Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1643

The battle between Guangyao and the back puppet is still stalemate. Guangyao feels that oneself has not been able to complete the most assured accumulation of a thousand swords and a thunder. To the extent that the opponent’s knowledge on Dao Realm is not weaker than that of him, this makes his Thunder Dao impossible to play!

He is a decisive person, he will give up when he is abandoned, and he will never linger!

The battle of cultivator is not to use all the abilities of oneself! It's good to be useful, it's good to be able to kill!

Except for the Thunder Secret Sword, he has other ways, such as full mid-range and long-range, to force the opponent to showdown!

Since he no longer uses the Thunder Secret Sword and no longer deliberately accumulates thunderclouds, he can relatively put all his energy on pure mid-range attacks! With the better differentiation of sword light, the advantages have gradually become obvious!

Aggregate Five Elements, Yin-Yang Nirvana, Divine Law, Close Horizon Sword, Potential Sword, Great Sword Loop, Small Sword Loop... He has been a king for more than a thousand years, and he himself is on the sword dao. He is very innate talent, and oneself is even harder. Almost all of his time is spent on the sword technique, ignoring the others. After thousands of years, the achievements in the sword technique are not trivial, it is the penance lineage on the dome!

All these efforts, when being evenly matched, finally won him a chance!

He seldom uses the tactical collocation of the body method, because doing so will give the opponent a chance! Therefore, when measuring the Heavenly Sword ruler, there is no need for extraneous branches at all, just blindly escape and force the opponent to use close!

Medium and long-range, the opponent is not as good as him! In the short range, as long as the opponent dares to approach, he can immediately stiffen! This is also a very mature system in the vein of Xuanyuan Sword! Especially for the same sword cultivator or good at close physical training, it is a routine that has formed a system!

This routine is very effective. At least now, when the back puppet is gradually oppressed in the mid-range, the pressure comes to the back puppet side!

Change unchanged? How to change? What kind of tactical cooperation can achieve the best effect?

The back puppet sighed in his heart that he felt that the main world is big, and the sword veins do have their own uniqueness. At least in the middle and long distances, even the sword mound that he claims to be first under the heavens is better than Not on!

However, the concept of the sword mound is that the sword is a close weapon! Focusing on the middle and long distances, they think this approach has deviated from the true meaning of the sword!

So, it's not that they can't do the middle and long-distance promotion, and they disdain it. This is a difference in concept!

Now, it is time to prove whose idea is more in line with the essence of the sword!

The pressure is indeed a little bit too big, a bit unbearable!

The back puppet finally fully tried out the power of Xuanyuan Sword's veins, and no longer hesitated. Together, the Sword Dragon slammed into Guangyao, like a spinning cage!

Guangyao has long been accustomed to his shocks, fluttering and dangling, Jianhe intercepted layer by layer, and various sword techniques are hitting and pouring. Different Dao Realm rotations test the strains of both sides. Such a shock is impossible near him!

But this time, the Sword Dragon is different. It is no longer a group, but shoots out. Tens of thousands of sword lights are displayed under the light of hundreds of thousands of sword lights. insignificant, but still fatal!

The concentrated ones are all essences. With his similar strength, the pressure brought by tens of thousands of sword lights should not be underestimated!

Guang Yao was ready for melee combat in an instant, and even the long sword was already in his hand, because he keenly noticed that there was no more silhouette of the puppet in the group of Sword Dragon!

What close skills did you use? He doesn't know, because this is a completely unfamiliar sword vein dao lineage, but there is one thing, it is always impossible to leave Dao of Space!

Hold the sword and swipe left and right. This is an application of space in the Xuanyuan Sword sheath. It originated from Xuanyuan’s greatest character-Yazu!

As he swipes with his sword, the surrounding space has subtle changes. This is an alternative application of space. It is not completely isolated from Dao of Space. It consumes magical power Divine Soul, and also It is easy to be noticed by opponents. The biggest use of this spatial skill is to form a thin layered unstable space around him. Once someone wants to approach him with a space-like skill, they will first remotely sense it on this thin layered space. The position is exposed, and the remaining problem sword cultivator certainly trusts the long sword in oneself's hands.

It has a very ancestral name: stick one's head around to look for!

It means that when the opponent is about to come out, there will be momentary stiffness, which is the meaning of stick one's head around to look for, slash it with one sword, everything is fine!

However, the thin walls of the laminated space are already covered, but there is no response at all! On the contrary, tens of thousands of sword lights carrying the puppets rushed forward!

This is indeed a sword light, there is no sword cultivator wrapped in it! So, where did the puppet go?

Guang Yao has a firm will in his heart, he doesn't guess randomly, and he doesn't easily change oneself's plan. Jianhe roars down, and one by one is annihilated in the collision with the opponent's Sword Dragon!

But this time, the formidable power added to the Sword Dragon by the back puppet is obviously very powerful, and it is still determined to be straightforward! There is no retreat!

Instead, Guangyao established his figure! He has rich combat experience and exceptional determination, so he will not change oneself's decision as easily as Takizawa!

He is here! Under the package of stick one's head around to look for! I have to see what method this puppet uses to get close to him!

Everything happened in just a few breaths. Under Jianhe’s resistance, most of the flying swords that came from the raid were intercepted, and in the end there was only one left, and it came close to the light. Hundred zhang in front of Yao!

Seeing that it is about to be submerged by Jianhe, this flying sword has suddenly undergone unexpected changes!

The sword flicked, and tens of thousands of sword lights were born out of thin air, the same Lingli, the same absolutely!

Guang Yao understood immediately! The back puppet is not in a certain different dimension space, let alone break in through his stick one's head around to look for! This guy is basically something similar to Sword Spirit! He is the sword, the sword is him!

He won’t be stiff! He also doesn't need to use a similar amount of Heavenly Sword Ruler Sword Art, his approach is straightforward and simple. When the sword arrives, the person arrives!

Guangyao understands, there is no reaction time! It broke out again within the hundred zhang, such a short distance, he wouldn't turn around and leave his back to the enemy!

For the real Xuanyuan Sword repair, there is only one choice at this time, facing the difficulties! Betting on life and death!

When Guang Yao waved the long sword in his hand, he was greeted with the sword hair that threw away the puppet! With a loud noise, both swing away!

Next are the hands and feet of the puppet, each part of the body is turned into a dozen long swords, twisting down around Guang Yao!

The Guangyao sword turned around, reacted keenly, and immediately rotated its body. The long sword dance in the hand was airtight, a burst of explosions like beans, dozens of double swords in one breath, light Yao's long sword dances so densely, how can it be compared to the dozens of long swords made by the back of a puppet?

In a flash, he has been traumatized in several places on his body. What's more, the long sword in his hand cannot withstand such a fierce collision. After a round, he breaks and breaks. If he changes his opponent, he still has time. I took out countless spare swords from the storage ring, but now I am very close to the person, and time is calculated in an instant. How can he have time to change his sword?

The puppet-backed sword gang wreaked havoc in Guangyao’s body, instantly destroying everything, and ruining the possibility of burning both jade and stone. The sword cultivator knows the sword cultivator best, so he won’t give him this. opportunity!

Guang Yao was paralyzed in the void, but without any frustration, he only admired: "Good sword!"

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