Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1655

There are two ways to crack Ritike Khan’s Dao Realm Kill!

One is against the trend! For example, the chaos he is in is dissolving everything in it, and then develops in the direction of Pure and Impure Two Qi, then all he needs to do is to push the chaos backwards, and push the state here in the direction of Taisu!

Once the state here is no longer chaos but too plain, it means that the final form of Mashu Luojia has failed, and Litikhan’s practice has failed!

The other is homeopathy! Do not hinder the change of chaos, but grasp the rhythm of chaos change in the hands of oneself, that is, turn the chaos here into oneself chaos, achieve oneself Dao Realm, strip the pigs of Henghe people, and finally make clothes for others. !

Lou Xiaoyi chose the latter. This is because of his character. He scrabbles and beats rabbits and thieves don’t go empty. This is his consistent philosophy of life!

So I sat cross-legged, completely let go of oneself, and took the initiative to integrate into this chaos, and immediately discovered the existence of two hapless guys, and I didn't bother to care about them!

Here, we must thank those research cultivators of Daguopan, countless fa conferences, and all kinds of fantastic ideas, which truly brought the wisdom of mankind to the extreme and allowed him to completely The theoretical knowledge has the means of how to apply it in practice, and there is more than one method. It is the product of many home repairers' whimsical products. Now when used here, it can be enough for Henghe people to drink a pot!

He is not fighting alone! There is a solid theoretical foundation behind him! When he wanted to come, under such a contest, why the knowledge of Dao Realm, who is not particularly outstanding in Yihenghe, is not an opponent, right?

After all, mainstream Taoists can only study these things, and Henghe Road has long deviated from the mainstream direction, and they are more inclined to the ways of the gods.

But when he was really immersed in it carefully, he realized that something was wrong!

This is not the real chaos Dao Realm! It's the fusion of Henghe Dao's lifelike and chaotic Dao Realm! It's the chaotic Grand Dao that has mutated, and he doesn't know whether this Pure and Impure Two Qi will really form heaven and earth after they are really separated? Maybe it will form Lingaxiang and Saintess Cave?

When I think of this, I can’t help but feel a bitter chill. You can’t lose this battle! Otherwise, it is really bad for the ancestors!

In dealing with Li Tike Khan’s invasion of Chaos, he gained the upper hand, but when dealing with Divine Spark of Mawhara Raga, he was not surprised. Disadvantages, one is that he really doesn't understand this thing, and the other is the use of divine force like Henghe Dao Lineage, which is especially large and powerful. With his true Yinshen background, it is too difficult to completely overthrow these things!

The two sides confronted each other in such a contest. For a while, Lou Xiaoyi could not overthrow the power of Divine Spark, and Li Tike Khan could not take this sword cultivator for a while. How about authentic chaotic Dao Realm, after all, this is the purest Grand Dao between heaven and earth.

But Lou Xiaoyi knows that if it continues like this, without the help of external forces, he will undoubtedly lose, because his boundary level determines his background, long-term stalemate, and the only one who can’t hold on is It could be his Yin God, not Yang Spirit!

Where can external forces come from? Expect someone to pass by? First of all, this is a very low probability, because this airspace has been a barren land in history, and there has never been a fragment. At such a tight time now, who will come here?

Looking forward to the outbreak of Celestial Phenomenon? That had to be Heavenly Dao opening his eyes! And this airspace is empty, it seems that there is no unstable Celestial Phenomenon, looking for a few lonely planets nearby? They are all in the most stable period, and being able to continue like this is enough to consume an immortal!

The only glimmer of hope is those two wastes! If they are willing to sacrifice themselves!

Lou Xiaoyi is very clear about their mentality. There is a sense of unwillingness to be ordinary and self-determined. As long as he speaks, the two of them must be bound! He taught some little tricks to attack at the cost of Primordial Spirit True Monarch's life. There is a good chance to try it!

But this kind of thought is just a flash in the heart, and it's gone in no time!

He is not such a person, even if he wins because of this, even if the teacher does not blame it, even if Jianzhong does not pursue it, he will not be able to overcome the hurdle in his heart!

He would rather rely on the power of oneself, regardless of victory or defeat!

People always have some limits and some persistence, even if they are sometimes a little stupid!

There is also another way to improve oneself's understanding of the Fifth Tai and Chaos again! But where can this kind of thing be done quickly?

Tapping the potential and working hard to refine and deepen what he learned from the big fruit plate is his only way to win!

This battle is in trouble!


Ranxin flies alone in the void. He can’t say that he has great demands for these fragments, but it’s necessary to do something about it. The idea that a cultivator must have, you don’t argue for anything, then Heavenly Dao’s gaze will be removed from you, because you don’t need it, don’t you look down on it!

He deliberately avoided the large area where anchor chain cultivators are concentrated. People are landlords, and they come for envoys. When rushing to eat, you have to pay attention to oneself's eating phase, and be relaxed!

Since I really saw it, I had to take action, so I had to fly to places where there were few people. I hope that I can close it faster when I see it, and it won't cause conflict.

Several of them have this mindset, so they all ran to the open space. The left and right are also meeting with great luck. It seems that there is not much difference between popular and non-popular places.

Half a month has come out, and I haven’t seen anything, it’s not surprising! He has a very good mentality, and what he holds is the idea of ​​having a date or a pole. Such a mentality is the most suitable practice. To them, Taoists are very accurate.

Positively wandering around, a faint light appeared in front of him, and Burning's heart moved. For him from Supreme, he can clearly distinguish that this is a chaotic fragment. He oneself didn't expect oneself to have such good luck, knowing that he could not be surprised by it, so he slowly approached.

The speed of this chaotic fragment is not fast, it is a speed of traveling through the universe, aimless, and wandering...

Ranxin slowly approached from the side, Try to control the breath of oneself as much as possible. Seeing to enter the range where you can try to communicate, the chaotic fragment suddenly shook. The next moment flashed away, and the speed was so fast that his Primordial Spirit True Monarch was beyond the reach! After chasing for a moment, he had to give up. When he chased at such a speed, there was no possibility of catching up. This is the true essence of the universe, something close to Tao. It wants to go. Who can stop it?

Burning salary is a bit frustrating. It's good to say that I don't see it, I don't see my heart, but I suddenly ran away after I met it, which is hard to understand!

It shouldn’t be!

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