Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1651

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Li Tikehan feels calm! There is nothing to be frustrated, he can afford to lose!

He will not change his strategy because of a single blow. During his long cultivation career, he has experienced many such dangerous situations. Experience tells him that the more this kind of time, the more he needs to persist!

To attack is the only way to redeem!

Let go of his scruples completely, because of one death, Li Tike Khan completely became oneself! He no longer regards his opponent as a yin god, but an enemy equal to oneself; he no longer cares about the dao lineage of his human sword, no dao lineage in this cultivation world can stand above other dao lineage!

After rebirth, Li Tike Khan looks like a new form. It used to be a human snake head, but now it is a pure boa constrictor form, which belongs to the fearless state in the three states of the Mawhara Raga. , The offensive ability is much stronger than the initial body, but correspondingly, the defense has not improved or even decreased.

Whether to take the initiative to attack and fight to kill the opponent, or to wait for the opportunity of offensive and defensive balance, Li Tike Khan chose the former without the slightest hesitation! He doesn't like to get attack opportunities through rebirth after death, but if death is inevitable, why should he bother to defend?

Sword cultivator is also a person, or a person whose physical boundary is inferior to him, a person who can't afford a single failure, why should he shrink?

The three states of Mawharu Luojia, the snake head in the human body is the equilibrium state, the whole python form is the fearless state, and finally there is a chaotic state. The Great Accomplishment of Chaos is Half Immortal, and he is away from this step. Almost.

Litikehan turned into a fearless state. His waist drum and drumsticks are gone, because the python doesn’t have any hands; but the functions of the waist drum and drumsticks are still there. In the body, through the reckless scrolling, a stronger disturbance of spiritual consciousness was exerted!

In Li Tikhan’s view, the disturbance of spiritual consciousness is still effective. Although the sword cultivator definitely has a way to deal with it, this method cannot completely eliminate the influence of the disturbance, so as long as he insists on this The disturbance can also reduce the pressure of being attacked for him to a certain extent.

His judgment is very accurate. The time for Lou Xiaoyi to crack the secret of the Dutian Three Treasures is still too short to be perfect, so he can only increase his spirit strength exponentially, and this is doubled Consumption is difficult to last.

The whole body of the python can be large or small, light or heavy, large can run through several tens of thousands of li, and small can be a foot full; when the python swells to several tens of thousands of At li, the battlefield became smaller, and Lou Xiaoyi's almost invincible escape was meaningless. He struggled to escape far away, possibly the distance that the python turned his head.

……Lou Xiaoyi feels a bit tricky, this thing is too big, there are targets everywhere, but it makes him unable to start, because he does not know where the cover of this thing is, a piece of it He cuts the python body, and he can't finish it even to death!

The body of this boa constrictor is like some kind of single-celled creature. If you cut it off, it will reattach it again and continue to grow, endlessly, endlessly; recklessness may be the key, But the skull is hard and requires all-out efforts. There are not many opportunities like this!

What surprised him was that the boa constrictor did not match the agility speed of his body at all. It was not awkward between rolling and moving. It may not be able to compare with him in fine movement, but it can. Use a huge volume to make up for this defect.

The scope of micro-manipulation has its own way!

If the attack is not successful for a while, there will be trouble in the defense!

The python has many attack methods, not only the body beats and entangles, the teeth bites and spits out; but also the divine ability is unexpected, and Lou Xiaoyi can never fail to guard against his thunder ability, in this way In the suddenly narrow space, being thundered temporarily loses control, even a moment is fatal!

The point is that in such tangled and complicated, he can't make a mistake at once!

This is the first time Lou Xiaoyi feels embarrassed that he can't use Zongyi in the battle, because the opponent used the simplest method to crack the sword cultivator's vertical sword, that is huge! The python body of several tens of thousands of li obscured a large part of the battlefield space, making his vertical sword a bit like a joke in such a volume!

Lou Xiaoyi’s Jianhe is not weaker than python in terms of size, but one is Phantom Sword light and the other is a real body. Python is constantly torn and cut, but It quickly recovered as before; the sword light continued to dissipate under the impact of the divine force of the python body, and continued to reunite again!

Li Tike Khan’s python body will exist forever as long as his divine force does not wither, Lou Xiaoyi’s Jianhe as long as the seven ants are there, Divine Soul magical power is there, and will always be able to persist, fierce right No one can have the upper hand in terms of consumption!

Lou Xiaoyi is as calm as ever, he is very targeted at python, not blindly starting, hacking headlessly, but through different Dao Realm, whichever is different. , Try according to the paragraph, the purpose is one, find out its weaknesses, and achieve the most efficient attack!

In the world of cultivation, there is nothing without weakness. If you can't hack it, it only means that your understanding of it is far from enough!

How to understand? If you can't keep it under normal observation, you can only cut it continuously, judging its weakness from the effect!

He understands this process, and Li Tikhan also understands; both know that the weakness of python will be found, but the premise is that before finding it, Lou Xiaoyi can make no mistakes!

...The puppet is very nervous, "It doesn't seem to be good to go on like this? I think your Junior Brother has escaped from the dead several times. It depends on luck to escape, but luck is impossible to follow you forever! "

Guangyao is even more worried, "Look! Haven't you been boasting that you are close to invincible, close to supremacy? If you run into such a huge monster, I will ask you how close you are. Cut? Just your big ass sword cage, even the tail of this thing can't cover it!"

Scratching his head back and scratching the puppet, this is indeed a big problem! He has never encountered a problem! The close body has its own internal mechanism, but if you are near a giant the size of a star, it will be very embarrassing!

"Tell the truth! In this case, it’s better to be farther away! But how far is it? There are five things. Sixty Thousand Li is long, right? You even go beyond hundreds of thousands li. , It’s just two lengths for it! It’s meaningless!

If you run farther, the formidable power of the flying sword drops severely, or you can’t reach it at all!

What is your Junior Brother betting against Yang Spirit? At this time, I don’t think there is any special way other than running. I think that Yang Spirit’s big python looks like it’s not easy to harvest and cannot change freely. It should be His biggest shortcoming!

Run out and rest, can he still maintain this form?"

Guangyao shouted: "You are all bullshit! Xuanyuan Sword repaired Never flinch, this is not a slogan!

I think the best way is to turn oneself into a tall giant with several tens of thousands of li..."

Laugh, "Is that still a sword cultivator? That is the category of physical cultivation, okay?"

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