Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1667

Lou Xiaoyi takes care of his own practice. As his capacity, he is not suitable for going out to have a relationship. Just give it to the seven envoys of the Five Rings. This is a long process. He likes quick sword cuts through tangled hemp, and then do it. What oneself likes to do, even if it is a good night's sleep, is better than thinking about it all day long.

Ka Wah does not always come, she is busy communicating with other Zhou Xian cultivators, of course, including the Five Rings. The prerequisite for establishing an alliance is to understand each other’s character, habits, style, aspirations... …Finally, it is difficult for them to make a final decision, and the approval of the top leaders of both sides is required.

The alliance of the realm is related to the future of thousands of cultivators and cannot be determined with a single shot. From this point of view, he has regarded oneself as a superior, although oneself has not yet felt it too much.

"Xiaoyi! What are you practicing? The top of your head is dusty, foggy, and smelly! Is this practicing raining? Or do you fart after eating too much?"


It was strange that Jiahua saw it by chance; she could see that Lou Xiaoyi was secretive if others came to visit.

Almost everyone who has stayed with Lou Xiaoyi for a long time will be more or less contaminated with the way he speaks, as if he is not feeling well if he is not sick!

Lou Xiaoyi was triumphant, "This is Qingyun, great, isn't it?"

Jiahua startedled, how did Qingyun know? It’s a rare thing that can only be cultivated by the top Yang Spirit. I heard that once trained, neither water nor fire can approach, gods and ghosts are not surprised, and they can form an effective defense against any kind of attack. It is a collection of high-end cultivator defenses. The Accomplishment person, only this one cloud, other defense methods are no longer needed, in Zhou Xian, in Free and Unfettered Roaming, she has only seen the white eyebrow Senior Brother practiced such a piece, heard from Senior Brother said that this is far from coming. Half a piece!

This guy is just Primordial Spirit, or a newcomer, can he practice this thing?

Under curiosity, I swung my bare hand lightly and brought a gust of breeze. It really didn’t work, but for 10% of the normal spell, I saw the breeze blowing by, and the thin clouds were like flocculents, which were blown away in an instant. without a trace!

Lou Xiaoyi could not stop him, and watched Qingyun, who looked at oneself, went with the breeze. He couldn't help but complain:

"The good Qingyun turned out to be just a passing scene! Senior Sister is really incomprehensible, too horrible!"

Jiahua covered her mouth and smiled, "Xiaoyi, you are Qingyun? I'm afraid it's not even rain cloud! Don't want it when you really fight. Use it, let people see it, and make a joke!"

Speaking of which, I was surprised, because her gust of wind is not an ordinary breeze, but a Taoist Sunda wind! Regardless of whether the formidable power is big or small, once it is used, it is basically impossible to disappear on its own. If it is a real rain cloud, after this sundae wind breaks the rain cloud, you have to blow out several thousands li again, but it is blowing away Lou. Xiaoyi The so-called Queen of Qingyun, the sundae of oneself also disappeared, and it disappeared cleanly. Even she, the spellcaster, can't feel how it disappeared?

"Xiaoyi, I heard that there are many kinds of Qingyun, there are vision Qingyun, Hefeng Qingyun, Hongzhi Qingyun, five-color Qingyun, Sanhua Qingyun, etc., white eyebrow Senior Brother Xiu It's Sanhua Qingyun, what kind of Qingyun are you?"

Lou Xiaoyi discouraged: "I am not Qingyun, it is smog!"

In fact, the so-called Qingyun It also has a lot to do with Dao Realm that the cultivator masters. For example, the vision Qingyun means nothing but the sky, showing people with the image, Xixianxuanguang, Jingxingqingyun.

Taoist things are covered by clouds and mountains, and he doesn’t bother to care about what kind of Qingyun oneself will produce. To think clearly, Dao Realm has too much control is also a trouble, it is not easy to choose, no one wants to give up, but knows that this is very inappropriate, can't put all Dao Realm together, and let the universe stew again?

Qingyun’s cohesion does not happen overnight. Even if he has a deep foundation in the Five Tais, he can touch Qingyun’s reality faster than others, but if he is to be able to help fight enough on this road, It still needs a long process, and I am afraid that it will not be able to help him in a short time.

Every time you go to the realm, it is the beginning of a new journey. Practice is so fascinating that you will never lose the pursuit of your goal, because when you climb a peak, you will definitely There is another peak beckoning to you!

"Have the Senior Sister heard of Yin and Yang Qingyun?"

Jiahua thought for a while, "The first time I heard that each Innate Grand Dao can condense Qingyun independently Huh? But I heard that only Golden Immortal who got the Innate Grand Dao are qualified to condense Innate Daqingyun. What is the background of your Yin and Yang Qingyun?"

Lou Xiaoyi bad said with a smile: "One Yin One Yang, Yunsheng 氤氲, one movement and one static, the Taoism is natural! If Senior Sister wants to learn, my younger brother can teach you..."

Jiahua finally understood it, it is Dual Cultivation. ! Can this also produce Qingyun? She won't try it, she just made it clear that this thing is all these messy things in her mind all day long,

snatched away, and quenched: "Go back and find the Senior Sister in your dome! Yan Yan? Yan Dai? Is there a chimney?"

Lou Xiaoyi secretly shook his head, Guang Yao, the servant, really thoroughly exposed his bottom!

...In the gate of the star-catching mountain, the broken silkworm sits alone in the quiet room. He has been in retreat for a period of time. He has handed over the matters of the mountain gate to other Yang Spirits. No monopoly.

There is Junior Brother spiritual consciousness propaganda, "Senior Brother, that little fellow exposed all of us in Dutian, which is really disgusting! How can we get along with Dutian in the future?"

Broken silkworm was indifferent, "Did you trouble us all day?"


"Then what are you worried about? After removing a piece of heart disease, it's OK. See Dutian frankly! In addition to losing some face, but getting the stability of the future, what else are you dissatisfied with?"

"He should explain to us in advance..."

"Get used to it! Sword cultivator does things and gets used to doing it. This is a problem passed down from their Old Ancestor! But if you carefully aftertaste it, you can see its profound meaning! In the future, if everyone really twists As a rope, the sooner you can be frank and frank like this, is it comfortable to wait until the alliance is revealed before being exposed by the caring person?"

Junior Brother retired from the education, and Brocan laughed bitterly. This little fellow, doing things is really not one drop of water can leak out! The thief is slippery! But this kind of character is not annoying, because joining hands with such a person means that you won't suffer too much!

At the beginning, that heaven-shaking, earth-shattering character was also like this, how can there be a trace of formality?

But trustworthy! Worth following! This is the most important!

The universe is changing. What is needed is a formidable person, not a tragic hero!

He knows this very well!

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