Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1653

Guang Yao looked dazzled and fascinated. He was very happy, because Xuanyuan not only produced a peerless figure, but also a peerless escape method! After this escape, everything else fades away!

The only thing that worries him a little is that such a space escape method will not be too demanding, will it? I hope it is a kind of escape method that can be inherited, and not only a person can learn it by chance. This is not uncommon in the history of Jianmai.

Chance is also divided into individual unique and group inheritance.

"I Xuanyuan doesn't accept people of unknown origin! You'd better compile oneself's origins more carefully before you come and talk to me!"

The puppet stared at him. What are you talking about? Isn't I defeated yet? If I don’t worship Xuanyuan, I will worship you Junior Brother, isn’t it the same?

It is fun in hardship. He knows very well that oneself and Xuanyuan will hardly intersect and ruin the Primordial Spirit that has boundless prospects. What else can it do?

...There is no new change in the field!

Actually, from the time when Lou Xiaoyi opened the space and escaped to the present, it was only a few ten breaths. The boa constrictor is huge, and even if you stand still, you have to chop it for a while. This is also the benefit of being large. !

The two wastes are lively. Only when Li Tike Khan is in the game can he truly feel the changes on the flying sword!

He sees very clearly that the space escape and the killing of the sword cultivator are not invisible, it has its own rules!

In these ten breaths, the sword cultivator entered and exited the dimensional space seven times, the shortest time staying in the different dimensional space for two breaths, and the longest time six breaths!

He knows very well that this is intentional by the sword cultivator, just to prevent regularity!

Why do I have to go in and out frequently, just stay in the dimension space and put the flying sword quietly? Isn’t it good? He also noticed that the sword cultivator has a reason to come out! Because if he doesn't come out, he won't be able to maintain the attack strength of the flying sword!

Sword cultivator put flying sword in the main world, and put flying sword in the dimension space, the effect is different! Put a flying sword in the dimension space and cross the space wall barrier to come and kill him, there is attenuation!

So the attack of the sword cultivator is actually a kind of hybrid attack. It takes the sword group released in the main world as the main body, and is supplemented by the flying sword released from the dimensional space. The set of attacks looks the same as the normal state, but the fact is that there is a difference between the two!

The flying sword group released in the main world has the strongest formidable power, but as time goes by, the formidable power will quickly diminish and the number will be greatly reduced, because we have to pierce him!

This time will not exceed six or seven breaths! In other words, if the sword cultivator wants to maintain this attack strength, at most not exceeding seven breaths, he has to drill out of the dimensional space and then release the sword, and then run back to the dimensional space!

This is the secret of this attack method of sword cultivator!

The problem is that even if he knows the secret of the attack of the sword cultivator, he does not have a perfect response method for a while. The perfect meaning is: crack without taking any risk!

There is no such way! He still has to take risks!

The way to take the risk is to enter the ultimate form of Mashu Luojia, the form of chaos!

He needs to wait until the sword cultivator appears in the main world space again!

This is a battle of wits! Temporary gains and losses are not a big deal, whoever has the last laugh is the real winner! The process has been suppressed and the scenery is endless, but in the end, the battles that fell in the hands of the struggling opponents are everywhere. He has experienced too many!

Be patient, he warned oneself, this is a very terrifying opponent, even more terrifying than many Yang Spirits he has seen! He rarely felt the threat of death in battles with other Yang Spirits, but in front of this Yin God sword cultivator, he really felt it!

He didn't wait for the sword cultivator to come out! Just when he thought it was time for the sword cultivator to come out, and the flying sword group had begun to lose its strength, the sword cultivator made an uncharacteristically uncharacteristic move!

It's truly an extraordinary fighting feeling!

Who turned off the light!

Countless stars in the surrounding starry sky suddenly extinguished, and then turned on again. At this moment, all the sword light seemed to be reborn in blood, exploding out of formidable power several times more than usual, leaving the original with a lot of holes. The python has been cut into countless sections, this time, the body of python is no longer able to recover, collapsed in the sky!

Let the two waste guys next to you appreciate the style of Divine Ox again!

...Li Tikhan was reborn again, still a big python, when the python body was greatly expanded, Lou Xiaoyi jumped out of the dimension space and began to hit a person when he's down, beating the water dog!

This is an inevitable choice. You have been beheaded twice while you are sick. There is no reason to let go of it either technically or mentally. Ruthless, we can live up to the situation that we finally won!

At this moment, the seemingly expanding python suddenly exploded, and countless mysterious and quaint auras spread out, covering the space of the hundred thousand li radius, just moving from the dimensional space. Lou Xiaoyi, who got out, got a straight face!

I don’t know where he came from, then put the scope of the forbidden technique. This is a normal way of thinking. However, Li Tike Khan’s mixed form is not a forbidden technique, but a kind of forbidden technique. God at the expense of life technique!

The third form of Mawaraka is not actually a fighting form. Its meaning lies in the upper realm. It is an impact on the Half Immortal level. It belongs to the category of pure practice. The cultivator can be repaired after Yang Spirit. Practice, and then gradually perfect oneself's chaotic form, until the final chaotic form Great Accomplishment, which means becoming a Half Immortal body.

So in the True Monarch stage, no one cares about who will practice, and in the end it will be a chaotic state of semifinished product!

But where is the matter in practice so clear? Although the chaotic state is not a fighting form, it is undeniable that its level is still above the balanced state and the fearless state. It also has various magical effects of this form. It is very magical and a virtual one. It is more structured in the Yang Spirit level. On the stuff!

For example, in the space shrouded by this chaotic form, it is the chaotic state of the universe after the fifth tai when the universe was born. At this time, the Innate Grand Dao is not complete, time has begun to appear, and space has not yet formed. !

In other words, there is no space in this chaotic state, and of course there is no other-dimensional space! The entire universe is a complete space, the only space, after which there will be various Innate Grand Dao changes, which is the real subdivision and formation of the universe!

The only purpose of Li Tikhan's chaos form here is that no one can use the space power! No one can find the entrance to the dimension space, because theoretically there is no second space here!

As for Li Tike Khan, he has turned into the chaos here. There is no body, no likes or dislikes, nothing. He is chaos, chaos is him!

This is his ultimate counterattack! Enter the chaotic state, and then borrow the obliteration of the three sword cultivators here to achieve a further step, becoming the impact of Half Immortal!

There is no waist drum, no drumsticks, and no attack method in any practical sense. It is the understanding and perfection of chaos. Then, in this perfection, this area is completely turned into Chaos Void, and one step further, Form Pure and Impure Two Qi, and the three sword cultivators are the best nutrients of Pure and Impure Two Qi!

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