Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1641

in a flash, his judgment as a Primordial Spirit great cultivator made him realize instantly that the sword cultivator must have gone to a different dimension! And there is a way to attack him in a different dimension! It is precisely because of being in a different-dimensional space that the three Spirit Treasures have no effect at all in confusing the environment!

He doesn’t know how the sword cultivator did it, but it’s not impossible to attack another space from one space in history. The most outstanding Yang Spirit and Half Immortal are all With this ability, you can attack across time and space!

How to hide? Can't hide! Because the opponent is staring at you in another space, you can follow the flight unscrupulously, and there is no need to consider the issue of keeping the distance!

If he can resist the opponent's attack, it doesn't matter, he beats him, I run mine! But the problem is that he can't hold it now!

Then there is only one way, which is to also go to this different dimension space! Even if it cannot be defeated, at least there is still room for struggle!

Takizawa also has oneself last trace of fluke, because he also researched on the space Grand Dao, can go to the space within the four-dimensional space, so he goes to different dimensions, and escapes through different dimensional spaces opportunity.

There is no chance to collect three Spirit Treasures, you must race against time! Between baby and life, he chose the latter without the slightest hesitation! I hope that the treasure is alive and can automatically fly back to Dutian after losing its owner for a long time. I can only think so!

How did things turn out like this? He didn't quite understand it! He thought that Fang Cun was not messed up, but he was already messed up! From the time when the Three Treasures were deployed to attack, he made mistakes again and again!

The sword cultivator successfully steered his psychology astray through tactical response!

He should always insist on being in the main world and actively attacking under the confusion of the Three Treasures. Even if the sword cultivator is unable to do anything for the time being, he must insist on attacking and use all means to insist that Qingshan will not relax!

This is the only opportunity. Only when the sword cultivator takes the initiative to change, he has a real chance to fight or withdraw!

Now it's not bad, the first misjudgment is that oneself is invincible and started to run away, thus giving the sword cultivator the opportunity to enter the space of different dimensions!

The second mistake is that oneself also follows up the dimension space! As long as he persists for a few more breaths, and stays steady for a little longer, he will know that cross-space attacks in different dimensions will actually have a great impact on the attack power, and will attenuate, and it is not true for a Primordial Spirit like him. fatal!

He considered everything, but he didn't consider that what is currently attacking him is actually the millions of sword lights left by the sword cultivator before entering the dimensional space, instead of sending it from a different dimensional space! sword cultivator cunning is just cunning at this point, he deliberately left a million sword lights, and then attacked hundreds of thousands of sword lights from the dimension space. These sword lights are mixed together, so that Takizawa's cross-space of the flying sword Attenuation is not felt!

The tactics are being deployed from at first! Lou Xiaoyi didn’t try his best at the initial stage of the battle. Now it’s spare no effort. The two types of flying sword groups are mixed together. The illusion that Takizawa creates is that the attack of the sword cultivator comes from a different dimension, but it’s basically Not affected by the attenuation of the dimensional space!

This judgment is a bit hasty! Just a few more breaths, the truth will come to light after the millions of sword light's formidable power of the sword cultivator in the main world is exhausted! But he couldn't wait to count his breath, because he was worried that he would not even have the chance to go to another dimension after the breath!

So, he rushed into Lou Xiaoyi's trap again, abandoned the Three Treasures, and broke into the different-dimensional space he thought he had hoped for! And all this, he feels as it should be by rights!

It's like a hunter dug a pit and trapped the wild beast, and finally the wild beast tricked the hunter into jumping into the pit and fighting it!

IQ, experience, battle innate talent! Lou Xiaoyi vividly and thoroughly used oneself's strengths in this battle!

Takizawa, unlike the cultivator he killed in the miniature scene, is much stronger, and he also has the daoist sect Supreme Treasure. This makes Lou Xiaoyi's killing extremely difficult!

But fortunately now, everything is over! I deliberately gave him a chance to let Takizawa come into another dimension. How could he run away since he came? He doesn't have the ability of Lou Xiaoyi to break through the space barrier with speed alone. Under the attack of the flying sword of howling wind and torrential rain, he has no time to use oneself's space ability!

In the whole battle, Lou Xiaoyi did not use any particularly dazzling sword skills. In fact, since he was in the sword dao monument for a hundred years, his sword technique has begun to change to unpretentious and unpretentious, pursuing substance. Obsessed with pleasing to the eye! The killing method is concise, and it is destroyed with basic skills. Once the attack starts, the waves are higher than the waves, and no chance of counterattack is given to the opponent!

In this battle, the superb psychological inducement ability pulled a powerful Primordial Spirit like Takizawa into the pit in the pit. When the two met in a different dimension, they felt the sword cultivator flying sword. With all-round crushing, Takizawa suddenly discovered that he really had no chance at all!

Flying sword passed through the body, taking away Takizawa's last life, and only at this moment did he truly understand what fighting is! Only then did I understand why it was the most well-prepared one, but it was also the one that killed Yellow Springs!

"Why? I just want to know why?"

Lou Xiaoyi indifferently, "Death is the only truth, you will understand soon!"

Great cultivator Before death, there will be a very short time for all sentient beings to remember everything, then he will know everything, Lou Xiaoyi gave him this opportunity, instead of turning him into dust in an instant!

Takizawa nodded, thank you, "Then, who are you? Impossible membership is unknown, impossible......"

"Lou Xiaoyi!"

Takizawa's eyes widened! It turned out to be this killing star! If he knew it was this person, he would rather give up Grand Dao than the fragments would come out! Sure enough, under the prestigious name, there are no imaginary scholars. It is simple and simple to fight. Everything of oneself is under the control of others, and the Supreme Treasure of the teacher is useless!

Before dying, the memory of hiding the sky and covering the earth came, Takizawa suddenly realized, sadly said with a smile:

"so that's how it is! so that's how it is! It’s time to kill! Otherwise I’ll never let go of star catching! This has nothing to do with you, Fellow Daoist shot, is my Dutian and Guangming too close?"

Lou Xiaoyi lightly Sigh, "Under the Taoist dispute, there is no right or wrong!"

Takizawa is sad, he understands it, but he doesn't have the slightest hatred for this sword cultivator. Yeah, it's all about the Taoist dispute and can't get rid of it. Home!

For the last breath, jade slip, wide-eyed looked towards Lou Xiaoyi,

"I don’t blame you! This is my destiny. If there is an afterlife, I will still I will find a grudge against the stars!

But Dutian shouldn’t lose Sect Supreme Treasure because of this. This is my fault. There are control methods and my last words. Fellow Daoist took it to collect the Sect Supreme Treasure. If you return my sect, you will surely get Dutian’s support!

Trust me, they value the Three Jewels more than the light!

As for me, I hope I will take revenge in the next life and don’t meet you again!"

It's a personal thing! Lou Xiaoyi nodded, "As you wish!"

Takizawa sighed, "Xuanyuan’s promise, I believe it! I hope that the next life will no longer be an enemy!"

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