Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1666

Lou Xiaoyi found a place to hide in Star Realm. He also summarized and reflected on the harvest of these hundreds of years. This is what he has been insisting on since cultivate the dao.

The direction of the cultivation technique can be further broadened, instead of hanging from a tree on the Big Dipper star longitude! When he arrived at Primordial Spirit, his opponent's methods have reached a new height. In the future, he will face the challenge of various dao lineage Yang Spirit, myriad, which covers everything, so he is required to be on the way of cultivation. Only by contacting more, opening oneself's vision and enriching oneself's foundation can we respond to different changes at any time.

He is fortunate to have gathered the Five Greats and Chaos. How to make full use of this point and to embody this Dao Realm power in the sword technique is his top priority at this stage. .

In the cultivation world, few people use the Dao Realm power of Wutai to fight, because it is not sharp enough, because it is easy to learn but difficult to master! Because only when the five tais are gathered together can the formidable power of the entire basic force be exerted!

He is very fortunate that the Wutai and Chaos have learned a lot. Of course, oneself’s unique advantages must be brought into play, because the formation of the universe originated from the Wutai. Other Innate Grand Dao, that is to say, when he can use the power of the five masters, theoretically he can crack any Innate Grand Dao!

Because the foundation is here!

There is no existing sword technique to learn, even the Xuanyuan Sword sheath!

The cultivation base came to Primordial Spirit. The most substantial thing for him to improve his strength is his own vitality generation. No matter how the cultivation world defines this thing, his first task is to make oneself extremely refined. Only when magical power is transformed into vitality can there be a higher efficiency and a fiercer flying sword.

Vital energy is backward compatible and can do everything that magical power can do. If he had vitality when fighting Li Tike Khan, the battle would be much easier than it was then.

The number of paths taken by Henghe Realm is different from the mainstream of cosmic cultivation. It is more weird and more effective. But also because of this, Henghe Dao lineage does not have the same Taoist authentic cultivator when it reaches Yang Spirit. A defensive weapon-Qingyun!

This is his luck, and it is also Li Tikhan's misfortune!

Qingyun, five-color cloud, auspicious air, if smoke is not smoke, if cloud is not cloud, gloomy, dreary, also called Jingyun, Qingyun;

The sky Suspended by the sun, the six hungs stayed still and flew in smoke. The flying geese go out, Qingyun and Qingjing are turning around!

It's not something that Yang Spirit boundary should have, but a natural phenomenon that immortals only have when they appear on the stage. It is something that carries three flowers and five auras. It is Heavenly Dao's understanding of a cultivator in Taoism After reaching a certain high level of recognition, it is a great cultivator's own Taoism, Qiyun, and achievements.

It not only requires extremely high conditions in all aspects, but also a very long time to condense. This time will easily start in a thousand years. Therefore, the general Yang Spirit True Monarch has no time to condense such a trouble. The gadget, even if it has a miraculous effect, can limit the opponent's attack and aggression on the Law Level.

Yang Spirit condensing this thing is too far-fetched, all aspects of cognition have not yet gone through the decline of baptism, lack of precipitation, flaws, and thankless.

But these were problems more than ten thousand years ago, but with the development of the universe of cultivation, various Divine Art mysteries have a downward trend, especially after the collapse of Grand Dao. The rules are chaotic, and Heavenly Dao's opening is not only on the difficulty of the upper realm, but also on other aspects!

True mighty men, no one will bite off more than one can chew and engage in a bunch of weird defenses. They all know the importance of profoundness, so they are often in oneself. Excavate the most effective defense from what you are good at!

For example, Qingyun! It turns out that this thing is only half Immortal in the normal cultivation order to be qualified to dabble in. It can create half a piece of celebration to completely solve oneself's defense system, freeing up to do it in other ways!

Only waiting for the registration of Xianlu, can we truly condense the complete Qingyun! But now Heavenly Dao is chaotic. Although the rules are still only immortal can condense the real Qingyun, the threshold of half Qingyun has been released from Half Immortal to the Peak powerhouse in Yang Spirit, especially those with extraordinary backgrounds, can If you can't condense half a piece of Qingyun, it is to judge the key factor of a Yang Spirit.

So far, Lou Xiaoyi has not encountered Taoist Yang Spirit with half a piece of Qingyun. Before, it was ordinary Yang Spirit. After that, it was Henghe who did not walk with Qingyun and walked on Shendao, so I missed it perfectly!

But in the future, it is inevitable to encounter such a Yang Spirit, so it is necessary to arrange it in advance and plan ahead.

It’s not that oneself wants to congeal Qingyun, but when the fifth mother of Innate Grand Dao is mastered, it is equivalent to solving the foundation of congealing Qingyun. With such Innate conditions, I don’t know how to use it. Isn’t that stupid? ?

In Innate Grand Dao, it is not surprising that a single master can be mastered. The most terrible thing is to form a system!

For example, the Wutai plus Primal Chaos Body system is the basic system. The most direct appearance is the direct help to Qingyun's condensation.

The system of five virtues can maximize the beliefs of sentient beings. As long as human beings do not become extinct, they will always be inexhaustible and inexhaustible!

The Five National Games system can provide insights into up and down ten thousand years and crack all mysteries.

The space-time system composed of time and space, the reincarnation system composed of causal wheels, etc., the mastery of the system will have great power.

But in the previous Grand Dao collapse, there was no systematic collapse, but the collapse of one hammer from the east to the west, and the five tais were the first to form a system; they could be a system. It collapses, but the cultivator is impossible to learn systematically. This is the difference.

So his current level of Dao Realm mastery provides a solid foundation for condensing Qingyun, or deriving certain attack skills through the process of Qingyun condensing!

In this sense, the Primordial Spirit boundary is of great help to him, so big that if he completes the oneself plan, he can even match the Yang Spirit of the cream of the crop, neither Hidden!

The battle of the sword cultivator is always impossible to achieve a balance between offense and defense! There is neither such a concept nor such an ability. The organization of the sword cultivator at the defensive level is always embarrassing.

Sword cultivator always attack and use attack instead of defense. This is a concept, but it is impossible to apply everywhere. There are always situations that you can't expect, especially when the opponent knows that you are a sword. cultivator, but still willing to put it in the right situation with your empty space?

There must be some persistence, there must be routines!

The sword cultivator's vertical sword always makes people helpless, but why are others always helpless? If Lou Xiaoyi is the law practitioner, he will think of a thousand ways to restrict the sword cultivator's escape, no one is a fool!

Sword cultivator is on Nascent Soul, True Monarch, many death cases can be clearly found, they are greatly restricted in the battle environment, just like Lou Xiaoyi and Henghe Yang Spirit battle , He was actually dragged into the point where he could not escape.

This is the meaning of Qingyun!

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