Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1639

Takizawa bullied his figure into ten thousand li, and he was outside the Jianhe circle!

His own strength is also very strong! This can be seen from the fact that Du Tian Guan Neng often occupies the anchor claw position like the Star Catch Tianmen, but he is the True Monarch Number One Person below Du Tian Guan Yang Spirit!

He doesn’t want to use the ordinary forbidden technique, and it’s useless. For a sword cultivator that can release a million-level sword light with a shaking hand, the more painless methods you use More, the easier it is to be looked down upon by others!

The Dutian Three Treasures have never disappointed, but he has kept in mind the words of Senior Brother said: No artifacts will never be broken, always sharp and incomparable! If you want Sambo to maintain its undefeated prestige, the only way is to launch the deadliest attack quickly after activating Sambo, don't rush!

This is the truth!

In his skill library, the most worthy of relying on is a whip, a hand, a set of natural skills!

The whip is Divine Beating Whip, the tone is a bit big, in fact it is his Life Source Dao Artifact, the treasure that has been refined for more than two thousand years, of which countless resources are consumed, and it has the power of today. It's the extension of his arm!

The first hand is the hand of Yuangang, learned from a certain relic, it is the ultimate use of vitality, it is displayed from a distance, and the fragments of people are captured. Even the physical practice can not withstand the hands of Yuangang. Squeeze with all your strength! No matter how powerful the opponent is, it is only True Monarch, the god of Yin. He has the advantage of Innate in the background of magical power. For a cultivator with rich combat experience like him, of course, he must enlarge the advantage of oneself to the extreme!

A set of Dutian skills is Du Tianguan’s strongest skills. It is not true Monarch that cannot be passed on. Even at the level of True Monarch, to learn this set of skills, you need to meet several harsh conditions! It is almost the limit of the forbidden technique, and further up is the self-made spell of the Half Immortal level, which is another heaven and earth!

The previous style of Split Capital in the miniature map is one of them. It can rescue a group of people from the attack of the five-ring cultivator, which shows that it is extraordinary!

Now, the sword cultivator enters the urn. In order to avoid nights and dreams, Takizawa is doing his best without the slightest hesitation!

A big hand, like a cloud and a canopy, is not visible when it is shot, but it will appear in its embryonic form after a thousand miles. When it reaches the sword cultivator's body after ten thousand li, it is already A huge six-fingered hand, squeeze the head immediately!

Lou Xiaoyi clicked, just wait for this thing, the big hand made by vitality basically guides the direction for him, he can't see the opponent, and spiritual consciousness can't sense it, but since there is The hand of Yuan Gang, this vitality has to come out of the cultivator's body, right? To maintain such a giant hand pressure, Origin Force cannot be broken!

Flying sword counterattacked, but people flickered in the square inch, rushing out of the sky between the fingers of the big hand!

Originally, Takizawa's Yuangang's hand had a miraculous effect on the enemy's dodge. He is a long-distance exercise, and he has a huge palm, so he doesn't care about the opponent's speed! When the real finger moves a foot, Yuan Gang moves ten thousand li with his hand, how to hide?

But he just couldn't continue, because the opponent's flying sword has already been found in the direction of Origin Force transmission, and if he doesn't abandon his hand, he will be caught upright! Really caught, with the continuously of flying sword, the sword cultivator can touch him with the perception of flying sword. Next, he only needs to stabbing him with a sword. The misunderstanding formed by his three treasures is There will be nothing!

Millions of sword light, even blind can fall into his body!

Decisively extinguished the maintenance of Origin Force, the giant hand collapsed suddenly, and at the same time, the flying sword lost its target again at two, three thousand miles away.

It broke in time!

And Divine Beating Whip! Originally, Divine Beating Whip was created with the big hand of Fagang, but now it hangs alone in the air, the body of the whip shakes, and a shadow breaking whip is drawn out!

The vibrating whip is not just a matter of shape. It is that he collected countless stars and walked through the barren mountains and unruly rivers to collect the 13 evil spirits of the dragon. Just a single stroke of the whip will Out of the whip, there is a long whip full of power and power, and there is also a ferocious blood-sweeping soul! Combined, few cultivator can stop it!

In terms of artifacts, Divine Beating Whip has achieved the ultimate, but for Lou Xiaoyi, it is far from enough!

This thing seems to have both Divine Soul magical power, but in fact it is not perfect in any aspect!

The whip is not hard enough, it has its shape; the dragon is not noble, the soul loses its condensedness! A few True Dragon souls might still be useful. These lesser dragon dragons did not dare to land in his Niwan sparrow palace. The big bird fluttered its wings and the fierce dragon fled. What kind of god is it going to fight?

As for Divine Beating Whip? Lou Xiaoyi separated hundreds of thousands of sword light, which also formed a sword whip, more majestic, more fierce, and drew away!

This sword cultivator is too quick to respond!

There were only two out of the three hole cards, and the effect has not been seen to have been completely broken! What does this show? It shows that the gap in the battle is huge! He thinks that his tough hole cards are not good for others. In the cultivation world, cultivators call this phenomenon a generation difference!

That is the fundamental difference in conceptual ability, so no matter what you do, it feels like you are scratching your feet, making people desperate!

This kind of battle actually has no meaning to continue fighting. Takizawa knows very well that because of his own strength, even if he has the help of the Three Jewels, he cannot cooperate with him to win. If you make a mistake, you will In desperation!

Is it necessary for Du Tianji to use it? He thought it was unnecessary!

As a cultivator grows up, does it need to spare no effort in every battle, and give up his life for the honor of the cultivator?

Everyone, every dao lineage has oneself understanding!

Maybe the Dao lineage like Jianmai Bodymai, more people choose to fight to death; Daoist authenticity like Dharma Lineage, the majority choose to leave! You can't think that this is not cultivation, and cultivation is not a way to go to the black, a rib is screwed to death!

We have to use greed for life and fear of death to measure the different choices of each person, which is very immoral! It is a moral kidnapping of practitioners!

In fact, 90 out of a hundred cultivators will choose to run away when encountering this situation, which is not ashamed!

There were nine others who were unable to fight but still had to fight. In the end, they were satisfied and proved oneself's worthlessness with death.

There is the last one left, and he may be lucky enough to overturn the game in persistence, but because of the fluke of this time, he will feel that persistence is meaningful, and then he will be slaughtered in the same persistence next time. Drop!

In ten-thousand does not have one, the one who really becomes stronger in persistence!

Takizawa didn't think oneself had such potential, so he chose to leave!

There is nothing to be a pity, he has done everything that should be done, and he has a clear conscience!

The enemy is too strong, even if it suddenly comes to the trap, it shows extraordinary reflexes in a flash, as if it was not him who fell into the trap, but Takizawa who arranged the trap!

This feeling is very strong! Now that the sword cultivator is in the direction, there are still certain problems in perception, and it is a good opportunity for him to leave!

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