Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1642

Takizawa is a human being, and his private grievance with the star is something outsiders can never intervene, and he has nothing to do with Lou Xiaoyi!

His last wish is to hope that he will take the Three Treasures, um, in fact, Dingyu should be the Four Treasures, and send these things back to Dutianguan!

This request is very rude! Because of the rules of the cultivation world, whoever wins, everything about the opponent belongs to the winner!

So before he died, Takizawa proposed an exchange condition. He returned the Three Jewels, and Dutian turned to support the Five Rings. This is an operational proposal. At least in Lou Xiaoyi's view, the significance of getting the Three Jewels is far-reaching. Did not pull the anchor chain into one camp as big!

Of course, the specific process needs to be considered. You can’t send the things back to someone and don’t acknowledge them afterwards. There are very specific operating procedures!

Without delay, he took Takizawa's relics. Before he died, he let go of all the storage ring restrictions on his body. He was also a careful person; he was too careful, so he was too careful in the battle!

Leaping out of the dimensional space, I immediately felt the breath of three Spirit Treasures. Not bad. No outsiders have been here during this period, so there is less trouble; but like these three acquired Spirit Treasures, strange It is also very difficult for people to collect.

With Dingyu in hand, three pieces of Spirit Treasure obediently and honestly flew back. I don’t know how to swim, don’t think about it, and look at it... Lou Xiaoyi has never been moved by these things, baby again how? Takizawa has today's death. It may not be the fault of these three treasures. Otherwise, he will run away and enter the different-dimensional space ahead of time. With the amount of different-dimensional space, where can he find it?

Although the baby is good, the key depends on the person. This is the unchanging truth!

Hurry up and go back, because when the miniature scene collapsed, everyone was doing bird and beast dispersal, and a handful of cultivators were indifferent, including Guangyao!

Lou Xiaoyi can probably guess the thoughts of this Senior Brother, but he can’t persuade him; you can’t say that I will solve all the troubles by Lou Xiaoyi, so you can feel at ease. Just a day out?

Every sword cultivator has the pride of oneself, the pursuit of oneself, danger is also an opportunity, he Lou Xiaoyi can not eat alone!

So rush back as soon as possible to see what happened? After all, this place is not the Fifth Ring, it is an Outland, full of danger, and there are many people who are malicious towards the Fifth Ring! Especially after he took most of the Henghe cultivator!

Flying at full speed, during the process, I did not forget to study the mechanism of the dingyu. How could this thing remain normal in that kind of confusing environment?

After studying this, he can provide a way for him to encounter similar situations in the future! He is not greedy for babies, but the principle of greedy for babies!

A few days later, I returned to the space where the miniature scene appeared. It was already empty for people and there was no one. I’m afraid I’ll have to wait three hundred and sixty years after the next excitement. I don’t know that. What new changes will there be in the changes of the universe at that time.

Wandering for a while, with the special induction of Xuanyuan Dao lineage, I picked a thread of aura next to a meteorite. After a little identification, I probably understood the meaning of Senior Brother Guangyao. It’s very simple. It’s the same as it didn’t say: Go, go, come!

Is this fire-proof, theft-proof and Junior Brother?

But he can also understand that every sword cultivator wants to act alone according to oneself, but he doesn’t want someone to follow behind like a babysitter. Let’s switch to Lou Xiaoyi. He will not even this sentence. stay!

However, the sword cultivator named Back Puppet is really impressive! Although I have never met, but some things can judge a bit and pieces without seeing each other. Within the hundred breaths, he kills five people and this person kills four. It does not mean that this person is worse than his method! Because he touched the head in the chaos army, but this person is fighting fortifications, there is a big difference!

When he met Guangyao in the miniature scene, he wanted to tell Senior Brother, don’t go find this person! But I can't say it, it hurts a bit! It might be counterproductive! But didn't expect still did not avoid everyone's fate!

For oneself, of course, he does not want anyone to disturb oneself's sword fighting, but he has no psychological obstacle to disturbing others' sword fighting! Always look at it clearly to ensure that there will be no accidents!

Guang Yao doesn't have much interaction with him, but in limited contact, let him know that this is a very honest person! At that time, he was still a small Foundation Establishment, representing the lineage of the outer sword to provoke the position of the inner sword. Even so, he was not suppressed by the inner sword. On the contrary, countless help made him feel warm.

If you change someone, such as Qingxuan and his like, he won’t have any worries, because the old facetious is gentle on the outside and there is bad water inside, so you don’t have to worry about him at all, but This Guang Yao Senior Brother is really straight, so it is easy to be deceived by others!

The trouble is that I don’t know where the two are going! There is no sign of fighting in this space. He is a sword cultivator. Of course, he understands the sword cultivator’s sword-fighting psychology. It is remote, remote, open, and undisturbed. If you consider the fact that a large number of cultivators are now dispatched, looking for Grand Dao fragments , Then from here to set off, there is a general guess as to which direction to go!

Will it be fierce? I just took a sneak peek at the past! And it's still the kind that doesn't guarantee that you will reach out!

What to bully less by more, what sword dao style, what gentleman's demeanor, and that many!

Flying all the way to the open space, he knows that these two people will not run very far, just to go out for another year to fight for a few breaths or for a few days of battle? Enough support!

One day later, he is also a little worried. Even if he knows he is in this open space, the scope is too large for him to choose a specific direction, which means he may have to go around in this space. , And the battle between sword cultivators is notoriously short!

At this moment, the breath on a meteorite in front of him caught his attention. After careful identification, Lou Xiaoyi narrowed his eyes!

Sure enough, there is a demon moth!

The breath is light, but Lou Xiaoyi knows it is not, someone is trying to imitate it! Vividly imitated! It can almost be fake! It's not that he saw anything from the breath, but Guangyao is simply impossible to leave a thread of aura again to point out oneself's direction, which is not in line with Guangyao's code of conduct!

Who is it? who? What purpose?

Lou Xiaoyi without the slightest hesitation, flies straight in this direction, because he actually has no other more reliable choice!

Intuitively, he doesn't think this is aimed at Senior Brother Guangyao, but it is probably aimed at him! This is actually the reason why he always wanted to advise Guangyao not to act rashly, because he was too oneself to cause trouble, he could carry it down, but others may not, so he looked for the closest person to him!

This is an old trick. Whether it is in the mortal world or in the cultivation world, such tricks have been successful since human beings, but they will always be fooled!

For example, he is now!

What about being fooled? Now he is no longer the original him, he is still the Yinshen in name, but he has now dared to challenge any Yang Spirit! And don't care about the number of people!

It’s time to solve it, no matter who it is!

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