Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1647

Lou Xiaoyi attacked first!

The first thing he has to figure out is that this Li Tikehan belongs to the cultivator of which main god branch of Henghe Dao Lineage! In order to better target!

No one will show the true roots of oneself to others, just punch it out with a fist!

A distance of hundreds of thousand li, Lou Xiaoyi's body is really like taking a volley and empty step. The escape method moves so fast, it seems to completely violate the natural law of escape!

Like Guangyao's retreat, the back puppet can still guess where it goes, but Lou Xiaoyi's vertical appearance completely gives people a feeling of space tearing and individual convulsions!

The speed is always changing, either in accelerating or decelerating, which means that even if you can predict his trajectory in advance, it is impossible to put the attack on the spot, because this person either Either it has passed, or it hasn't arrived yet!

The direction is always in shear, not the straight-line-change-straight approach, but as if it is always running a circle, there will always be corners, the most damn thing is this circle The diameter of is still changing. Either a large circle or a small circle is cut, and there are even irregular shapes such as an ellipse.

This makes his traces so obvious that your naked eye can be distinguished, but you just don’t know where he will fall next!

Because the vector speed is flooded in his retreat, there is a strong sense of tearing in the eyes of those watching the game, like a lagging picture, sometimes condensed and sometimes smooth , Suddenly rises and falls, slowly!

The biggest advantage of this escape is that every breath, every moment, is his sword window!

Like Guangyao, although he is also a good hand at escaping vertical swords, if you split his movements frame by frame, you will find that both of his evasiveness and swordsmanship are The context can be followed, and the sword is not sent when rushing forward, because when both sides are in high-speed motion, it will affect the precise control of the flying sword; only when the speed of escape is slightly reduced is the time window for him to send the sword. !

So in the strict sense, the sword cultivator's vertical sword is like this in anxious-xu-xu-xu, and it is constantly changing. The anxious is to shift the position, and Xu is to launch the flying sword! When a sword cultivator makes this approach sufficiently coherent, it is a vertical sword!

But Lou Xiaoyi's vertical sword is different! He has no regular urgency and Xu! Because he is always changing! Through this change, to achieve the evasive effect of rapid escape, and at the same time obtain a benefit, he has the preparation of the sword in Xu's state at any time!

Keep the strongest sword state anytime, anywhere! Coupled with his perverted sword light differentiation, the formidable power on each sword light is heavier than others!

When these are combined together, there is no sword or secret technique. The secret technique is not the secret technique, because his casual blow is the secret technique of the huge might to others. !

This is the result of taking the foundation to the extreme! Under this extreme, even if it is as strong as Yang Spirit Li Tikehan, he can only parry for a while, and there is no counterattack!

Hundreds of years, this is the first time Lou Xiaoyi has been unscrupulous in front of Yang Spirit, have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, unconsciously, his sword technique has come to a new boundary, Although I don’t know exactly how far it has reached, I’m afraid that Yazu can’t even think of it as soon as I enter the last few levels of the sword dao monument!

...The back puppet is a bit depressed, because even if he is watching from the sidelines, he has a headache! Because Lou Xiaoyi's way of escape is always in vector shifting, his spiritual consciousness has to be in an irregular acceleration in order to see it more realistically! Suddenly strong and weak, suddenly fast and slow, disturbing his brain hurt!

"I was injured too badly and broke my brain? How do I think he is so tired? It is not him that is tired, but I am tired!"

Guangyao is also having a headache! Because he also had a headache, and both of them were seriously injured. This is the truth, but as bystanders, what would happen if they were truly on the battlefield? Not to mention a sword attack, even spiritual consciousness can't hold on for a long time!

This is a new way of escape, but he doesn't know how to achieve it? Anyway, with the escape method he currently masters, he definitely couldn't do it! I am afraid it can only be pulled by stars like Lou Xiaoyi, millions of stars work together... But is it so easy to learn?

"I’m tired too! Close your eyes and shut your mind when you’re tired! If you see what he is doing, you won’t look at that Yang Spirit? This man’s skin is thick enough, I think he’s been beheaded. A few times, it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem, but I don’t know how long he can hold on like this? Yang Spirit has been suppressed by the Yin God, and I don’t know how he feels? Now I do not regret the betting on the death fight?"

...Li Tikhan does not regret it! For Yang Spirit, regret means losing one's mind and revealing defeat!

So, he can't regret it!

The attack ability of the sword cultivator far exceeds his expectations, but it is not the most important thing! The most important thing is that this way of moving the sword cultivator gives him a headache!

It's not a real headache like those two balls of minced meat, but a headache that makes many of his attacks impossible!

Like this kind of escape method that is completely beyond the common sense of practice, in fact, it is the most labor-saving to use the self-locking object to attack, but he can't find a kind of object that can follow the eternal change and acceleration. Up to the rhythm of the sword cultivator!

If you can’t keep up, what's the point of letting it go?

Or use the secret technique of divine ability, but for the same reason, just locking the opponent will consume a lot of his energy, so it can't talk about achieving the ultimate in formidable power. This is a dilemma. , Fighting at first, he fell into a passive state, this is what he didn't expect!

Sabraham died unjustly!

Since the sword cultivator has shown great strength together, he has been impossible to use the ability of ordinary Yang Spirit to take down the sword cultivator, he can only use the real roots and feet!

His roots and feet do not belong to the three main gods in the Henghe realm, nor do they follow the Bodhisattva style. He practiced the lineage of Mahuluogana among the eight dragons. It is the boa constrictor god, a god with a snake head in the human body.

Henghe Dao lineage and the main world cultivation system have arrived at the stage of Yang Spirit, and completely different deviations began to appear. Just like Li Tikehan, the foundation of Yang Spirit achievement is to achieve greatness! Going upwards in the future will evolve in this direction more and more.

You can no longer fight this sword cultivator with a mortal body. Even if he has the ability to regenerate, he is unwilling to be beheaded again and again. This is not just a matter of face, but a matter of fighting mentality!

If rebirth becomes a habit, it will form inertia, risk finding the weakness of the opponent while giving life, and then slowly reveal oneself's past and future in the rebirth again!

He does not advocate such a battle method. In Henghe Realm, he belongs to the faction that does not use rebirth as a means of fighting!

So in the eyes of the three sword cultivators, Yang Spirit turned into a giant python, with a snake face, a flower drum around the waist, and a drumstick in hand!

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