Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1638

The thunder of Guang Yao is getting denser and denser. When every sword falls, it is accompanied by hundreds of lightning. No matter how fast the Sword Dragon is moving, he can accurately locate his position!

The Sword Dragon, who is carrying a puppet, has now become a glowing dragon! Lightning surrounded, zhi zhi rang, Guangyao found a way to deal with Sword Dragon in the shortest time, and caused the puppet to suffer from neither too big nor too small,

but he didn’t care, so He can endure the lightning level and enjoy it!

Pain can make him more focused!

On the contrary, he did not take advantage of the attack, because the ability of the sword light to differentiate is weaker than that of the opponent, and also because he is now incarnate as the Sword Dragon, wandering around, and in long-range attacks. Even worse!

He has a lot of long-range attack techniques, but if he can’t compare to his opponents on the cornerstone of sword light differentiation, then any sword technique will lose the possibility of a final word. The basic requirements of the sword technique, even Above Dharma!

Nodded in the back of the puppet's heart, Xuanyuan inheritance name is not in vain, it is worthy of being the apex sword vein of the mainstream world. It has achieved the ultimate in long-term attack and long-distance sword exchanges, if not close. , He will never have a chance!

But he still doesn’t want to get close now, because such an opponent is too difficult to meet. After coming out of the world for hundreds of years, this is the first one that can deflate him in a certain way. And I'm convinced to eat.

Guangyao played very happily, but did not relax his vigilance! He knew that this back puppet must still have what oneself is best at; and although his one sword and a thousand thunder can also affect the opponent, this effect is far from the point where it can establish a chance for victory!

The pain of fur, the opponent must have his unique method of transferring Power of Thunder!

Xuanyuan’s principle is to force you to lose your hole cards and make you depressed to death! This is true inheritance from the ancestor of the crow, but never let others show it because of sympathy, even if it is a sword cultivator, even if it is admired!

Now that you are soft and indulgent, can you be sure that it will be the same after others have the upper hand?

Guangyao is a follower of Yazu and the most admired person in his life, so he did not wait for the intention of his opponent's cards at all, but decisively started the highest boundary of the thunder secret sword, a thousand swords and a thunder. !

Since the development of the sword technique, the Xuanyuan people are also constantly improving, just like the current thousand swords and one thunder, one sword after another can reflect different Dao Realm categories, but at the end, it remains. A trace of the shadow of Thunder Grand Dao, so in unconsciously, thunderclouds accumulate, like Death God hanging over the head! You don't know when it will break down. The more you wait, the deeper the accumulation of formidable power. That coercion will make people psychologically fear inexplicable out of thin air. This is the first-class application of Thunder Grand Dao!

Back the puppet to the previous sword and thunder, one sword and a thousand thunder can be ignored, but the current thousand swords and thunder is very cautious, but did not allow it to be generated, but through Various Dao Realm techniques block, weaken, and transfer!

At this point in the battle, it has become the understanding of Grand Dao's artistic conception by both sides. It depends on who sees deeper and who sees wider!

Guang Yao specializes in Five Elements, Yin and Yang, Killing, and Thunder. In addition, he also has a dabbling in morality, space, and power. At the level of the sword cultivator Primordial Spirit True Monarch, his Dao Realm's comprehension is already very comprehensive. In addition to the Yang Spirit in the dome True Monarch group, it is also before the palm can be ranked. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has boundless prospects.

Backing a puppet is good at destruction, space, nothingness, life and death, the other is unity, yin and yang, rounds, and destiny comprehending! This is the characteristic of his sword vein dao lineage, which is slightly different from the mainstream world.

The Dao Realm collision between the two parties is far from the collision of two simple Dao Realms, but a mixed-up. In such a complicated situation, the back puppet cannot completely prevent the convergence of thunderclouds. , But Guangyao is also very dissatisfied with the speed at which thunderclouds gather. According to this process, another year of fighting will not form a truly threatening thunder!

The situation is so stalemate, both of them are consciously or unconsciously avoiding the most dangerous method of combat-close!

Guangyao avoids it because he is dominant in the long-range, and there is no need to give up the advantage of oneself to take extra risks. In fact, he also has the support of oneself in the close link, and he doesn’t move now. I want to wait for his opponent to jump over the wall and give him a hard time!

Because of his strength, he is in close quarters. This is also the essence of the sword technique. He just wants to have fun, not to end too soon, etc. From the moment he started getting close, it was the end of the battle between the two!

Fighting swords began to become boring, but it is precisely in this boring situation that implies endless murderous intention!

If you don’t know, you don’t have to be born or die, this sword fight will be meaningless! With the concept of sword cultivator, there is no improvement! Only at the moment of life and death, they will explode their body's potential to the fullest and squeeze out oneself's path to the upper realm. In this sense, the sword vein is really a cruel dao lineage!

The back puppet entered the mid-range sword cultivator. For a sword cultivator with characteristics like him, no matter how misty the opponent is, it is impossible to keep him in the long-range range forever; At the middle distance, he can instantly switch close at any time!

As if nothing happened to Guangyao, he knew the other party's intentions! In the confrontation of sword cultivator, it is normal thinking to play close, or to look for opportunities between the distance and the short distance. No one knows that long-distance can't work, and has always insisted on middle-distance!

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon! What is a demon? Special sword technique? A special Dao Realm show? Or, a thunder blow from behind?

He prefers the latter!

Sword cultivator seldom lie in ambush on Dao Realm, because Dao Realm's obvious at a glance is not something that can be hidden!

Don’t you just want to get close suddenly? Guangyao started oneself's arrangement in Jianhe's urge! No matter how he approaches, short-term stiffness is indispensable. This set is something Xuanyuan Sword repairs all over!

The amount of Heavenly Sword ruler? Out of knots? spoil things through excessive enthusiasm? Or something else? They can't get rid of the same basic principles, this is determined by the essence of the sword, and no one can change it!

In order to lure the opponent, he shortened the distance again, from the beginning of several tens of thousands of li to each other, now he puts it in the ten thousand li circle! Such a distance is a teleport distance in the sky!

No one will simply teleport, that is, giving away their heads! It is often accompanied by a series of preparations before, such as sudden changes in the rhythm of the sword technique, Dao Realm's shear, spirit strength impact, Space Change, etc., and finally comes a sudden close. This set of methods may be unfamiliar. It's very useful for Xiu, but for Xuanyuan people, it's something that has been played for tens of thousands of years!

Sword light's differentiation is inferior to him, it is doomed to the end of this puppet!

He is looking forward to how this battle will end?

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