Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1668

Cihang Pudu, in an ordinary water pavilion, several Cihang Yang Spirits are silent to each other!

This is a belated collegiality. The great cultivator gradually returned a few years later because of the search for fragments.

After tens of thousands of years of turning over, Cihang moved from the tail of the anchor to the position of the anchor claw. This was a great thing, but the Cihang Yang Spirit present could not see any joy in the eyes. It seemed like an ordinary change.

It's not that Cihang people are calm, but in the cultivation world, more than three hundred years is far from enough! There are ten years of trees in the mortal world, which is said to be a hundred years of trees, but in the field of cultivation, the age limit must be increased to at least a thousand years, and the anchor claws or anchor arms will not fall in the thousand years, so that the backup talents of Cihang can show up. Blowout phenomenon.

This is an accident. When they get back on track next time, I'm afraid it will be the day they return to the anchor tail! More than three hundred years, barely able to cultivate more Golden Core, even Nascent Soul feels that there is not enough time, let alone True Monarch?

True Monarch, whose anchor chain was sequenced up this time, 90% of them will be in the next sequence. Then there will be no collective collapse of the Grand Dao fragments. What can be used to cause accidents? Of course, you don’t have to think about where you came from and where you are going back. It is inevitable!

So, they are not really happy either. This is not the true performance of Cihang Purdue. It is a short-lived one.

One of Yang Spirit blamed himself: "I brought Henghe to introduce to you! I have been communicating with you during this period, so I can't blame it for everything that happened! A battle, most of which is destroyed, has become a joke in the world of anchor chain!"

There is Yang Spirit Senior Brother comforted and said: "Why the Junior Brother blames himself? It was just an accident! And to Henghe World I have been in touch with me, and I am so heartbroken! This is a joint decision of everyone, you don’t need to bear it oneself! This is not something that one person can bear!

Henghe’s new defeat, I will immediately abandon my friends. , Will this provoke the attention of other forces in the realm? Think that my Cihang is a short-sighted force who only looks at immediate benefits?"

Everyone agrees, and this is also in the cultivation world. It is generally recognized that although we still have to choose a stronger force to form an alliance in the end, this is a test of tactics. We need to be stubborn. If we are eager, we will be easily scumbed. If we are seen as unable to rely on, we are very passive. .

So under normal circumstances, even if you feel regretful, you will stick to it for a while, and then find another reason to escape the limelight. This is the safe way for the practice forces.

The self-blaming Yang Spirit sighed: "I have been close to Henghe Senior Brother Li, so the purpose of his anchor chain has been kept secret, but now everything has changed. Don’t say, I hope that Senior Brothers will be mentally prepared."

Zhong Cihang Yang Spirit started to get serious. Everyone has a oneself circle, oneself secret, especially Yang Spirit like them, of course. To be eligible to have oneself's Yin-Self, you don't need to report everything to the teacher's door, but if a Yang Spirit oneself speaks out on the initiative, it must be that he thinks it is likely to affect the teacher's door, and it is not a trivial matter.

Yang Spirit sighed: "Senior Brother Li's anchor chain here is not exactly what he said. The purpose!

The purpose is to have a five-ring Xuanyuan Sword cultivator, the Yinshen cultivation base. When passing through Henghe, he had some conflicts with the Henghe cultivator, and scattered the seven of Henghe. , Eight True Monarchs, including one Yang Spirit!"

Everyone listened to them, this kind of thing is what a sword cultivator can do! Yin Shen Zhan Yang Spirit, this is going against the sky!

"Senior Brother Li judged that this sword cultivator would pass through the anchor chain, because the void could not be found, so he came early and waited for the anchor chain to wait for the rabbit. This has been waiting for nearly a hundred years!

Just on the miniature star chart sequencing, I finally found his trace!"

Cihang Yang Spirit responded, "You mean, he is hiding in the star-catching sequencing team Where? Then the person who destroys the group is the hand of the sword cultivator?"

"That's it! Senior Brother Li, judging by this, probably couldn't be wrong! After the sequence was over, he chased it out! I don’t want to trouble sect, so I take the initiative to avoid it and go to the distance to touch the fragments. Luck!"

Leading Yang Spirit sucked in a breath of cold air, "Junior Brother, have you ever asked the Xuanyuan Sword to repair The roots and feet of Yang Spirit?"

Yang Spirit shook his head, "I'm not stupid. Ask what those do? It doesn't make sense to provoke me! But do not ask, come from Zhou Xian's direction, Yin Shen, I can also cut the Henghe Yang Spirit Festival. Who is this? I know in my heart. Several Senior Brothers listen to me, and I am afraid I can guess the bits and pieces......"

Headed by Senior Brother changed his color and said, "What do you mean, Henghe Senior Brother Li killed the Xuanyuan Sword? So in order to prevent Xuanyuan from coming to retaliate and harm the pond fish, I have to draw a line with Henghe and get rid of the involvement?

This, this is really...you have to say that, I think we have to make a clear settlement with the Henghe people as soon as possible. Those sword lunatics are unreasonable, and how can they be used to retaliate?"

Yang Spirit was very confused, "Senior Brother, I didn't say that Senior Brother Li trimmed the Xuanyuan Sword!"

The leader of the Senior Brother put out a long breath and said impatiently: "I just hesitate to say something, and I don't understand it for a long time. What happened, is it worth making a fuss about nothing like this?"

Yang Spirit this time finally finished speaking, "I didn't see it with my own eyes, but because I am familiar with Senior Brother Li, and for his safety in the anchor chain, I told him that a source of information was left in his body, mainly We are the first to respond to Cihang, afraid of what he will do!

But when I was looking for the debris in the void, I suddenly found that the source of information had disappeared and lost my reaction! I was also afraid that he would do a major event oneself and ran away, leaving our Cihang here to top the tank, so I rushed to the place where the source of the information disappeared, and when I arrived at the place where the incident occurred, I carefully screened it. As a result, it turned out to be Senior. Brother Li, he was beheaded oneself!

That’s why I rushed back right away. Today, I invite you Senior Brothers to come here and see what charter you can bring out. "

I cut another Yang Spirit! Cihang people are a little confused, and combined with this person’s previous legendary record, it seems that this person’s cutting Yang Spirit is no longer a matter of luck, nor is it profiting from somebody's The reason for misfortune is that it has this ability!

The problem seems to be complicated! So is it still disconnected from Henghe Realm? Or is it clear the line? Or pretend not to know and pretend to be stupid. Frozen? This is a test of the group wisdom of a force!

The five-ring Xuanyuan Sword is really terrifying! The key is that he is obviously still hooked with the most powerful anchor chain. At the same time, this seems to set the main tone for the overall direction of the anchor chain in the future! If they still cling to Henghe's thighs, they will not have a better life in the future!

Leave Henghe aside? Henghe people? Will you not come to retaliate?

It is really a dilemma!

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