Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1649

Both of them are swordsmen. Although they are in poor health, they have a good vision. They all know how the sword cultivator can't control the flying sword accurately, what kind of impact will it have!

To counteract this effect, you have to double your spirit strength. Over time, your spiritual reserves will quickly deplete, even if your magical power is still abundant, it will not help.

So I was very worried. No one, including the puppeteer, would like to see Lou Xiaoyi's failure, because that was the failure of Jianmai Dao Lineage!

But they can't do anything about it. This is not their battle. If it's their turn to go up, Yang Spirit may not have a python look!

……Li Tikehan’s thunder is ineffective, no matter how he tries, the opponent’s sword tower can always consolidate the thunder in the portable space. There has never been a mistake. This shows that the sword cultivator is right. There is a mature system, so I can only give up! But it does not mean that he has no other means!

One-handed and one-handed, reciting Xuan Nian silently, in an instant, a holy river hangs in the sky, but does not attack, but lies between the two, like a Chu River and Han boundary!

He knows that this person is very familiar with the offensive and defensive of the holy river. In the cultivator cut near the boundary of Henghe, he has not rarely seen the power of the river, especially in the long scroll of the river. He has traveled, so it is very difficult for Genhe to cause fatal damage to him. The reason why he was released is only as a support, and there is a place to hold on between the trips!

In the vertical escape, don’t look at him as Yang Spirit. In front of this sword cultivator, he is really not enough to see. This is his most obvious flaw, but if he crosses such a river, march There is a reliance in the transition. No matter how sharp the sword cultivator is, it will always be affected when crossing the holy river back and forth. This has achieved his goal!

Because Thunder is unusable, his attack method must first catch the trace of the sword cultivator, which is also the most difficult part for him!

He also considered this battle very carefully! Had to linger on consumption and quick decision! In the end, he decided to fight against the sword cultivator. This is a choice determined by many factors!

He is a dignified Yang Spirit and deliberately spends time with a Yin God, which in itself is a kind of mental weakness. He who has rich experience in combat knows that this is not desirable, and will lose in the delay of time. The spirit of oneself! On the contrary, the sword cultivator will gradually gain the upper hand in the imposing manner with weak strikes, and the wise will not take it!

In the Yang Spirit festival of Henghe Realm, he was good at attacking Lingli, and attacking is what he is best at. It doesn't make sense to choose oneself because he is scrupulous about flying sword, but he chooses to spend time that oneself is not good at? Can't fight freely, how much can the strength be played?

Finally, the location of the miniature star chart is not far away, but ten days away, it is difficult to say whether there will be an anchor chain cultivator passing by by chance to see him as a Yang Spirit bullying the Yin God. If he goes out, his face doesn't matter, but Henghe's previous efforts on the anchor chain are in vain!

So, we must attack, even if the sword cultivator's flying sword is really sharp, even if such sharpness can cause harm to him anytime and anywhere, he will not hesitate!

Fighting can't do its best. What is the significance of practice for thousands of years?

After preparations were made, spiritual consciousness broke out, trying to capture the traces of the sword cultivator, and at the same time the body was constantly shuttled back and forth in the Genhe. The purpose was to cause the sword cultivator to shuttle back and forth on both sides of the Genhe. , A slight sluggishness in the process of crossing is the time window for his attack!

It’s a brilliant strategy. After several rounds, Li Tikhan caught an opportunity to emerge from the Sword Cultivator. He relied on the perception of countless Soul Body in the Sword in advance. When he reached his trajectory, he opened his mouth and spit out, the snake letter rolled out like lightning, and several tens of thousands of li arrived in an instant!

At this same moment, Lou Xiaoyi also took action. How could he not know Li Tikehan’s intentions? Putting such a holy river here is just for cover!

And he is also waiting for the opponent to attack. Only when the opponent attacks, the body will be in a relatively weak state, and he can take advantage of it. Offense and defense are a pair of contradictions!

At this time, Jianhe is still within the controllable range. Li Tikehan’s waist drum has far less impact on him, because he has just experienced it in the last battle. ! The reason for pretending that Jianhe is difficult to manipulate is just to wait for a suitable time!

For example, when Li Tikehan spit out a long letter! This is a pure physical strike, with divine force, thunder marvel! But because of this, most of its divine force is placed on the snake letter!

His Jianhe has always been in a state of being like a river and a tube in the attack! One is on the top of his skull, which is the origin of the flying sword, and the other is on Li Tikehan, which is the end of the blow. There are millions of flying swords that keep surging out, passing between them through the sword river. Linked up!

However, this Jianhe is a bit different from the normal Jianhe. It is an inwardly rolled Jianhe, like a space channel composed of irregular sword lights!

Li Tikehan spit out the snake, he has dangled an illusory shadow in place to hide his eyes, but the real body has already used the Heavenly Sword ruler to move instantly! This kind of movement is the most common kind of movement, the skill of Foundation Establishment, but it can be used forever, even if it reaches True Monarch, it is not out of date! The disadvantage is that its purpose is too obvious, as long as it is used, the opponent will immediately notice it!

But his use has added oneself's new things! Because of his tailoring, he is not in the sky outside, but in the sword Hanoi of oneself at all!

All the breaths, traces, and space fluctuations, because in the sword light channel composed of flying swords, the extreme Dao Realm power cuts off the perception of outsiders, even the two useless people watching from the side I didn't see that it was the Avatar who stayed in place for a short while, the real body had already been submerged in the sword light channel, and it was out!

"Not good! Why doesn’t Junior Brother move?"

Guangyao was shocked. He thought it was Lou Xiaoyi who had spoken when he came out of the Genhe River. Long reason! This kind of physical attack of the divine form is very dangerous. Once hit, even if it is not dead, it will be divine force to the upper body, and then it will become more and more passive!

The long tongue rolled Lou Xiaoyi's body upright, and the powerful divine force instantly shattered the body into countless streams of light! Only then did the three realize that this was just a sword puppet Avatar!

The Guangyao back puppet took a breath, but Li Tikehan was wary!

But his vigilance is too late. He has never stopped. A head suddenly appeared from the group of flying swords that have been slashing down...

Long sword waved , The snake body separates!

Recite the puppet and praised it, "Okay! This kind of close approach already has a bit of magic from my sword mound!"

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