Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1661

As soon as the voice fell, Lou Xiaoyi pursed his lips, and the remaining energy form was sucked in by him!

For him now, this is something dispensable! Li Tikhan is unwilling to linger, and he is equally unwilling!

Sword cultivator kills, how can there be so much trouble?

The last group of energy forms here was completely empty, and a human snake-headed Mawlarka divine form appeared out of thin air, and at the same time three strands of sword light flew out in the air!

One of them, like a chaotic light, is deal with a man as he deals with you!

A ray of future, there is no choice, there is only one goal!

A sword in the past, nearly a hundred past, it is hard to tell the true from the false! But sword light without the slightest hesitation, it only cuts to one end of the old ox in the past. The dust can't cover its white fur, and there is a huge tumor on its back!

Three sword lights were cut down at the same time, and with a long sigh, a group of extremely majestic Celestial Phenomenon was born out of thin air!

Guangyao backed the puppets together and was about to say congratulations, but was stopped by someone with a pretending look.

"Come on! I want to chant poetry one. First of all, I thought I would congratulate Shangjing!"

The two were speechless, and they were very curious, "Didn’t Junior Brother chant it? I think it’s pretty good!"

Lou Xiaoyi Looking up at the sky, "That's a limerick, angering the Henghe people, making him feel irritable! I have to think of a poem that is really worthy of me, tall, and this is something to be written in a biography in the future, not sloppy. !"

The two of them waited and had to satisfy this person’s perverted tastes. Who knows that they waited for a long time and babbled for a long time without suffocating a fart.

Guangyao shouted: "Okay! Don't pretend to be there anymore! Your idea is to write a limerick's level, what pretend it is!"

Lou Xiaoyi hehe smiled and borrowed the donkey from the slope, indeed I couldn't write it, the good Shangjing poems were all written by Yazu, and I couldn't copy it.

Looking at the back puppet, looking up and down, "Here is another one! Is this completely recovered? It seems to have grown a little bit? Isn’t it still not convinced? I’ll give you a chance, while I’m on The environment is unstable...the opportunity is rare!"

Sighed on the back of the puppet, "Served! I have been carrying the puppet to repair the sword for countless years. I haven't served anyone, including the Senior Brothers in Jianzhong, but My sword skill is compared with Junior Brother. It is fireflies to the stars, it can’t be compared!

I have already told Guangyao Junior Brother, I’m going to travel with him and then return to Xuanyuan As a Hakka cultivator, let’s see if we can record the Honorary Disciple of Xuanyuan, and learn Xuanyuan’s medium and long-distance!

Before I was Meng Lang, which caused Guangyao Junior Brother to almost return to his place, so I felt uneasy... …”

Lou Xiaoyi looked towards Guangyao, “This is Senior Brother’s business, I’m inconvenient to interrupt! Senior Brother decides it yourself!”

He Ming Senior Brother Bai’s Meaning, in the bones still wants to give Xuanyuanla a powerful boost, especially the sword dao lineage, so the previous grievances will be ignored! You know, this is not an insignificant little hatred, it is a big grudge against life and death. If it hadn't happened to catch up with Lou Xiaoyi's rebellious fifth wife, even if he was alive now, he would completely lose the opportunity to go to the top!

Even if the sword cultivator is open-minded, it is not open to the point where anyone who kills oneself can easily let it go, it can only show that this Senior Brother is more concerned with the general situation and the benefits of sect than oneself. It's heavy! This is a quality!

Lou Xiaoyi is inconvenient to interrupt this, but it does not mean that he will not use other methods. He never hides oneself's suspicion, because only in this way can the suspect not be suspicious of ghosts!

"You guy, sneaky, who knows what Ann is thinking! I don't bother to guess! But I don't worry about you, where is your home? I have a chance to visit you My lord! My Xuanyuan can’t accept such an unfathomable mystery, but I didn’t explain to the owner of my fellowship!"

Guangyao is secretly sighed, this Junior Brother is even more ruthless, not only accepting this one, but also Thinking of collecting a nest and catching everyone's nest in one go!

These words are just and honourable just and honourable, but they are not objectionable. This is the art of language, but also the art of life. This Junior Brother can blend in the universe. It's not just a sword technique ability, but also to do things for others!

When you use the truth instead of lies to achieve your goal, this itself is another boundary of communication! At this point, Guang Yao ashamed of being inferior! In addition to being a little older now, he is actually not worthy to call Junior Brother when it comes to other things!

There is nothing wrong with it. For the evildoer, what else can you do besides adapting?

Back the puppet lifts the head, a decision is made! Sword cultivator looks at people, not in the length of time! Trust is often established in an instant! This Lou Xiaoyi gave him the feeling, fierce and domineering, ruthless, he ruined Guang Yao, this guy immediately ruined him with his backhand, vividly and thoroughly the sword cultivator's seeking revenge for the slightest grievance!

But his very ruthless is not offensive! It's not the kind of aloof and remote, the character that takes the accent, it gives him the feeling that maybe he may not be a friend, but he can rely on life and death!

"My teacher, the Lord of the World for 300 years, has never revealed it to others, but Lou Junior Brother, you are the first person I am willing to tell, because I believe that Senior Brothers will definitely be willing to see you too!

I just ask, no matter what you say from Junior Brother, don’t let them catch me back. It’s not easy to get out, I haven’t visited yet. Enough!"

The three of them traveled together and didn't mention Li Tike Khan a word! Because from the beginning to the end, the two useless people are in their eyes, they have a oneself judgment about this, a judgment from the perspective of oneself!

If Lou Xiaoyi explains, it must be set off from oneself's ability. It is suitable for him but not necessarily suitable for others. On the contrary, it is easy to lead others into misunderstanding!

An important core idea is that there is only one impossible way to solve the problem! So if the same problem is solved by different cultivators, there must be different methods. You only need to find the most suitable oneself. Does it matter to you what other people do?

Guangyao changed the topic, "Junior Brother, these Henghe people are really hateful! Use our sword cultivator's personality to achieve the goal of oneself! Very insidious! Cunning is extremely incomparable! He is a Yang Spirit! It is disregarding the convention and acting privately. If we expose his behavior to the public, we will definitely make a reputation in the anchor chain. What do you think?"

Lou Xiaoyi had different opinions, "I thought it was impossible! Stinking Henghe does not mean that those realms will definitely be inclined to the Five Rings! This is not a choice of two, but there are many choices!

I personally think that they are used in the miniature picture. The performance of the ambassador has already been out, no one has said it, and we don’t have to add fuel to the fire and force the anchor chain to make a trade-off!

The main point of the mission is not to overbearing. Killing can be easier. , It’s better to be clumsy, the anchor chain people understand, they have oneself Xiao Jiujiu, you don’t have to worry about them at all!"

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