Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1644

The back puppet smiled proudly: "Medium and remote, I'm not as good as you! But close, you are not equal to me!

Sword, after all, is a close killer, your Xuanyuan path is wrong. That's it!"

Guang Yao's face was disdainful. It was not that he refused to accept this sword cultivator, but that he did not accept his theory!

He is in an awkward situation in his current state. Such a serious injury has at least ruined his path, not to mention Half Immortal, even Yang Spirit has no hope anymore! This is still the case of immediate treatment.

For the sword cultivator, he cannot tolerate such a grudge! But he still tried his best to maintain oneself's life, not because he was afraid of death, but because he wanted to see the result! Because he knew that oneself’s Junior Brother would definitely come over, that guy was very evil!

Looking at his face from the back of the puppet, I’m very curious, "Are you still dissatisfied? Well, the sword cultivator should be like that! But I’m not Buddhism or Taoist authenticity. I’m the majesty of sword mound, heaven and earth universe. The purest sword dao in this time, what are you dissatisfied with?"

Kuang Yao knew that oneself’s life was over, but his mood calmed down. For nearly two thousand years of practice, there are regrets and unwillingnesses. , But there is also beauty! At least as far as the result is concerned, this is a sword cultivator. Dying under the flying sword is the best destination for the sword cultivators. It is better than dying on the Dharma and Taoism!

"You defeated me, it’s a fact! But it doesn’t mean that you can deny my sword technique! It’s just that I am oneself not good at learning art, what does it have to do with the right or wrong of dao lineage? Is it?

If one day, you are also defeated by another sword cultivator, is the dao lineage of your sword mound deviated?"

Back puppet nodded, and Shaking his head, "I have never defeated! At least after coming to the world, except for the Yang Spirit who has the ability to regenerate, I have never defeated!

If one day I lose under the sword of another sword cultivator , I will definitely consider whether the concept of oneself dao lineage is wrong!

If you don’t admit the mistakes, the sword cultivator will never grow!"

I smiled self-defeatingly, "If you Convinced with my sword technique, I don’t mind helping you recover now! Although impossible to recover, it’s no problem to maintain a life for hundreds of years!

Don’t think it’s me showing good wishes to Xuanyuan , It's not worthy now! After I came from the world, you are still only one opponent that I can't bear to kill. Others have sacrificed my sword a long time ago, but I don't bother to talk nonsense with them!

Don't kill You, because at least you let me taste the failure in the middle and long distance! With this, I can leave a way out to you!"

Being a puppet is very proud, this bodily character, if He is a worthless opponent, he is the Demon King who kills without blinking an eye; but if he is better than him in a certain aspect, he can learn something, he will show mercy instead.

Unfortunately, this was the first one I met after I came out, and it seems that I still don't appreciate it? The less appreciative he is, he will do the opposite. This is his character. For this reason, he is not less educated by the Senior Brothers in the Sword Tomb!

Guangyao’s refusal without the slightest hesitation, "I don’t need someone’s help, life or death, only I can decide by myself!

I won’t be convinced, as to why , You’ll know soon, when the time comes lying with me, I’m curious what else you would say?

To be honest, why should I stay here? I just want to watch this!"

The back puppet is very keen, "Do you have a companion? Better than you? So you think he will avenge you?

I suddenly became interested! Okay, I'll give you Chances, let’s see if we are both lying here, or your senior and junior brothers are lying here!

There is a big truth you may not like to hear! The reason why you can deal with me so long Time, it’s just that I want to learn about Xuanyuan’s mid-range and long-range! If I just want to kill people, I don’t have to play those useless vertical swords with you!

You admit it or not, if I want to get close to you, you just Can’t stop it at all?"

Guang Yao was silent, because the actual situation is certain. He hasn’t figured out how to avoid the opponent’s close body until now. There is almost no solution, because no matter how fast he escapes, Faster than flying sword! The opponent is flying sword, so how does he hide?

But even if he doesn’t understand it anymore, it doesn’t affect his confidence in his own junior brother. It’s very unfathomable mystery, but he thinks so, because since the Junior Brother started to learn swords, he Has been creating miracles!

Every sword cultivator on the dome, especially the great cultivator, knows how difficult it is to do it all! But if you consider that this is the character Jiuye fancy, everything seems to be natural?

Remembering the puppet and meditating: "No! Seven of your five rings came! You are the only sword cultivator! So who else is worth waiting for you to watch my joke?

I see! Is it the one in the star-catching cultivator? He is the sword cultivator?

Well, yes, it kills faster than me! But what you don’t know is the two of us The fighting environment is different. If I mix in the battlefield like him, I will be faster than him!"

Guangyao is silent, the defeated person will not be able to speak, he just wants to Look, it is not even for oneself's hatred, he wants to know what extent the sword technique will reach when Junior Brother spare no effort, this is what he really cares about!

The earthen jar will not be broken away from Inoue, and the general will inevitably die in battle. A sword cultivator like him may not be as murderous as Lou Xiaoyi's, but there are also many cultivators that die in his hands, worthy Up!

Seeing that the puppet sits far away and adjusts its breath, it seems that this guy does not look at Lao Tzu’s first under the heavens posture, but in the face of a tough battle, he still has a Sword cultivator should be cautious!

Sword Tomb, where is it? Why can this person become a sword? This is totally unreasonable! Does it have something to do with Xuanyuan’s small world of Jianzhong?

Countless thoughts arose in Guang Yao's mind, but he couldn't verify it!

He doesn't regret it. In the miniature scene, he can also feel the meaning of Junior Brother, but he can't accept it! Even now, he still thinks that his choice is not wrong!

If you accept it, you will lose Jianxin! If you don't accept it, you will lose your life like it is now! The cultivation world is really cruel!

While waiting, the back puppet quickly restored the peak state. There is nothing wrong with his words. If he wants to, he can really quickly kill Guangyao! This is the characteristic of Jianmai. As long as I can completely suppress you in a certain aspect, the battle will end very quickly, even if the two sides are actually very close at the boundary level!

It is completely different if it is replaced by Dharma cultivation. If the boundary level is close, it means endless delay. They will fully show this approach through time!

"How long do I have to wait? Did you keep the guide?" The puppet was far away shouted.

Guangyao shook his head and looked towards the distance, where a meteor was coming quickly.

"I didn’t leave a guide, Xuanyuan people never do this kind of thing! But he must I will find it!

Look, isn’t it?

Congratulations, life has begun to count down!"

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