meaning is very clear, don't think you can cover up your intention to use me if you help me, Primordial Spirit great cultivator, with extremely clear knowledge, how can I be fooled? This time he deliberately stayed here to give advice, although he didn't quite understand the intention behind it, but it was definitely not for him!

Li Yang Spirit rescued him once, he added three holes for him first, and he was ordered to invite Xuanyuan Sword to fight for death. Even if the cause and effect were over, the two owe nothing!

Li Yang Spirit slightly smiled, "Okay! Between you and me, from now on!"

It is not surprising that the back puppet has noticed his use, even if he is Yang Spirit is always impossible to fool a Primordial Spirit True Monarch! But that’s okay. There are many ways to use it. The easiest for a sword cultivator is to show kindness and then just and honorable. These sword cultivators who think they have a sword will enter the urn obediently!

Sword cultivator damn it! This is his view of Jianmai! But he still needs to pay attention to strategy in how to act. If he can't come forward in person, it is easy to leave a handle. This is why he found the puppet as an intermediary! Very lucky, as soon as he saw this person, he realized that this was an opportunity!

How to intercept that sword cultivator? The best way is to let him know that the same sword cultivator exists, and then these sword cultivators will be like fighting roosters. They don’t need you to push them, and they can kill themselves by oneself!

He only needs to watch the play, and then correct the deviation when the development of the play deviates from the direction, it is very simple!

...... Guangyao is also one of the very few cultivators that haven't moved! This is also a remarkable feature of the sword cultivator. It seems that none of them are focused on the Five Great First Heavenly Dao Realm. Maybe there are a few who understand chaos?

It happens that Guangyao is not interested in chaos either. His direction is the most popular direction of sword cultivator in Xuanyuan, Five Elements, Yin and Yang, killing, thunder! Well, to put it plainly is the direction of the Yazu, because Yazu has reached an amazing height, naturally, its Dao Realm collocation has also been studied by many sword cultivators, and it has become a trend.

The other people in the Fifth Ring have left. This is how they get along. In fact, in the anchor chain for a hundred years, most of them have acted separately, but they will not stick together; he did not leave and not only It's just not interested in Grand Dao fragments, it's also an intuition!

Because the individual sword cultivator didn't leave either! This is the same intuition about the sword, no need to say anything, it is as it should be by rights!

From the perspective of the five rings, the power of sword veins appears in the main world Buddhism. This is a dangerous sign, and the truth behind it must be clarified! The sword dao without inheritance is impossible to reach such a high level. Therefore, its person is definitely not an individual self-cultivation, but also a sword vein. He knows this very well. There is no such thing as hidden in the deep mountains in the biography. To become famous, the world knows the situation!

The sword needs blood to feed!

So he is standing here, watching Lou Xiaoyi run faster than the rabbit, and he can probably know the thoughts of this Junior Brother. They are all for the fifth ring, for the teacher, but their own The direction is different, and the essence is the same!

To meet their respective challenges, always unyielding!

In his eyes, he saw that individual sword cultivator wiped his throat with his hand, and then left; Guangyao coldly smiled, knowing what he meant: find a place to learn from each other?

It's just that the sword cultivator is more intense, more dangerous, and reckless than other dao lineages!

Two figures one after the other left the starry sky, no different from other cultivators looking for Grand Dao fragments, but no one knows that others are looking for opportunities, but they are going to die!

It is the fate of sword cultivator!

……Lou Xiaoyi ran so fast because he was following a person.

Usually he is a carefree, carefree character, but in deep in one's heart, he is an extremely rigorous person who takes responsibility very seriously!

It is very important to bring an ally like an anchor chain to the five rings! If you let the anchor chain stand on the opponent's side, there will be a big difference between one and the other, there will be more Five Ringers in the future, at the cost of Xuanyuan people's death and injury!

To pull the anchor chain, you must fasten the star picking to the war chariot of the five rings. That is to say, if you have promised something, you must do it, and it should be done sooner rather than later. Only when people see your sincerity and ability can they trust you!

There is no chance in the sequence, but after the sequence, is there a better chance than everyone is scattered and looking for fragments?

At this point, he agrees with that of Li Yang Spirit. This is a great opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Afterwards, people can only attribute the loss of the cultivator during this time to the outsiders. Scramble for fragments!

So, he didn't say hello to others, and he acted alone, that's his style!

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