Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1640

Lou Xiaoyi felt Takizawa's retreat, which lies in the slower attack rhythm and the subtle changes in the three treasures. In battle, persistence is sometimes really useful!

Lou Xiaoyi, for example, is actually not as indestructible as Takizawa imagined. The gap is huge!

Takizawa is not familiar with him. I don’t know that his temper is generally like this kind of direct trick. Cracking will not crack for the sake of cracking. His habit is to find the other party’s loopholes and not immediately crack it, waiting to take advantage of this A chance to kill a loophole.

The reason why Yuangang’s hand and Divine Beating Whip were immediately cracked was to create an illusion, to make Takizawa think that there was no chance for oneself in front of him, thus giving birth to a retreat!

Because in the introduction of Broken Silkworm, this guy managed to escape the hunt more often than the killer. This can at least explain one thing, because he is too cautious to cunning, Takizawa has already Formed a habit of shrinking!

This is battle awareness, just from the introduction of the broken silkworm, you can instantly tailor a suitable battle strategy for oneself on the spot, which has pushed the understanding of battle to a new height!

Low grade fighters compare moves, middle grade fighters are better than Dao Realm, high grade fighters are better than mental! Ultra Grade fighters are more layout!

Lou Xiaoyi's one or two thousand years of fighting experience has put him into the category of high grade fighters, so in the seemingly reckless cracking, Takizawa has caused a great psychological barrier. ! With one whip and one hand in vain, he was accustomed to retreat immediately, and he did not want to fight to death. From this mindset, he was doomed!

The formidable power of the Toten Sanbao is actually much larger than Takizawa imagined! Lou Xiaoyi can't play at seven or eighty degrees of ability!

In the world of cosmic cultivation, Taoism dominates, firmly suppressing Buddhism and various variants of dao lineage. Naturally, there are profound reasons for it. They cannot be explained by a single sentence of history and scale. They also have The foundation of oneself!

For example, for the powerful sword veins of battle strength, they have a set of checks and balances, which are effective and highly targeted, just like the three treasures of the sky. It is the product of this suppression. Dao lineage, which focuses too much on combat, such as body veins, is especially targeted.

The influence of a single baby is still relatively limited, but when the three treasures are combined into a system, even the power of Lou Xiaoyi cannot be exerted in such a restriction.

It's not that they were slaughtered by people, but that their strength has been greatly reduced, so that they are no longer so sharp and become obscure.

Takizawa has such a baby, but he does not have the confidence to match it! He didn't understand that even the so-called baby, how much it can play is largely determined by the determination of the cultivator!

A fearful person holding a knife, and a desperado holding a knife are not the same concept!

Lou Xiaoyi wanted to kill Takizawa, he was impossible to leave such a restriction, and in such a restriction, he was absolutely impossible to kill this person!

This is why he has to push Takizawa back, let him back, and then start when he leaves!

Takizawa retreats. Of course, the three treasures also retreat with him. As soon as a slight change came out, Lou Xiaoyi immediately understood his intention. He did not chase it because he was waiting for oneself to perform some kind of The timing of special ability!

It’s meaningless to catch up. It’s to fall into the limit of three treasures once again, and so on, until there is another cultivator, or Dutian’s helper.

But he is not completely motionless, Jianhe is moving! And it’s a spreading movement. They have fallen into the general direction Takizawa left. Although they can’t make a precise attack, they can achieve a general direction. This is also the limit of subsidizing Spirit Treasure. It can let you The illusion is not the illusion of acting in a way that defeats one's purpose, but the trouble of not being able to accurately locate it!

Finally, the suppression of Lou Xiaoyi by the three Spirit Treasures has weakened to a certain extent, and Long Ze’s figure has left the hundred thousand li. At this moment, Lou Xiaoyi turned his body. Vertically, with the speed changing, the body has entered the dimensional space!

At this moment, the sword light group that stayed in the main world suddenly launched and flew in the general direction of Takizawa in a fan. They don’t need much damage, the purpose is to find the dragon. Ze's exact hiding location!

Because of the role of the Three Treasures, Takizawa’s position is within a range, which is difficult to determine; but when Lou Xiaoyi entered the dimensional space, the last sword light differentiation burst out. There are millions of sword lights. When these sword lights are not aimed at a point, but are arranged on a surface, they can also cover a large area!

Lou Xiaoyi in the two-dimensional space, through oneself's millions of sword light, just like his millions of eyes! Within the hundred zhang surrounding each sword light, it can't escape its perception. Millions of sword lights spread over it. In the section of several tens of thousands of li, nothing can escape, including Takizawa of course!

Takizawa knows the meaning of sword cultivator very well, and wants to find him in this way! But he is not worried, because it doesn't make much sense to find him at such a distance. He can also be confused by manipulating the three treasures. The sword cultivator still can't do a million sword light-level gatherings!

A sword light passed by Long Ze and was less than a hundred zhang far away, keenly discovered this anomaly, followed by hundreds of thousands of sword lights next to him, and began to search intensively in this space. , Takizawa's figure inevitably leaked!

He is sighed, an endless sword cultivator! Even if you find me, how can you gather your swords within the control of the Three Treasures?

Still at a moderate pace, still remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, he has long known that oneself’s evacuation path is not a normal escape, but a swing that has been under the control of the Three Treasures Leave!

You can't attack if you enter my confusion range, you can only look at him and move to many places, and finally retreat.

The sword light starts to converge. It seems something is wrong? Seeing that this sword is in the range that threatens him the most! Also, where did the sword cultivator go?

There was a chill in Takizawa's heart. He left on his own, controlling the Sambo, avoiding the sword light, but missing the most important person!

I don’t have time to think about it, because the sword light hovered for a while, and then exploded down, the sword power gathered like a dragon, agile, and there was no sign of confusion!

At this time, I finally have the opportunity to use all the heavenly skills, but they are all defensive skills, as well as the portable defensive weapon, Divine Beating Whip, not one I can think of!

Suddenly the situation has changed from leisurely wandering to desperate situation. The strikes are continuous and precise, without any directional problems, and the problem of slow spiritual consciousness control! It's as if he had never used the Three Treasures!

Takizawa knew that oneself would not last long under such a blow! He is still sober, knowing that the most important question now is to understand, where did the sword cultivator go?

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