Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1635

Takizawa started quickly, and the speed is beyond the reach of the overwhelming majority, because he has a oneself ideal place, at least in his opinion, it is a place where the five pieces of the five are very likely to appear!

He does not repair the fifth wife, but he repairs the chaos, so the collapse of the Grand Dao this time is also very meaningful to him.

He has a sense of urgency, as if there is a potential danger approaching! Although he doesn't know what it is, it doesn't mean he can ignore it.

To get rid of this feeling of danger, the only thing he can do is to improve the boundary of oneself. Only when Yang Spirit has the power of rebirth can he have a certain sense of security!

In the past hundreds of years, there have been several unfathomable mystery's conspiracy interceptions against him. The murderers are of unknown origin, but he is very clear that the principal behind him is one! Who the hell is it? It was also what he had always wanted to figure out, vaguely, he felt that if oneself was promoted to Yang Spirit, everything would come to light. He swears that the person or force behind it will pay a heavy price!

Because of this pressure, even if it is Primordial Spirit, he has to make precise planning for oneself’s trip, either with the same sect senior and junior brothers, or when oneself is acting alone It is very painful for a True Monarch to vent oneself's itinerary and purpose!

But he had to do this, because he was life hanging by a thread after being attacked several times, and it was more luck to support it. This is not the life he wants!

For things like this, there is no way to ask the teacher for help. Is it possible that Sect should be required to protect him, who is standing at the top of the pyramid? And one protection is hundreds of years?

If he wants to reach Yang Spirit, he needs to make a breakthrough on Dao Realm. Chaos fragments are very important to him, and they are not dispensable.

He finally waited for the day when the Grand Dao of Chaos collapsed, but the timing was a bit unsatisfactory, but he didn’t have a choice, it is impossible to follow others back to the realm first, and then sneak Out? No one has returned to the realm now, right?

For this, Takizawa made the most thoughtful choice. When the miniature scene disappeared, he immediately left with a few same sects, and then took a moment to set foot in the direction of oneself at high speed.

Speed ​​is what he is most proud of. He has saved his life several times in his past experience. In the vast universe, when you fly in a straight line, your opponent will always be impossible to catch up unless he is faster than him. he!

After flying like this for more than ten days, at first there are other cultivators in the same direction that travel far away. As time goes by, everyone will inevitably deviate in direction, until the end is left He is alone!

He raised the speed of oneself to the extreme, but he still couldn't eliminate the faintly discernable feeling of danger in his heart! So he knew that oneself was still being watched!

Who will it be? Counting his past career in detail, there are countless personal grievances and grievances. It is really hard to count. There are also some opposites to the division, and it may also include the dissatisfaction of some forces caused by the recent close to the light realm?

During the speeding, he silently felt the severity of this dangerous intuition, and suddenly discovered that the danger is getting closer and closer. For True Monarch, who has a whim, it is almost another sense outside the six senses. , He was pretty sure, there was danger following him, and he was faster than him!

Takizawa took a long breath and slowly stopped his figure. He is not a person who is afraid of things. If the danger comes, he will choose to face it bravely instead of evading and being chased. Like a dog!

Organizing what he brought with him, for hundreds of years, he has prepared countless things to fight for oneself, but what he really holds is the strength of oneself. He escaped several times and was lucky. , But more is inevitable!

Number One Person under Yang Spirit in Heaven Realm domain! It's not a boast. Even Yang Spirit can beheaded several times. This is his true record; this time, he will not only tear the stalker, but also get the truth out of his mouth. It was so unclear, he was a little tired.

Cautiously took out four treasures and threw them around in the sky, their eyes turned sulking! This is Du Tianguan’s treasure of the town, he wants to see which hapless person will be sacrificed here?


The puppet keeps flying, neither fast nor slow, as if it were a relaxing journey.

Guangyao is not in a hurry. As a duel between sword cultivators, a common understanding is that he is unwilling to let others watch. So fly farther and look for a wider combat environment instead of hitting and hitting other cultivators looking for debris.

Guangyao is not familiar with this piece of airspace, but he knows a little bit. He knows that this is a piece of Desert. This puppet led him here. It seems that he wants to have a hearty sword fight. !

Sword cultivator should not fight in the time and environment chosen by others. This is the principle! But if both parties are sword cultivators, then all of this can be blurred; because of the trust in the sword, a sword cultivator that can reach such a high level is impossible to have too many weird tricks,

because, flying Sword also picks people!

He did not completely relax his vigilance, he has been carefully observing the surrounding environment, using the Xuanyuan Inner Sword's perception secret technique, and he did not find any suspicious points all the way...no one followed , There is no trailing,

The back puppet is a sword cultivator. It will lead you a few days after flying out, which means you will lead the way and choose the fighting space!

This is to avoid suspicion, but also to tell him that this is a fair sword fight, without any messy things!

This made Guangyao very relieved. Even so, he changed his direction a little bit, piercing deeper and deeper in this vast no-man's land!

For the battle between sword cultivators, if you want to have fun without being disturbed, you need a space large enough to allow two people to free and unconstrained the vertical sword; at least for now, this will be After a hearty battle, Guang Yao was a little excited!

In Xuanyuan Sword Sect, there is now a very special trend of thought. There is more and more worship of unfathomable mystery for the cigarette butt Junior Brother who rarely appears in the dome even after adulthood!

Sword cultivator is a group of people who do not accept the worship of brainless individuals, but for this Junior Brother, although he is not there, it seems that his legend is floating everywhere!

Foundation Establishment’s leap to the top, leading the team to fly across to help, change the tens of thousands of years of Xuanyuan Sword Sect's sword vein pattern...... Take these out, none of them can be done by others!

Have to be convinced! Although you can't see me, there are my legends everywhere in the cultivation world!

Guangyao is not a stingy person. Xuanyuan has a peerless powerhouse. Now in the chaos of the universe, it is a happy event! He does not resist!

But there is also another objective fact, that is, he is an inner sword, but the so-called pan sword can not get rid of the roots of the outer sword. At least you can't do it when you are in the Foundation Establishment Golden Core. Sword?

So, there is also the idea of ​​fighting for face for the inner sword lineage.

He doesn't want to give the Junior Brother the chance to fight the puppet, because he knows that as long as he gives way, he will never have the chance to fight!

This puppet is evil, but Lou Junior Brother is even more evil!

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