Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1646

in the sky, a silhouette slowly appears! Quietly staring at the three sword cultivators in front of him, the two are intact and the other is intact. Although the goal is not fully achieved, it is not satisfactory.

Back to the puppet shouted: "The matter between the sword cultivator is resolved between the own sword cultivator, what does the senior want to follow?"

He was very disturbed, Realizing that oneself might be involved in some conspiracy, although he has always been wary of this Yang Spirit, he really didn't expect him to appear here! This is not in line with a Yang Spirit's way of doing things. It's too sneaky and too traced!

Yang Spirit smiled, "The old way passed by accidentally, and it happened that the three were here to fight for life and death, just for curiosity, to find out! Well, it happens to have some grudges with a certain of you, by the way Just solve it here, not too much, right?"

He said lightly, everyone knew it was just nonsense, it was an intentional arrangement, but they couldn’t say anything, because the real reason for the fight was with them. oneself! To blame, they must be blamed for their bad temper as a sword cultivator!

Isn’t it possible to have friendship first and school skills second like the Dharma pulse? Can't we sympathize with each other, can we agree? Back puppet knowing that Xuanyuan is the main world sword vein resisting the tripod, can’t show mercy and make a good relationship? Lou Xiaoyi knows that someone harboring malicious intentions is secretly arranged, can't he deliberately make a situation to induce this person to show up?

Of the three sword cultivators, with their strengths, as long as two of their strengths are not compromised, they will have a chance to fight in front of any Yang Spirit!

However, the bad temper of the sword cultivator caused two of the three of them to lose. It is the kind of irreversible damage that affects the foundation. This is really no one to blame!

But only Lou Xiaoyi understands that this is his only choice!

The puppet must die, no matter who he is! You have to pay a price if you make a mistake, and there is no reason to offset it! It doesn't matter what backstage you have behind! Moreover, if his back injury is not deep enough, this Yang Spirit may not be willing to stand up!

"Which one is Henghe? So passionate? Originally, I wanted to kill a Henghe Yang Spirit, which means nothing but ten thousand li. The senior came to make me a pair?"

Yang Spirit remain unmoved, "Henghe Li Tikehan, I have come to find a little friend to settle a grudge, I will not say more about the reason, you and I know it all!

Waiting for three people, two seriously injured, I will not move them to take them as hostages, but my little friends have to accompany me to the fullest, but I can’t give up halfway and leave halfway!"

The meaning is very clear, Lou Xiaoyi does not refuse In fact, for him, there is no reason to shrink from this battle!

It doesn’t make much sense for Li Tikehan not to intimidate two dead men in battle. They are both like this, so what can you coerce? They are all stinky and hard tempers. If you don't push them, they may account for more than 80% of the possibility of oneself breaking. Why bother to reach out and get fishy, ​​for no reason cause two major causes and effects?

The only thing he worried about was that Lou Xiaoyi found out that he was invincible, but he flees in the name of a vertical sword! So we must kill him in words! But this is exactly what Lou Xiaoyi meant!

Practice so far, Yang Spirit has killed a lot. Some take advantage of the chaos, some take advantage of the situation to fight, and there are outstanding strange tricks when facing alone, but it is still the ability to really face-to-face a Yang Spirit. The powerful Yang Spirit is now fighting, this is his first time!

It's time! In the world of master world cultivation, whether Lou Xiaoyi now has the ability to do his own thing, this is a touchstone!

He has a reason to fight to death!

Take a dagger from the ring and break it in one fell swoop. Although you didn't make an oath, it represents everything for the sword cultivator!

Li Tikehan also did not swear. Instead, he waved his hand and chopped off a lock of oneself's hair and tied it between his fingers. In Henghe Realm, this is what it means to fight to death!

Although there were various plot against in the early stage, when the battle was approaching, both of them chose the most cultivation method! This is also the external manifestation of the state of mind to a certain extent, life and death are present, leave everything aside!

The puppet feels his mouth is a bit dry when he is back. His current situation is no better than the light beam next to him. It is the two balls of minced meat in the sky, but the two of them didn't care about it anymore. How happy it is one thing! Being able to meet powerful opponents and see great battles, for a sword cultivator, there is nothing more perfect than this to die after such satisfaction!

It is the virtue cultivated in the last life!

"Can you Junior Brother? I heard Henghe Li Tike say that he has cut a Henghe Yang Spirit?"

Guangyao disdain, the two Now there is no hatred for life and death at all. This is also a manifestation of the cultivator's open-mindedness to a certain extent. It seems to be a pair of children hurting friends, watching a year for something even in dreams drama,

"Can you do it, you oneself don't know? The one being beaten up is like a dog! Why don't you sprinkle those soup words?

Henghe Yang Spirit Well, Xiaoyi cut one when passing by Henghe ! This is not surprising. In the journey of the void, he basically walked all the way and chopped all the way, not picking opponents, and regardless of the boundary!

Why, this Yang Spirit was attracted by you, and you don’t know oneself yet. "

Oneself, who is back puppeteer, must make it clear. If he changes to a normal state, he is lazy to explain. Now he is not far from death, but he does not want to leave regrets, which makes people doubtful. The most important thing is Yes, if this Lou Xiaoyi really kills Yang Spirit, don't go to the trouble of looking for the sword grave! Although he is only a middle-level in the sword tomb, there are several senior brothers who are far above him, but this Lou Xiaoyi is too evil, so it is better not to leave any trouble to the teacher!

"You can eat rice, but you can’t talk nonsense! I see this person by chance. I can’t talk about friendship, just use each other!

I use him to reach the Lord The purpose of the world character, he is also using me, and now it seems to be using me to lead you out as Junior Brother!

I speak frankly, the two of us are supporting roles, clowns in the warm-up, and our roots are here. They are, um, actually in your restless Junior Brother, we are all victims!"

Guangyao is speechless, don’t say that this guy still has a vision, you know Where is the bane!

"As far as I know, this seems to be the fourth and fifth Yang Spirit? Xiaoyi has experience in slashing Yang Spirit! But before, he was always looking for time and trying to get cold!

This Yang Spirit time and time may not be difficult for Xiaoyi, but the harder is when can he find his past and future! During this period, oneself can’t make even one mistake!

If you change to yes I can only say that I can attack and defend at medium and long distances, but I dare not say that I will cut!"

Because of the puppet, I have a sense of superiority, "I will not put him in the middle and long range, and directly cut close. He is inevitable once! But I don’t know if I can kill him a second time! Because I may not be able to get close for the second time!"

Guang Yao is very confident of his own junior brother!

"Look at! Xiaoyi is no stranger to Henghe dao lineage, this guy is thief!"

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