Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1669

Lou Xiaoyi's happy time did not last long.

There is a mission of Tianmu, which is concise and clear: Splendid heaven and earth, eliminate demons protect the dao!

There are other specific contacts, and there is no need to make a detailed list.

The boots finally landed, but Lou Xiaoyi's mood is not calm. For more than a thousand years of practice, he has a deep understanding of this practice world, and he knows the way of survival in the cultivation world is more humane. , Zhiwei, can realize something from this task.

I’m not a stunned person who doesn’t know anything for a long time. I don’t think that everything is fine when oneself has done nothing wrong. It does its own way. This is not mature.

How can you be alone in a chaotic situation?

No matter what he did not do anything wrong, since he joined Tianmu, he has killed two Tianmu colleagues and replaced him in charge of Tianmu, and he will definitely teach such mischievous people a lesson! This has nothing to do with what you did wrong, because if the incident itself is not dealt with, it will have an impact on a system!

For the normal operation of the system and personal gains and losses, the superior must, and can only focus on the former!

Therefore, the appearance of this mission was strange, and it did not express the dissatisfaction of the high-level Tianmu towards him, as if it was just an ordinary mission!

The more you do this, the more you need to be cautious! Need to guard against any traps in this one!

This is a trouble that can only be solved by him alone, and the background behind him can't help him, let alone drag his friends into the water!

Splendid heaven and earth, thirty years away from the anchor chain, is actually the source of the puppet. This is another reason for his suspicion. He deliberately went here to see the back of the puppet. The mysterious sword vein dao lineage, but it is not specifically placed on the itinerary. Now someone will pass a pillow as soon as I fall asleep. Is the timing too coincidental?

Quietly out of bounds, without saying hello to anyone, this is the advantage of not joining the mission, coming and going freely.

Follow the star map, fix the direction, and go away.

At the same time, there is news from the world, directly on a meteorite outside the sky, here, there are dozens of cultivators gathered here, all of which are True Monarch cultivation bases, and no one is weak!

Dassami received the message with a serious expression, and mobilized: "Everyone, this dog is out of bounds and the direction has been set. It is when I am waiting to settle my grievances. I will say it again. This person is extremely powerful. Strong, can’t be matched alone. Three squads are required to intercept them and keep in touch with each other at any time!"

If there is a cultivator, I’m a little worried, "Will the anchor chain cultivator intervene? After all, do this? It may affect the order of the envoys of all parties!"

Dassami snorted coldly, "He is not a member of the mission. He came with a mask. Do you need to treat him like an envoy?"


The cultivator here basically comes from two aspects, one is Henghe people, and the other is the wandering cultivator that the main world Buddhism found to support the three holes. They all ate the masked Ketian Gou in the miniature picture. It is no longer a day or two for the forces that have suffered great losses to gather here, and what they are waiting for is the opportunity for their people to get out of the atmosphere.

seeking revenge for the slightest grievance is not just the character of the sword cultivator, the same is true of the Henghe people, and the individual rogue cultivators are not the characters who can endure a loss. Wandering the universe created them. Wild temperament, the characteristic of revenge is their characteristic, so they won't care about who you are and what is the background!

Dozens of people are divided into dozens of squads, forming a giant net, and going in the direction of this person! Void Hunting, officially started!

……We are picking up Star Realm Foreign Domain. Such a movement can’t hide from the landlord. A star picking cultivator has long passed the anomaly outside of the sky back to the mountain gate. He was on duty in front of the river and rushed into the building. The Silent Room where the Senior Brother Ding Si is located, outside the quiet room, knocks on the gods to ask each other.

"Demons and monsters, sneaky in the air, they are not strange, they are self-defeating. Haqian has any opinions on this?" Po Silken remained silent.

Heqian cautiously, "Obviously, these sneaky powers are directed at Lou Senior Brother! Want to do the hunting move!

Lou Senior Brother is so powerful, if only There is no need to worry about a few people, but these dozens of cultivators come in groups...

In my chain industry, is such behavior permitted? Will it be a bad idea? The precedent for me? My star-winning relationship with the Five Rings is tentatively set. Now that it’s tight, it’s not good to feign ignorance, so let’s stand by?"

Broken silkworm asked, "What do you think, what should we do?" "

Heqian clenched the teeth, "Launch the star power measurement and sway in one go! Or to make some people behave! The anchor chain has been too tolerant to them in recent years. Among these foreign forces Some of you can't tell good from bad!"

Brocan shook his head, "Too rough! And why do you think that Lou Fellow Daoist oneself can't deal with these demons?"

Looking at Heqian, I still don’t understand it, so I just said it more thoroughly.

"The existence of these people has long been in Lou Fellow Daoist’s attention. It’s just because of the distance. It’s not easy to start that’s all because he’s too close to the stars, and he didn’t show his true intentions! Like this time he went out to the universe, he just took these people out, hehe, the universe is vast, boundless, and a powerful sword cultivator Playing hide-and-seek in the sky, I'm afraid they have the guts to go, but they have no life to return!"

He Qianian laughed, "Senior Brother has quite a lot of confidence in him..."

Broken Cannibal was afraid that he would act privately, so he stopped hiding from him, "Henghe came to a Yang Spirit and hid it in Cihang. You know this!

Just after the sequence is over, this Minghenghe Yang Spirit wanted to take advantage of the chaos, but ended up taking oneself into it... Why bother?

With such an ability, and promoted to Primordial Spirit, what do you worry about him? Now what you worry about is As for us Yang Spirit Old Guy, maybe that matter has been against him, and his life will not be guaranteed!"

He Qian didn't know about it yet, so he was a little confused when he heard it. Pocan said:

"You have a good personal relationship with this person, sect is very willing to make friends with such capabilities, so I don’t blame you for your worries! But you have to go out to help, you are now Your strength can only be a cumbersome!

Heqian, you should focus more on the practice of oneself. Friends belong to friends. If you can’t keep up with others, the gap will widen. I don't know what other people think. Don't you feel ashamed and uncomfortable oneself?"

Leaving Heqian, the quiet room is calm again! But the heart of Broken Silkworm is not like the serene on the surface.

He had a communication with Lou Xiaoyi on what to do with the group of people from Tianwai, but the plan was not like this. I should let them go for a while to see how many more people join in?

But Lou Xiaoyi's departure this time had no signs, it was very sudden! Did not say hello or anything. This makes Pocancer feel a little dissatisfied. Youngster is like this. With a little achievement, he doesn't put the senior in his eyes. He always thinks that everything can be solved by what he has learned!

Sword cultivator is like this, pride is their biggest weakness!

Looking at a certain direction in the sky, he is also very curious. Where did he go to make trouble?

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