Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1637

Lou Xiaoyi realizes that the opponent already knows that someone will be chasing behind. This is unavoidable. He wants to conceal and approach a full-speed flight in the sky, alert Primordial Spirit True Monarch, this is not what True Monarch can do. Regardless, Yang Spirit can't do it either.

So in fact, after this person flew alone, he didn't deliberately conceal oneself's breath, because it was something everyone knew.

Flying sword opens the way, Lou Xiaoyi doesn't talk nonsense, just slash it!

Takizawa's heart sank, he is a sword cultivator!

Sword cultivators are recognized as difficult to deal with in the cultivation world. The most difficult part is that they are fast, which means you can’t run away! But for a great cultivator such as True Monarch, there are many ways to deal with it, such as space, such as Formation!

In Takizawa’s previous distresses, many times his opponents retreated, but they weren’t able to kill the opponent. In the True Monarch stage, killing was extremely difficult, especially in the open space. Space, one-on-one situation!

He is worried that the sword cultivator, the dao lineage, is too adventurous. The chance in the battle is too great, and it is often difficult to control. It is the battle method that practitioners dislike very much.

The other party’s sword river is surging. Millions of sword lights themselves illustrate the extraordinaryness of this sword cultivator. As far as he knows, the only possibility to do this in the miniature map is Five rings of light and scattered sword cultivator back puppets?

No matter which one it is, it is enough to force all his abilities! After fighting for a long time, he knew that fighting a sword cultivator couldn't turn out the hole cards like Formation Xiu did. This approach is likely to be planted under the opponent's sword before the ability of oneself is fully demonstrated!

There is no other way, only the hole cards are played as soon as they come up!

There are four treasures in Du Tianguan. In fact, they are a set of four. They can be disassembled and used, or they can be combined into a set. They are all very famous in the anchor chain domain group. They are three. Seat small cauldron, a tripod jade.

I don’t know how to swim, I don’t think about it, and my eyesight... These are three powerful interference subsidy acquired Spirit Treasures. I usually can only borrow one if the cultivator has borrowed it. Very few can get three. When they loaned out together, that was Yang Spirit's power; but this time, because he participated in the miniature star chart sequence, in order to guarantee victory, they were all handed over to him who was the strongest.

In the miniature star chart, he had not had time to display this set of things. Originally, he wanted to use it in the final stage. The first battle was sequenced, but he was completely unprepared by Heavenly Dao. In the end, the baby was useless. Martial place, but it is not his fault. In fact, many of the last resorts in the realm are useless, no wonder anyone.

His luck is that he can just borrow the treasure of the teacher to complete oneself's personal affairs. This is the reason why he still dares to travel alone and dare to wait for the killer here, otherwise he can show his space. With skills, who can catch his whereabouts?

I don’t know you, it’s a space-like, confused Spirit Treasure, but it’s not space, but direction! Or it can be said that its function is to generate a flash of linear space that rises and disappears in the main world. When the opponent is in such a range, there will be a certain degree of illusion of direction. The severity depends on the cultivator's understanding of Dao of Space. It depends,

This is a very eccentric spatial direction. It does not aim to create a dimensional space, but acts in the primary world’s one-dimensional space. The opponent rashly breaks into the range of Ignorance , There will be deviations in the direction, such as the judgment of the opponent's position, the judgment of the trajectory of oneself flying sword, and the grasp of one's own flying sword. When all these are combined, it is easy to fall into passiveness and cause fatal mistakes.

God not thinking is an interference with the spiritual consciousness of the cultivator. It does not specifically point to the cultivator. Instead, it responds with the same frequency when the cultivator emits spiritual consciousness. This generates resonance, and finally reaches the cultivator. His spiritual consciousness can be sent but not received. Once received, it has the effect of receiving countless messy messages.

For a sword cultivator like Lou Xiaoyi, the result of God’s ignorance is that he cannot transmit spiritual consciousness to the flying sword in a timely and accurate manner. In other words, the flying sword has lost its previous agility. Can rely on Sword Spirit's self-awareness, but the master's commands will become disorderly and delayed!

Eye Moment, this is a Spirit Treasure that changes the cultivator’s vision by changing the space light and shadow effects. Within the range of your body, everything you see seems to be refracted by countless prisms. The most terrible thing is that the number of these prisms is still changing irregularly, so although you can see each other, you don’t know which of these countless silhouettes is true?

As for the Dingyu, it stays in Takizawa's hands, so he can see the truth, discern the direction, and spiritual consciousness freely, but the opponent can't do it!

These three treasures have also played a huge role in the history of Sect for tens of thousands of years. Whether it is a single battle or group battle, there are unexpected formidable powers, and they have never been used every time. A missed hand can make the opponent retreat in the worst case. As for the rare situation in history where the Triple Treasures have been released several times, the opponents all have body dies and Dao disappears, and they can hardly escape.

One by one Spirit Treasure will cause obstacles to spiritual consciousness, vision, or direction. The cultivator can also make up for it in other ways, but if it interferes in three directions at the same time, it will cause Those who are in it are at a loss as to what to do and cannot correct oneself's perception by other means, thus falling into passiveness and unable to extricate themselves.

What Lou Xiaoyi is entering now is such a super-large hybrid trap, where both the man and the sword river are in it; East, West, North, and South are not distinguished, up and down, left and right are unclear, spiritual consciousness picks up It's a mess, like a world of haha ​​mirrors that plunged into a circus, full of eyes on bizarre and motley!

He is a veteran who has been fighting for a long time, but he will not be knocked down by temporary downwinds. He is very quick to respond. He moved the sword river to the left of his body, and millions of sword lights flooded it. The path of ten thousand li is far away. I can’t guarantee it, but within the path of ten thousand li, he can perceive it with oneself’s flying sword. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

It’s a bit funny. I came aggressively but fell into such a big pit. For the sword cultivator, losing the initiative means everything, but at the level of his fighting, there is another level of perception. .

A subsidy, after all, is a subsidy. It may be very difficult to crack, but it will not cause much fatal damage for the time being, so you have time to study it and crack it!

This is what Faxiu likes most, but few of them can really understand the impact of time on combat!

For Lou Xiaoyi, it is a good subsidy that can instantly turn the subsidy into battle strength. It lies in time, in making the opponent completely unprepared, and in letting the opponent have no time to think fully. Once the advantage is established, It quickly expands until it is destroyed!

And when he formed a sword group within the ten thousand li path, his opponent had actually lost the opportunity to attack him more!

So using Spirit Treasure is wrong!

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