Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1657

Grand Dao fragments came in!

A piece of Taishi! Lou Xiaoyi can easily guess the reason why he came here! This is also thanks to the respectable Li Tike Khan Great Sacrifice. Without the attraction of his ultimate chaotic form, how could Lou Xiaoyi have such a chance?

I haven't seen any fragments for hundreds of years. It's a simple truth, danger lurks within the riches and honour!

Slowly moving towards this fragment, Lou Xiaoyi doesn't worry about someone robbing him at all! People outside can't get in, and the two dead people can't see it. Li Tikhan doesn't really need this. Maybe there will be a fight with him, but the outcome of such a fight is determined!

Why is Taishi? He also doesn't know! It will definitely help his Dao Realm growth, there is no doubt, but if it is chaos, it will be better!

Can't choose either! God is not thin to him, and he is still willing to give him a critical moment. Don't ask too much, just know enough!

Because he could see and perceive this Taishi fragment, he knew that oneself's understanding of the Wutai should have reached a higher-level, at least it was recognized by Grand Dao!

There is time, so he decided to adopt a more conventional method to collect this Taishi Fragment, instead of recklessly and violently as he did in the past, he was involved in the bird palace and then taken slowly. .

In the past, there was time, which can be adjusted slowly, but what he needs now is a thorough understanding, so he can't do it as usual!

This is the last chance God has given him. It needs to be grasped carefully and must not be reckless. Heavenly Dao will not give anyone who does not cherish a second chance.

Taiyi, Taichu, Taishi, Taisu, Taiji... Now there is a Taishi sandwiched in the middle, which is not on either side, which is a bit troublesome!

Slowly extend the tentacles of the mind. He is very experienced in how to get along with this little thing. He knows not to be eager for success. The principle of contact at first is to not touch the core, so as not to disturb it. To be!

Of course, there are also plans. If you really want to run, he can swipe the palace at any time to make it hard to escape!

The situation is not bad. Although the fragments are a bit wary, I feel that this person has put on airs harboring malicious intentions, but he doesn't turn his head and run away.

I stayed in place to watch him perform!

Such a coax and pester, in fact, is to express oneself's innocent attitude. After a period of time, I feel that the timing is a bit mature. Lou Xiaoyi is ready to throw out those Grand Dao views of oneself, in the hope Can get the recognition of the fragments,

This is a very important step. If the two parties reach a partial agreement on the understanding of Taishi, the fragments will willingly follow the human cultivator. This process is like asking for marriage. You have to Kneeling to express his attitude, handing over the ring, and then a bunch of sweet words to see if there is a common language...

Just when Lou Xiaoyi was about to enter the topic, there was another feeling in his heart, this time because there is already Experience, knowing that this is another Grand Dao fragment broke in, and perceiving the existence of the Taishi fragment, I went straight here!

It's a fragment from the beginning!

The two fragments will join forces in victory. Because of the same root with different branches, they are obviously closer to each other. They are entangled and run happily!

Lou Xiaoyi is not in a hurry to start collecting it now, because he has already seen it very clearly that Li Tike Khan’s chaotic form is very attractive to the Wutai fragments within a certain range of the circle. Since there is already After two pieces of Grand Dao come over, it is of course possible that there will be a third and a fourth one!

Until the five wives are reunited!

The most anticipated thing is, will it attract a too easy fragment that has collapsed hundreds of years ago?

The two fragments are flying up and down, naturally evolving the true meaning of Taoism. After Taichu is Taishi, before Taishi is Taichu, the Dao Realm between them is very closely related to each other. , Linking up and down, starting and turning together!

While waiting, Lou Xiaoyi also joined their dancing lightly and gracefully. One time he pretends to be too easy, another time he pretends to be too vegetarian... He is not a fragment of Grand Dao, in terms of cognition There must be a gap with the fragments, so two fragments are often disgusted, and it is always the one who is jointly dealt with!

The important thing is attitude! Although the two fragments do not approve of his superficial cognition, they are not too repulsive to such a stubborn, entangled guy. They can feel the attitude of the creatures towards Grand Dao, whether the cognition is right or wrong, deep or deep. Shallow, but the most important thing is the persistence in exploring Grand Dao!

I accepted him slowly!

However, they will never accept Li Tikhan’s hand of friendship! Because they are the purest Grand Dao concept, they will never accept a so-called Spiritual God, no matter who he is!

No coexistence! Innate Grand Dao will never compromise on this point!

Slowly, there are new members dancing in the space! Tai Chi, Tai Su, and Chaos Shards broke in and joined them in turn!

The pair dance has become a group dance! Lou Xiaoyi can only play too easy now! This is also the longest research time and deepest pondering among many basic Grand Dao!

Even so, group dances are very uncoordinated! Because of the existence of one, it is always difficult to step on the dance point, either stepping on the foot of the beginning, or hitting the waist of Chaos!

I have to accept everyone's verbal criticism! Pick up everything! Thousands of accusations!

But Lou Xiaoyi has a good attitude! nodded bow down, accept with humility, and reform! It is not good for these seeds of Grand Dao to kick out such an existence!

Until the end, the group dance has finally changed, and he has truly integrated into it!

That is, after the five Grand Dao fragments recognized him, the fragments also discovered his problem and began to ask him to help him solve the trouble of resisting the divine force!

Lou Xiaoyi declined!

For the cultivator, what kind of character is the most important in the process of practice? Is it contentment or greed?

Is it to leave a thread to the sky and accept it when you see it? Still reluctant to give up, eat a fatty in one bite?

In fact, there is no conclusion! Divide the environment, the body, and the fortune!

At this point, Lou Xiaoyi is more inclined to the gambler mentality. When the fortune comes, you are not greedy. Then when can you stand up as a serf and sing? I have lost half of my life in the gambling game, and finally waited for a chance to be bigger. If you don't raise the bet and do it to death, I'm sorry to be a gambler!

So he was unhurried to accept the help of the fragments, just waiting for the arrival of Too Yi!

A family, always reunite! It doesn't make sense that everyone is here, but you are too easy to be late?

If you win, you must win heartily! It’s the result of Yang Spirit lying down and Lou Xiaoyi getting full! Only when you are in a happy mood, you can understand your thoughts!

The happiness that is not based on the suffering of others is not the real happiness!

The sword man must look like a sword!

So even if Li Tikhan’s divine force is getting more and more pressure, he can't bear it when he is big. He also bet on the fortune of oneself, and he will wait until the arrival of too easy!

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