Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1660

The small universe works, but the cleverness fails. Lou Xiaoyi feels the danger!

Who did it? It goes without saying that there is no second possibility! This guy can endure it until now, this mind is very stoic, and the timing is really good, and he is catching his painful foot!

Energy is a hurdle that the upper realm will never be able to overcome. It is a cornerstone that cannot be taken by tricks, especially in the universe in the sky. Can only live in the upper realm to die of thirst!

Deserve to be Yang Spirit, deep, stable, accurate, and ruthless!

There is not much time left for Lou Xiaoyi. The inspiration in his storage ring is visibly reduced in naked eye, what else is there?

There is a way for the two sword cultivators, but they also use a lot when repairing themselves, which is completely unpredictable! Both of them are far away from the Yang Spirit boundary, and it is impossible to prepare a lot. The point is that Lou Xiaoyi has a more vicious idea!

This chaotic form, um, has now become a Tai Chi form. It is actually a variant of energy. It is part of Litik Khan’s huge energy. Since it is energy, it can of course be used. , It just needs a certain conversion, these methods are not unfamiliar to him, and there are still a bunch of fragments that are making ideas for him.

Henghe Yang Spirit completely cut off the thoughts of Henghe Yang Spirit. As for what happens to Henghe people after swallowing these energy, there is only heaven knows, which is not something he should consider.

Under the massive energy supply, vitality is gradually generated; Primordial Spirit is seen and vitality is generated, and vitality is born, and vitality is produced; when the temperament is exhausted, there is no beginning to see, and when the original is not seen, you can use it later; with To use it for the nature of the essence, Innate Qi is also powerful.

Vitality, a new term that only the cultivator can have after reaching Primordial Spirit; but some Taoists regard it as an upgraded version, enhanced version, and refined version of magical power. Each has its own opinions, but in any case, this is a new chapter.

...Li Tikhan's consciousness is silent in the deep level! It's not that he doesn't feel sorry for oneself's chaotic energy body being seized; it's that he knows that this kind of negative emotion is of no use to him now!

He has long known that the casting off of the surrounding universe will not produce much effect, because his huge chaotic form is placed here, and the opponent is impossible to see!

His research on this chaotic form still has some flaws. He wanted to use the function of hunting in the upper realm to eliminate this flaw, but didn't expect it to let oneself fall into death!

For Yang Spirit like him, the state of mind has reached a certain height, and will not regret what happened in the past, but will only plan for what will happen in the future.

It has passed, it has passed, it is useless to think too much!

His question is how to reshape oneself's body again!

Originally, if Lou Xiaoyi didn’t move this piece of Primal Chaos Body energy, it would be difficult for him to do it. He needed to slowly convert this piece of chaotic energy into something oneself before he could interact with the body. Divine Spark reintegrated and returned to oneself's human form.

This process is full of uncontrollable! Because such a large energy body is impossible to exist so unnoticed forever, it takes a lot of time for him to regain control of the chaotic form. It is possible for several years and decades, which makes the process possible. The changes are full of variables, and they will definitely be discovered by the past outside cultivator, or simply the three sword cultivators in front of him can't let him go. They will use various methods to interfere with him. Where is there a chance to show it calmly?

This is the result he must avoid, because doing so will make him a target floating in the universe, and countless malicious things will swarm in until he is completely destroyed!

A Yang Spirit is so tortured in the sky, like watching a clown, he can’t bear it!

So the reason for breaking the spell cultivator's constraints is that the real purpose is to force the sword cultivator to have to swallow this chaotic energy body. He will lose a large part of the cultivation base, but at the same time he will be free. The body, the pure Divine force body of the Mawlarka, then you can continue in the future!

It's to survive by docking!

Sword cultivator is unstoppable! As the Primordial Spirit, he will be more terrifying, Li Tike Khan no longer has the confidence to fight again! As for the oath, he took the oath when he was beheaded for the first time. This is another benefit of Yang Spirit's rebirth. Since he has been killed once by you, of course the previous contract has been resolved. This is in line with the rules of the cultivation world.

He will return in the form of pure Mawlarka deity, because the divine force is pure, and it is not too difficult to break away; it will not be too difficult to swallow the chaotic energy Primordial Spirit Great in the sword cultivator During Accomplishment, there may be a very small probability of being chopped again by the sword cultivator, but it is only once at most, and only three times in total. How can you be seen as the true root of the past?

At the beginning of the cultivator, it is not suitable for combat. It requires all kinds of adaptations. It is also impossible to control the new oneself freely! This is the opportunity!

This is Li Tikhan’s plan. While plotting the sword cultivator, he is actually planning for oneself’s life! There are too many secrets in this sword cultivator. The space flees, ten fragments in the mud pill, these all are the first-hand secrets. He wants to pass these back to Henghe Realm. When I meet next time, Henghe Realm will not hesitate to use it. The strongest lineup to deal with this terrifying opponent!

Can't be careless! Even more can't let him grow-grow into Yang Spirit, if that is the case, is there any way for others to survive?

……Lou Xiaoyi summoned all his strength and swallowed desperately to moisturize his own Primordial Spirit! This is the final stage of the achievement of Primordial Spirit, and it is the final crucial step!

In fact, there is no quantitative standard for how much to swallow, and there is no such thing as swallowing the entire chaotic energy form, just to meet the needs of the Primordial Spirit of the upper realm. But for the cultivator, it is necessary to swallow it up during this kind of gas lift, and no one will leave a bite outside. This is the imposing manner!

But Li Tikehan happened to encounter this one. This grandson obviously has the ability to swallow energy forms, but he didn't do it. Instead, there was a ball left, just like eating a big pie. , Gnawing a watermelon will have a tooth left!

At this moment, the void is clear, the former chaos is not there, when the three people are facing each other, there is a group in the corner!

Guanghua is born on its own, Primordial Spirit Great Accomplishment, Lou Xiaoyi triumphantly, full of affection, chanting:

Since I was young, I often left Chinese food on the plate; loving mothers often beat, but don’t know how to cultivate. difficult!

Personally speaking should be self-reliance, but old habits are hard to follow; if you don’t know the deep meaning, prevent the dog from leaving the leftovers!

Some flattery shooters cheered loudly, "Good poems, good poems! Deep metaphors, and timeless aftertaste! Fellow Daoist Primordial Spirit Great Accomplishment, the sword mound back puppet is regarded as Junior Brother congratulations!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled happily, not knowing what humility is, just staring at that ball, his eyes gradually getting colder,

"Want to run? You have to eat my sword! Can't cut it, you are I don’t have the ability, but I’m not going to blame the Xuanyuan people if I cut you off!"

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