Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1654

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The two useless people are also among them, because they watched too much, because the virtue of themselves is not so important, so they forgot that they should be maintained. A safe distance, so as soon as Li Tikhan's chaotic form emerges, two people are what's gone can never come back!

Li Tikhan also has no good impression of these two people. As long as it is a sword cultivator, he doesn't mind taking it away together!

"Go back to place!" Carrying the puppet is very melancholy.

"It is the same as you do not return! No matter which one wins this time, your result will be the same!" Guangyao disdain!

Backing the puppet and looking around, he doesn't care much in his heart, his future is actually as bleak as Guang Yao! For people who are proud of them, after watching this big show, it is the time to self-destruct! So now being pulled into the chaotic world, it is equivalent to the pants that are already full of shit when they are running thin-with mud in the crotch, what can you care about?

Then the two began to analyze the process of returning to their positions. They lived to learn, and they couldn't stop their curiosity and thirst for knowledge when they died!

"The chaos takes shape, the universe begins to divide, the clear air rises, and the muddy air falls, so there is heaven and earth! I don't know if you and I will be clear air or muddy air by then?"

Being a puppet is not a talkative person, but when it comes to the end of life, he talks more, as if to make up for some regret.

Guang Yao said intently: "This person is for the realm, so he will turn all the existence in this piece of nothingness into chaos! Including you and me, including Junior Brother Xiaoyi! We can't see him , But I can feel him, because he is the chaos of everywhere!

This is a real Dao Realm confrontation! Henghe Dao Lineage’s understanding of Dao Realm is actually nothing in the main world. If we were practicing Falun Dafa, he would never be like that! But we are a sword cultivator......"

We laughed at the back of the puppet, "Yes! I have never heard of any sword cultivator who can repair the fifth master in the cultivation world. Yes, even chaos is rare! So he has no fear! He is grasping the weakness of the sword vein!"

Guang Yao was not convinced, "If you don't understand, you can also struggle! Is it possible to achieve such an obediently surrender Don’t talk about stopping him, even if you let him spend a little more effort and delay a moment, it’s good!"

Being silent, "How are you struggling? Don’t talk about the fifth wife, I see chaos."

You are also unreasonable. Apart from the ability to kill, what else can you do?" Guang Yao hummed: "As long as you struggle, it must be meaningful! Because there is still my Junior Brother! Because there is still a possibility When someone passes by this airspace and interferes with it from the outside world! Because the Celestial Phenomenon may break out? Because there may be a void beast breaking in?

When these accidents happen, you find that oneself is discouraged. Doing nothing, that's the stupidest thing!"

The puppet was shocked, and then he twitched, "You are right, my generation of sword cultivator, never stand still! Oneself want to die is one. What's the matter, it's another matter if others want us to die!"

The two wanted to share some pressure for Lou Xiaoyi, even if it was insignificant, so they began to discuss how to fight the erosion of chaos.

Neither of them are proficient in the basic theoretical research of Wutai and Chaos, but they are not proficient, after all, they are also Primordial Spirit True Monarch. The boundary is there, there is always something comprehending, and it will not be blind. !

Can't you be able to resist systematically, and can't you mess up?

……Lou Xiaoyi knows that oneself has been fooled, but this kind of fooling is difficult to avoid. It is not a question of fighting, but a question of improving the practice structure; if at first Li Tikhan would give it When he comes this hand, he can't avoid it, but now he is passively used. In this sense, his battle is still valuable!

At the very least, he completely saw the two rebirths of Henghe Yang Spirit, and he could infer many things from this!

In the eyes of the two useless people, a completely meaningless reincarnation career can be seen in his eyes because he knows the Henghe dao lineage better, and once competed with one of the Henghe Yang Spirit. However, he has his own unique perspective on the past of Henghe people!

In the eyes of Guangyao and Beipu, nearly a hundred pieces of history are messy, but in his opinion, there is a context to be found! Including the various judgments of the Old Ancestors in the sword dao monument, including his oneself very rich and complicated past...In fact, he already has a basic judgment and can completely try to kill, but he didn’t expect him here. They are all ready, but they have become chaos?

Even people are in chaos, where did he go?

Next, it is not a problem that can be solved with a sword! I put my consciousness in chaos, and I quickly understood the situation of oneself, which is different from the two wastes, because the small universe was first formed at the time of adulthood, and the foundation of the Innate Grand Dao initial understanding has been in existence for hundreds of years. He has been deeply involved in Wutai and Chaos theory, and he is deeply immersed in this aspect, and there are countless genius ideas from the big fruit cultivator. He can also be regarded as everyone in this respect, but it is too big to be verified by fragments. !

Perhaps, it's just bad luck and never bumped into it? Instead of bumping into it but not feeling it?

Here, it has become his new battlefield, and he is full of confidence in this!

Chaos is also referred to as chaos, which refers to the misty state in which Qi, form, and substance are integrated and not separated before the formation of the universe. It is a stage in the concept of time and space in the cultivation world, and it is in the "Innate Five". After the fourth wife "too vegetarian".

Taiyi → Taichu → Taishi → Taisu → Muddle → Taiji → heaven and earth → all things.

From the "Taiyi" of "Jianranwuwu" to "Taishi", it is a process from intangible to tangible; "Taichu" is the "beginning of Qi", and it becomes visible at the stage of "Taishi" visible. "Deformed and qualitative", this is "too plain". Qi, form, and substance are integrated into one without separation. This is "humiliation"

"humiliation" is an unseparated state of unity, also known as "one", that is, "Tai Chi" . From "Tai Chi", one life is two, "the pure and the light is the sky, and the turbid and the earth is the earth", and then the heaven and earth produce people and all things.

Li Tikhan wants to achieve the goal of the upper realm in such a Primal Chaos Space, but also wants to destroy them easily. In fact, what he wants to rely on is this process of clear and turbid separation!

If it succeeds, the three hapless guys will become Pure and Impure Two Qi. Each will return to its place, and by the way, will become the stepping stone of Henghe Half Immortal; if it fails, what will change in it, Lou Xiaoyi For the time being, I don’t see clearly, does it automatically perish without killing Sanshenghenghe Yang Spirit? Still need him to intervene again?

These things can only follow the feelings, there is no precedent to refer to; the first thing he has to face now is that the chaos of everywhere in the surrounding space is squeezing him, assimilating him, and dissolving him!

Because he is the only impurity in this chaos! At this time, he still didn't know that the two useless people were also involved. In fact, even if he knew it, it didn't make much sense. He was powerless to defend himself, and it was impossible to help others first.

This kind of Life and Death Dao contest, he walked out, in fact, everyone walked out!

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