Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1664

Fengdu picked up the underestimation and realized the insult of the cultivator in front of him.

So he lowered his posture and said in an equal tone: "Since Fellow Daoist returned my Dutian's treasure, then it is clear that the person who took the treasure and murdered wanted to come?"

Lou Xiaoyi did not evade, "Of course it is clear that murdering to seize the treasures is really one person!"

The four Yang Spirits had already expected it! Still surprised that this person is so frank, what is to be confident, this is to be confident!

Taoism pays attention to reciprocity and reciprocity! So even if it is a murderer, people come to your mountain gate and voluntarily confess, what this means in itself! even more how returned your master treasure!

This is not a vanity encounter. If you hit it, you will end up grievances; this is a visit, an attitude, so as a great realm power, you also have a oneself attitude.

Fengdu said solemnly: "Takizawa is the pillar of my capital, so body dies and Dao disappears, how can Fellow Daoist teach me?"

Lou Xiaoyi took out a jade slip, "This is Takizawa's last words, you will know it after reading it!"

The four Yang Spirit spiritual consciousness swept away, and their hearts were shaken! entire process of development obvious at a glance!

They also heard about Takizawa’s hundreds of years of experience, which is also a very strange thing. Great Influence was concealed, but it was extremely concealed! Judging from all the signs, it doesn't seem to be against Dutian, it's more like a purely personal dispute! Now it seems that it turned out to be a star!

Dutian and Reaching the Stars, these years, they have adhered to the strategy of non-interference, and the king does not see the king. After all, there are two anchor claws, so they won’t become a deadly fight against each other. benefit!

As for this big traitor inside the Star Retriever, they are all Yang Spirit cultivation base, experienced and knowledgeable. Of course, they have heard about it, but they didn't expect to switch to Dutianguan!

Then, one question is very embarrassing. Is Takizawa a star picker? Or are they all gods? Can they simply regard this killing as a provocation to Dutian?

Lou Xiaoyi said resolutely: "There is no innocent person here! There is no victim! It is just one of the countless helplessness in the universe of cultivation!

Star picking does not want to let oneself fall into a passive position, I don’t want to have an irreconcilable conflict with Doten! They can’t find a better way except assassinating!

Doten is not wrong, but if you really know the origins of Takizawa, Will you use him as a pillar? He will not betray Dutian. This can be seen from the fact that he still entrusted me to bring back the Three Treasures before he died, but he will definitely create a rift between Dutian and Picking the Stars, and he will have to pay the price. Yes, I'm afraid it's not only the star pickers, but also the Dutianren!

Takizawa seems to be right! He just did what a cultivator should do!

Poor Daoist What's wrong? I want to get the support of Star Reaching, and I don’t want to give up Doten’s approval! So I helped Star Reach to kill Takizawa, and brought Sambo to Guiguan for a solution!

This is me. What I want to express here is that everyone is doing what oneself thinks should be done. Fortunately, it seems that we have not actually had a fundamental difference in the direction?"

Yuzhi coldly snorted and said:" Fellow Daoist This is confusing the concept! Long Ze is a cultivator before the Shangjing Yang Spirit! You can’t convict him with what he hasn’t done yet!

If he hasn’t been able to get into the realm all the time! What? Then he is the Primordial Spirit with the strongest battle strength in Dutian, and he will contribute countlessly to Dutian, but he will ruin his life just for a future possibility?"

Lou Xiaoyi does not deny the facts. He was also impossible to really confuse the four Yang Spirits. What he really wants to do is that there are always countless sacrifices in the cultivation world, countless abandonment of the ego power of achievement. When the boat is done, you choose to be happy. Delightful enmity of the heart? Or should we rationally choose a result that is most beneficial to Dutian from reality set off?

"Senior said that! Poor Daoist is indeed for the purpose of oneself, there is no doubt about it. So I send back the Sambo, I hope that all Gaoxians in Dutian can make a rational judgment on this."


There is no sophistry. His straightforwardness made the four Yang Spirits feel comfortable at least. What we need to see now is that among the Yang Spirits who master the direction of Dutian, are most of them rational? Or is the unrestrained type the mainstream?

At this point, even Guangyao's 100-year probing cannot get an accurate answer!

Fengdu squinted, "Fellow Daoist is from the Fifth Ring Road, right?"

Lou Xiaoyi also does not deny that things like this can't be kept from others, because they act. The difference in style, if you can do this kind of major event and dare to come to the door, besides Wuhuan, it seems that you can't find a second one?

After making mistakes and doing bad things, one of the prerequisites for obtaining others' forgiveness is not to cover up, do not want to cover up, this is the cornerstone of understanding!

"The Five Rings has always been at odds with the Guangming Realm! There is no way to reconcile it! But we have nothing to do with Dutian, so from a mentality, we don’t want yours to go too close to Guangming!

The Takizawa incident may become the glue between Toten and Guangming, but it may also provide an opportunity for Toten and Wuhuan to understand each other?

I hope it is the latter! For your world, shop around, why not check the sincerity of other people?"

One of them, Yang Spirit, who has been silent, opened the mouth and said: "You can actually send the news first. Tell us, and then everyone will come up with a feasible method, but there is no need to be so eager to do it! No matter who puts it on someone like this, it is an insult!"

Lou Xiaoyi disagreed, "If this is really possible, why not do it after a few hundred years of star awarding? They are the most reasonable. Maintaining stability between the two largest forces in the anchor chain is far better than a cultivator. It’s much more important!

You can’t do this! Because if you really say it in advance, seniors will inevitably have countless guesses! Is anyone using this to divorce, weaken, and divide?


The final result must be endless procrastination, until both parties lose patience, and there is no need to restore the memory of Takizawa. I am afraid that the stability of your two tens of thousands of years will be broken, and you will change from cooperators. Become rivals and be hostile to each other!

So, it’s most suitable for me as an outsider to do it!"

Several Yang Spirits were silent. The fact is, it’s hard to say something. It's easy to say when you do A lot of right and wrong in the cultivation world are like this, and it is also the beginning of countless wrangling!

They are hesitating, in fact, they are not hesitating now, but they have been hesitating all the time! The general situation of the universe is still chaotic, and the prospects are not clear. They belong to the kind of idea that hopes that the anchor chain will float and sink brightly and unite into another group! But now it seems that the ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny!

Only when the Great Influence gathered the anchor chain, did they realize how unreliable the so-called union is!

There is no cohesion, centripetal force, no core, no idea, if everyone is just holding together for warmth, what is the meaning of such a union?

It will fall apart at any time!

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