Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1665

Lou Xiaoyi did not get a definite answer.

This is expected! Dutian can accept the Three Treasures, and he can walk out of Dutianshan Gate with all his tails, which in itself means something.

Always leave enough time for people to consider, a turning thought process, one that can’t be put down now, but in the future it may pass a certain sudden occurrenceance and give both parties a step that everyone can accept. .

Even before leaving, Yang Spirit still solemnly vowed him to warn him that he will not be soft when he meets in the void in the future.

They are all necessary scenes!

One thing is true, that is, when Takizawa's reincarnation status is revealed, he will no longer be a pure cultivator! No one can avoid this, and pretend that they don't know the huge changes they might bring to Dutian after their real awakening!

The small wooden thorn plunges into your hand. Of course, you can pretend to be innocent, and it’s really fine; but this wooden thorn will be in your leisure time, in silence, in contemplation, and in your inadvertent time. Quietly came out to remind you of its existence!

All Lou Xiaoyi has to do is wait, and wait until one day when he is too annoyed, he wants to pull out this wooden thorn! He could pass a knife, tweezers or something to the side, or help someone put on a gold-creative medicine, take two more breaths, and say a few heart-warming words?

This is how the cultivator communicates! It's temperament! It's not suitable for his usual carefree set.

"Junior Brother is best to stay in the anchor chain for a while! The star picking is unstable, and the weather is uncertain. Henghe is unpredictable. The key is to consolidate and consolidate in the first stage... By the way, you are here I confessed the Star Reaching out, how do I explain to them when I come back?" After the three met, Guang Yao reminded.

Lou Xiaoyi has a rogue face, "speak frankly! I have endless words about Dutian. Of course, I can’t favor one another, and the same is true for picking stars. After I went back, I told them that I had no choice but to leak the bottom. , Is willing to build a bridge between them..."

Guangyao is speechless, thinking about it carefully, speak frankly is really the best way, it may cause temporary discomfort, but in the long run , But completely eliminated the hidden danger; this move is a bit of a rogue, not everyone can use it, but Lou Xiaoyi can use it, this is the effect that can be achieved by personal charm and strength!

A person with superior strength, Yang Spirit has already rushed into double-digit numbers; there is a strong background behind him, a person with a bit of a rogue personality, what else can you say besides shaking your head and complaining?

Prestige and strength are also an important part of the mission. This must be admitted. If Yazu is still there, just sit here. What's the problem?

A Dharma meeting has been held a long time ago to celebrate the birth of the alliance. By the way, find which force to do the operation, everyone has to fight to be the vanguard!

"It’s going to be a period of time, and there are still many things... Senior Brother, I think sometimes you can pull Zhou Xian together when you do things, don’t take a stand. Wuhuan and Zhou Xian are already Already standing in a trench, if we do it or not, others will think so, so it is better to be more generous."

Guangyao nodded, "I had this intention, and I will start when they come back. Zhou Xian, um, what's the matter with that female sister named Jiahua? I heard that you and this girl in Zhou Xian are still a little unclear, not clean? If this is really near, can there be Why do I need Senior Brother? I'm tight-lipped?"

Lou Xiaoyi hehe laughed, "Everything can't be told to others! What can I hide? It's just a Senior Sister, and the relationship is ordinary... "

The puppet next to me was a little impatient, "I said, can you talk about something meaningful? What do women have to talk about? One hesitates, the other wants to cover it up! Isn't it just everywhere? Are there any romantic debts? What counts?"

Lou Xiaoyi is silent, he is in trouble, and the trouble is not small!

Not in Henghe, nor in the sky, but the information obtained after killing Li Tike Khan, this Henghe Yang Spirit turned out to be from Tianmu!

This question is a bit tricky. Even if it is as big as his, you know that after hitting oneself and entering the sky, only one task is done, and it is not successful, but oneself has already killed two , Regardless of the specific reason, just telling the fact is a bit easy to say!

So he stayed here, one is to consolidate the boundary, and the other is to wait for the news from Tianmu. He needs to put an end to these troubles before he can go on the road with confidence.

...Time, slowly passed, the order of the anchor chain seems to be no longer important, and now the more important thing is the shards of the Wutai floating in the universe, the numerous joys and sorrows caused by this, the most important of which is Toten Takizawa was killed by someone, the murderer is unknown, and it is unknown who used such tyrannical methods.

In the Star Realm domain, Lou Xiaoyi enjoys a leisurely life, especially when there is a beautiful Senior Sister around him, Jiahua’s key strategy goal is to win stars, so with him It is normal to meet here, and she is not a temperament who likes to look for so-called opportunities outside!

"Xiaoyi, you speak frankly for me, have you already taken the star picking down?" Jiahua glared at him, because she was as delicate as her, and she could feel the star picking in and out in recent days It’s a little bit different, and when I think of the fact that this dog once played for star picking, everything has an association.

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, "It's not me, it's us!"

Jiahua hummed: "Do you want to tie Zhou Xian to the war chariot of the fifth ring?"

Lou Xiaoyi sighed, "Senior Sister, it's not a war chariot tied with five rings, but everyone is tied together to form a new war chariot! War chariot has many parts, and the five rings are just one of the better ones. It’s just a component of war!

The essence of war is to win over most people and kill a few people! You have to be clear about yourself and make oneself out of gregariousness, and you will also lose oneself’s destiny. In the hands of others!

Coercion! As long as our group is big enough, it will be able to attract other forces to join! At first it will be difficult, but when the snow group is large enough, It will form a bright trend!

Don’t go to the bigger family, is it necessary to be like-minded? Where is that many like-minded? We just need to make sure that our interests are the same before the epoch. Now!"

Jiahua is a little helpless. In fact, among the many foreign forces in the anchor chain, Zhou Xian on the scale is only under natural selection, but on the roots and feet is the strong world of the main world. It stands to reason. Said that it should be most respected by the various forces and naturally formed the core, but after the anchor chain came, she realized how naive the idea of ​​oneself is. Zhou Xian is the most despised of the external forces here. Regardless of the size, the same situation is also reflected in the attitude towards natural selection.

If you want to take Zhou Xian as the core, it is just a dream after all! In fact, she had a hunch before she came, and so did white eyebrow and the others!

The main world universe is too big, it is difficult to have a real core! If there is must, in such troubled times, he must be the most aggressive!

Zhou Xian has no such temperament!

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