Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1659

Lou Xiaoyi first pushed back its roots, and then took its shape smoothly, turning the cornerstone of Henghe’s upper realm into a transparent one. At this moment, he felt that oneself had come. A very important pass: the realm of Primordial Spirit is already within easy reach for him!

This is actually his main purpose. The so-called strike while the iron is hot, in one go, especially in the cultivation world. When you feel it, you must not drag, hide, and research!

Think about whether oneself is fully prepared? Is there enough brain power reserve? Is the environment safe?

Wait for you to think about it and understand it, the time is missed, the fortune is not there, it's nothing!

He has been waiting for these six Grand Dao for more than five hundred years, but he didn't expect to wait for a big six!

Da Liuxi is here, Heavenly Dao brought it to my lips, what can you do!

When the final form of Tai Chi is completed, the clear air is at the top and the muddy air is at the bottom, the entire space becomes his world! There is still a glare like a tiger watching his prey in the corner, envious of Li Tikhan's consciousness!

Li Tikhan's state at this time is not up to the sky, not down to the ground! Only in the middle is the big mouth of the sword cultivator with a grin!

He can't go back! Because his Morphus Raka form is originally composed of two aspects, on the one hand is the Divine Spark of Morphus Raka, on the other hand is chaos, and now the chaos is taken away, rubbing and kneading around, tossing and turning, inside and out. It was so painful to be pushed back, it was not his power long ago!

Because the form has lost half, there is only a lonely Divine Spark to support here. He still dare not intervene, even if it breaks something cautiously, I'm afraid that this sword cultivator can't think of it. I'm on the scene, but use him to get an operation!

Only patience, pretending to be docile, pretending to be counsel... and then wait for the chance that may arise in the process of going up!

For the cultivator, it is like killing a parent, how can you forget it? His only answer is to destroy his upper realm, otherwise he can't dispel his monstrous hatred!

……Lou Xiaoyi's method of achieving Primordial Spirit is very different from Taoist methods. In fact, after he became an infant, all his upper realms were extraordinary roads! There is no precedent, no way!

You must speak with words if you are not enlightened, and you must speak with words! This is a normal process of upper realm, but now he has nowhere to rely on his words, and he can only rely on a deeper and deeper understanding of the universe!

Although the method can only be oneself, the goal is clear!

The goal is set and implemented immediately. He will not waste time to kill Li Tike Khan at this time. Compared with his practice, is a Henghe Yang Spirit even better?

Primordial Spirit, the meaning in the heart, is also when lively while still. Not cute inside, not thinking outside, I am alone, it is called Primordial Spirit!

In the three realms of True Monarch, Yin God can come out, Yang Spirit can come out, it means Primordial Spirit can't come out, it's the god of fastening.

Simply put, when the cultivator perfectly combines its own yin god with the body, it is the Primordial Spirit boundary. Since then, the god that has been cultivated is the Yang Spirit.

Lou Xiaoyi’s yin god has been polished for a long time. In the Taoist cognitive system, yin god is not tenacious enough, and after fusion, it is not strong enough, yin god is too full, and the barrier is difficult to break, which is very contradictory; therefore Timing is very important. It does not mean that the longer you stay in the Yinshen stage, the more sure you will be in the Primordial Spirit. There is a question of scale.

But he doesn't need to consider these issues, because as a small universe, he has to follow the rhythm of the big universe, which belongs to the kind of God shit, he just fart-eye itchy.

Therefore, it is an unscrupulous and firm oneself Yin God, regardless of barriers and strongholds. Anyway, all of this can be determined by the change of the small universe.

If you want the Yin God to blend with the body, you must first give the Yin God the foundation of three immortal souls and seven mortal souls.

Madam has three souls in her body, one is fetal light, Taiqing Yang and Qi; a refreshing spirit, Yin Qi's transformation, and a ghost, Yin Qi's miscellaneous.

The first soul’s fetal light belongs to the sky. It always wants to be pure, wants to live with others, prolongs longevity, and thinks of absolute chaos. If you live in the human body for a long time, you will be prepared for life.

The second soul is refreshing spirit, which belongs to Five Elements. It often wants humans and machines to seek all things, sway all gods, and cause misfortune, blessings, disasters, and punishment.

The third Soul and spirit, belonging to the earth, often desire people to be lustful, lustful, dirty and dim, and indulge in sleep; refreshing spirit desires life, vitality is labored, heart labor is used by the gods, and when the gods are used, the qi is dispersed. If you disperse, you will be too clear to live, and people will be lost.

Three souls are uncertain, refreshing spirits floating, fetal light out of shape, quiet essence disturbing, so it says: Taiwei Xuangong, faint yellow and green, refining the three souls inside, fetal light and tranquility, gods and jade rooms, and I am born and must not move rashly. The appraiser is too spiritual, if I want to fly.

After refining the three souls, there are still seven souls!

Its first name is a corpse dog, its second name is Fuya, its third name is Bird Yin, its fourth name is Swallow Thieves, its fifth name is non-poisonous, and its sixth The name of the soul is in addition to filth, and the seventh name of the soul is the smelly lung.

Lou Xiaoyi stays true to his heart, concentrates on his soul, these, his own small universe runs, for a Yin God like him, it is not a lot of trouble, and it is natural to go in order. Posh.

Finally, the soul enters the body.

The sun is shining, the light is purple and blue, and it comes into my soul, according to my five shapes, but the ghost tries my heart... the sky comes in, the six children go up, the three souls guard the gods, and the seven souls do not die. Sneezing from the sun, the same as the sun god... Soul spirit, soul spirit, Nine Heavens coexistence, Shijing jellyfish, Taiyin luminous, wandering moon palace, smelting golden garden, two sceneries together, Shangji Shiqing, Bahui intersecting, I would like to succeed.

During this process, because of more than five hundred years of unremitting polishing, the Yinshen is very tenacious, so the spiritual mechanism required for the soul-resurrection is extremely large, and only the Ziqing can be lifted up. , This kind of question about energy is no trick.

His net worth is very rich, which stems from the fact that he can only enter in these years and has nothing to spend, but even so, there is still a feeling of making ends meet, and subsequent fatigue!

He is not worried, because he is in the void and because of the characteristics of his own small universe, he can cast the Ziqingyu in the surrounding airspace under certain special circumstances. This is his small universe body. The few divine abilities can not be abused, they can only be tried in the most strenuous situation.

The body of the small universe is useless? No, it's just the number of ways in this infinite upper realm. How can there be a second cultivation technique comparable in the world?

Li Tikhan sees an opportunity!

He knows very well that after losing his body, he can no longer perform any forbidden technique divine ability to stop this sword cultivator, the form of incarnation, is to give up the cultivator and put everything on the essence of Grand Dao.

So you can't use the same vision as a cultivator to destroy. Without the body, the ability he learned is useless, just like the sword of the sword cultivator is useless here.

So I can only look at and wait, hoping that there will be an opportunity to use the essential divine force!

Lou Xiaoyi's lack of success is an opportunity! He wants to constrain the surrounding space through the body of the small universe. This does not belong to the category of Innate Grand Dao, so the divine force of Mawhara can be blocked!

If you take out the source of the inspiration, see what he uses to go to the realm, and blindly self-consolidate the Yin Shen, you have to suffer this pain and pay the price!

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