Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1648

Li Tike's Han Python has a tenacity, and the strength of his body's defense has suddenly increased by a level! When the defense level is up, I will dare to do moves and show divine ability! This is very important in the million-level Jianhe.

Tap the hub with his left hand. With him as the center, the visible shock wave of naked eye is like a stone thrown into the water, rippling countless circles of ripples! This is a spiritual consciousness disturbance technique, which is similar to Takizawa’s Treasure Cauldron. It is through the resonance of this spiritual consciousness at different frequencies to achieve the purpose of influencing the judgment of the opponent’s spiritual consciousness, thereby affecting the flying sword group. The control of the sword cultivator is to shake the root of their attack!

The right hand shook the drumstick, and a thick thunder and lightning flashed out, thundering Lou Xiaoyi who was escaping freely! Suddenly the whole body was scorched, and the roots of the hair stood up, and I don't know how much damage was caused!

As soon as Li Tikehan's python appeared, he immediately recovered his disadvantage! Although compared with many other gods of Henghe Dao Lineage, there are not a few hands and feet that have the audiovisual shock, but his two methods complement each other and are very coordinated.

One main disturbance, one main attack! Coupled with his body of the python god, he is basically invincible at both offensive and defensive ends!

Lou Xiaoyi didn't realize it, as if it was someone else instead of him! The sword's power is not chaotic at all, it is only in the transport and can not compare to the agility of the first at first, as for his vertical escape, it is still the same, maintaining the kind of uncomfortable, wrinkled rhythm that makes you look at it!

Li Tikehan succeeded in hitting, and then launched a continuous attack, the rhythm of the left hand slaps the waist drum more and more fast, and the amplitude of the drumsticks is more and more unrestrained!

Catch your weakness and do it to death. It is the style of the cultivator. It is not a polite place at this time!

In his vision, he originally thought of using the normal ability of Yang Spirit cultivator to take down this little Yin God, but he knew it was wrong when he touched it! So there is a change in Life Source's face.

There are many dao lineages in Henghe, and they have a wide range of knowledge. Although they are in the corner because of their own dao lineage, the research on the dao lineage of mainstream cultivation has never stopped! Especially in several main directions, for example, Jianmai dao lineage!

Of course, cultivator practice is about going with the flow. You can’t decide the direction of oneself because of others, but you should be good at all your own interests and characteristics. Among the many Yang Spirits in Henghe, Li Tikehan ranks high, especially in the ability to deal with sword veins, is second to none, with blessed by heaven Innate conditions!

Because his miraculous abilities are specifically aimed at the sword cultivator, he was sent to the chaotic territory to solve the trouble, so he came to the anchor chain to intercept it. This is not without reason, but There are deep considerations in it.

That's why it broke the deadly battle! Because the divine ability of the hub has the greatest confusing effect on spiritual consciousness attacks like flying swords, because no matter how fast or how clever the sword cultivator escapes, he also Never avoid thunder!

With these two methods, coupled with his rebirth ability, what else might fail?

It's only time, sooner or later that's all!

But his confidence came a bit early, because after the first thunder hit the sword cultivator by taking advantage of his unpreparedness, the second thunder, although it was also hit and more powerful, did not seem to have Little effect?

The thick thunder slashed straight down, but Lou Xiaoyi erected a sword tower on top of his head. In view of the special attribute of thunder, it is also impossible to turn at such a fast speed, so the thunder slashed at the sword tower. Go up, and then disappear without a trace, and the huge energy does not know where it is directed!

Li Tikehan expression congeals, sure enough, there are means! He can see that the thunder power has been introduced into a portable space. This defense method is not uncommon in the cultivation world. It is to use the space ability to transfer the opponent’s spell to a portable space. As long as the portable space is large enough, the enemy’s Attacks will never fill this pit! This achieves the goal of full defense!

But although this method is very wonderful, it can almost deal with most spell attacks, but it is difficult to deal with thunder's slashes! Because the thunder is so fast, the fast cultivator is simply impossible. After seeing the thunder, there will be time to perform the operation!

Here the thunder is sent out, and the thunder is down there, the response time is less than an instant, how can you achieve the right access to the Power of Thunder, and then use the means to introduce the thunder into the portable space?

Of course he didn’t know that there is something called a lightning rod in a certain world, so he is still experimenting in many ways, changing the rhythm, angle, strength and weakness of the thunder, to see if it was just an accident. ?

...There is an urgent need, such as two balls of minced meat far away.

"Finally, there is a way to deal with it, otherwise this one won't be able to fight! Hey, is this anti-thunder method your Xuanyuan? Or is your Junior Brother personal? It's amazing, Interesting, I Look, I’ve included thunder in the portable space, right?"

It’s the first time I've seen such a lightning protection method. In the sword fight with Guangyao, he was also not lighted by Thunder’s Secret Sword Thunder. At that time, he used Sword Dragon and his body to fight hard. In fact, there is no particularly good method. Now when he sees Lou Xiaoyi's ingenious defense, he can't resist the slightest thunder, and he is very envious. Even if he may live a long time ago, Hearing Taoxi can die. For the sword cultivator, every special sword technique is worth their devotion.

But Guangyao was impossible to tell him that even if this person died immediately after listening to it, he couldn't say that this was the rule!

"This is the lightning protection technique passed down by Yazu! Nascent Soul cannot be passed on if it is not passed on by Xuanyuandi, so, Yang Spirit can only be thundered for the first time, and then don’t care about his thunder technique. How sharp, how majestic, and in vain!

Do you want to know? Wouldn't it be possible to trade your sword mound's housekeeping skills?"

Being speechless, Although my heart is itchy, the inheritance of the cultivation world is no joke. So I changed the subject,

"This Henghe Yang Spirit’s thunder is useless, but I don’t know if there are other powerful methods? His hub interference, we are so far away, it feels abnormal. Clear! It has too much influence on the flying sword attack of the medium and long-range!

I still said that! I do not agree with the sword cultivator and pay too much attention to the medium and long-range, in fact, it is because there are too many dao lineages in the cultivation world. There are so many ways to disturb the gods, you can't guard against it! The higher the boundary, the more unfathomable!

I admit that you, Junior Brother’s sword, have formidable power that is rare in the world, but the cultivator fights , There are so many aspects involved, why are you stupidly pursuing the ultimate in a certain aspect that can be solved?

One Sword Breaks Ten-thousand Methods, refers to the One Sword Breaks Ten-thousand close behind you Methods! Because distance can offset the opponent's reaction time, if you are far away and have enough room for reaction, then One Sword Breaks Ten-thousand Methods is a joke!"

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