Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1670

Splendid heaven and earth, heaven and earth Splendid!

This is a realm of mortals, a realm of mortals! The Mortal World domain of incomparable gigantic is not as big as the natural selection continent, but it is far above the five rings!

The so-called real Mortal World domain refers to the place where Immemorial cannot be practiced in ancient times. Not like many mortal worlds are just products of cultivation stars that have not fallen behind!

From here, from the root, there is no possibility of a brainstorm. There was no in the past, no now, and there will be no future!

So, everything in the mundane world takes its place here. People have no idea of ​​cultivation from the root of their thoughts, and even scholar’s ​​verbal criticism of gods and monsters is destined to be a cultivation. Desert.

Still beautiful, because the Creator did not abandon the creatures here!

Without the world of cultivation and practitioners, this is the world of mortal Sovereign! The historical changes are much more colorful than the world influenced by cultivator!

There are countless big countries here, and the culture has become even more brilliant without cultivation! Because the best talents in Cultivation World have flocked to practice, and here, there are countless handsome people from all walks of life, and time flows, composing scrolls of magnificent historical pictures.

Here, there are still monks, monasteries and Taoist temples, but it is different from the cultivation realm. This is the place of religious-religious beliefs of ordinary persons, and the cultivators are also a group of ordinary people. The so-called monks who eat and wait to die, except for incompetence and lack of skills, they are actually a group of mortal gods.

Among countless large and small countries, there is a Yan Zhao State with a long history and an inheritance of more than a thousand years; this Cultivation World is nothing at all, but for the mortal world without extraordinary power, it is a It is a miracle in itself that the imperial power can go through dozens of generations for thousands of years without decay!

Yan Zhao State is not weak in strength. It belongs to a first-class country on the beautiful land. The country neither respects the Buddha nor believes in it. It believes in the Confucian principle that a gentleman should be self-improving. In its country, there are few Buddhist temples and sparse Taoist temples, but there is one place that is also broken and barely supported.

If an existence like them does not have the support of faith, the foundation of the masses, and the support of the imperial power, how to survive is a problem, let alone other things.

In the north of Yan Zhao State, there is a vast grassland called Dafengyuan. The ethnic groups are mixed, the good and the bad are uneven. Since ancient times, Yanzhao’s place of exile has become a free zone where people don’t care. Because of the border with neighboring countries, there are constant foreign troubles; and because the government’s control ability is insufficient, Ma The thieves are rampant; the local tyrants are fighting for self-protection and fighting fiercely. It is not something ordinary people can insist on to survive here.

Almost every herdsman living here is a capable rider Sabrewielder; every village and tribe has a oneself armed force; in this case, the initial stage was established in Yan Zhao State. This is not the case. The Yanzhao cavalry swept across the country, making people become terror-stricken at the news, but this is no longer the glorious day after the establishment of Yanzhao two thousand years, and it has become what it is now.

No one cares about them, the great characters are busy fighting each other, foreign forces glare like a tiger watching his prey, those who want to change the dynasty, want to bite a piece of fat on Yanzhao, want to stand on their own ......Who would pay attention to this place is not peaceful, all influence tangled and complicated, the folk customs are fierce, but there is not much oil and water!

In the ordinary world, at the end of the dynasty, a similar situation will appear, from stability to chaos, and when chaos reaches the extreme, everything will be broken and everything will be broken again from the beginning, again and again, infinite reincarnation; you live with good life In a stable period, if one's life is not good, one can only rely on oneself to struggle, and no one can blame it.

Xiaguancun is one of the countless small tribes living in the Dafeng Plain. The scale of hundreds of people, the ancestors and ancestors grazing within a hundred li for generations, can deal with small horse thieves and robbers. , If it is a large-scale horse bandit fighting in the autumn, or a neighbouring country’s wandering offense, what awaits them is disaster.

It’s like now, when the fall is high and the sheep are fattening, several big horse bandits unite to raid the small tribes in the nearby grassland, prepare for oneself to survive the harsh winter of the grassland, and accumulate supplies; horse bandits Autumn hunting is also looking for a target, and will not bite a few fixed targets. After a robbery, these places will be allowed to rest for several years and ten years, and then come back again, Xiaguancun and the surrounding areas. The little tribe was unlucky, and this time was taken as a target. After being robbed nine years ago, disaster came again.

Of course, they are not fools. They will not wait so dumbfounded after being robbed. Over the years, there have been many countermeasures; such as joint insurance for several villages, such as relying on the nearest Dazhai forces. The annual supply and demand are protected to a certain extent.

But the weather is unpredictable, and people have misfortunes and good fortunes. The attached Vajra Zhai strengthened great injury in a fight with another local tyrant in the first year. Very difficult to deal with weakened strength, a bit Mud Bodhisattva crossed the river. As a result, this time a large horse bandit took shape. For the safety of oneself’s stockade, he became a coward and couldn’t get out of it. He didn’t even dare to provide shelter for a few small tribes for fear of attracting horse bandits. After all, in the eyes of the horse bandits, if one can break through a stockade, it would be much fatter than sweeping a few small tribes!

The decision of Vajra Village is very wise, because the horse bandits did not do their best in sweeping a few small tribes. The purpose is to attract the Vajra Village people to appear, and thus let a few small tribes appear. The tribe produced the illusion that the horse bandits could still fight; the result was that the fight was futile. After a certain amount of casualties were caused by the horse bandits, the horse bandits who saw the death of the Vajra village began to retaliate cruelly, which was the beginning of their tragedy.

The horse bandits are cruel and ruthless, but no matter how ruthless they are, they know that they are impossible to kill all these indigenous people. They have all been killed and become no-man’s land. Who will herd horses and sheep for them?

So generally, set a few examples to kill things, as long as you don't resist too fiercely!

But the big plan at this time was in vain because the tortoise of Vajra village could not shrink, and the mood was very uneasy. In addition, a few small tribes were extremely tenacious who did not see clearly the situation and resisted, and the loss of manpower was far. Surprisingly, he became murderous and decided to slaughter a village here and set a rule, just to shock the small tribes who dared to resist!

Xiaoguancun is regarded as a typical example, because their shepherd is the bravest, resistance is also the most fierce, the key is to kill a son of a horse bandit leader, even if this son is just The most ineffective among the several sons of the horse bandit leader, but still the reason for being slaughtered!

For the horse thief, as far as the horse thief is concerned, it is necessary to maintain a high-pressure and terror against these ordinary herders, let them know the consequences of daring to resist, and know what price it will pay to kill a horse thief!

This is the position! Otherwise, with the strength of the strong wind, if every robbery is so time-consuming and laborious, I am afraid that sooner or later the large horse bandits will only become a small horse team, and will eventually be swallowed by others in the cruel grassland competition.

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