Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1671

There are hundreds of people in Xiaguan Village, old people, children, women and men. There is no one who can't ride horses or fight. Of course, those who really possess battle strength are those men who are less than two hundred!

Most of them are dead now, and the remaining villagers are fleeing, losing their homes, pastures, cattle and sheep. I don’t know what will be waiting for them in the future!

The most important thing is that the horse bandits did not intend to let them go. A team of five hundred horses is following them, chasing after them!

Shi Bao rode a horse while galloping, and still cares about maintaining behind two women as much as possible, one is his younger sister Uya, and the other is the iris he secretly loves, both of whom are famous on the grassland. Beauty, you can imagine what will happen if you are caught by horse bandits.

He is eighteen years old this year. In Dafengyuan, he is already a worthy soldier at such an age and a pillar of his family, and he does it!

My parents have already died in battle, and he is the only pillar of this family. A situation like him is not uncommon in Xiaguancun. Every catastrophe is an elimination, eliminating the old, the weak, the sick, and leaving the most The power of the elite!

In Dafengyuan, there is no such thing as elite youth fighting to death for the elderly. They will do it, but they will limit such behavior to a certain extent. Otherwise, if they follow the popular etiquette of continent From the point of view, it is basically impossible to have surviving tribes on the grasslands.

survival of the fittest, the performance here is particularly cruel, there is no warmth to talk about, because warmth will bring disaster to the tribe!

In the Mercedes-Benz, there are dozens of elderly people slowly strangling the horses. The horse bandits got too close and needed to stop them. Such tasks can only be done by the elderly. Come bear it, and pin your hopes on the youngster!

In this way, they persisted for several days under the chase of the horse bandits, until the tribe left behind to block the enemy became younger and younger, and the 60-year-old was only 50. Years old, then the prime of forty, and so on!

Eyes looks at the elders of more than a dozen tribes, riding horses and swinging knives to charge backwards, making Shi Bao's heart cut like a knife. These all are his relatives, they are all uncles who have followed since childhood. Now he can only look at them towards death!

He can't look back, this is a strict order in the clan! It is something that has been followed for hundreds of thousands of years. It is precisely because of such cruelty that this one of them has survived the countless turbulence of Dafengyuan, which is the principle of survival!

Then he felt that the direction in which the tribe flees began to change, from all the way to the north, to the northwest!

This is something that can only be decided by the chief of the tribe. A hundred miles to the north will be Yan Zhao State, a small border town of Stone Town. They have a chance to hide in. It depends on the mood of the general guarding the city. Under circumstances, these so-called barbaric aliens are not allowed to enter the customs easily, but when there are horse bandits in the future, they will also have a chance.

But running northwest, where is this going? And there is a mountain blocking it, how can they give play to their ability to be good at riding?

Hurry up the war horse a few steps, catch up with the two women in front, shouting loudly: "patriarch, where are you going to take everyone? There are several dozen li in front of the mountain range blocking, this is fainted. Head, do you want to go to Miao Gaofeng to farm?"

Iris's clear voice, "It's about going to Miao Gaofeng! Patriarch said, Stone City can't go, we have lost all our belongings. It’s almost done, and the horse thief is chasing too tightly. The rubbish soldiers in Stone Town dare not open the door and let go!"

Shi Bao is very puzzled. Even if he doesn’t go to Stone Town, there are many directions. Why? Must go hit the mountain?

People in the grassland have lived on horseback since they were young. They will not even live without horses! Of course it is impossible and willing to go climbing! They would rather run to death on horseback than climb up the mountain to escape! Moreover, the peaks on the grassland are just a few mountain packs to the inland, and they are not high mountains, let alone hidden!

I heard that in several valleys in Miaofeng Mountain, people from inland exiles are farming there. This is not what the prairie guys like them are willing to do. Their bodies can use horseback riding knives and shooting arrows, but they can't hold hoes!

Iris actually doesn’t quite understand it,” said patriarch. Miao Gaofeng is a forbidden land in the legend. Killing is forbidden, and there are mountain gods in it! We can’t go to Vajra Village, and we can’t run to Stone Town. I can only go to Miao Gaofeng to gamble on luck!"

Shi Bao was dissatisfied; "patriarch is crazy! He actually took the legend as truth, he will kill us all!"

In Dafengyuan, and even in Yan Zhao State, there are still a few more countries in the past. In fact, there are legends about the wonderful peaks. In such a world that does not believe in Ghost God, it is also a very rare thing.

There is a Taoist temple on Miaofeng Peak, and Shibao has also been there. The dilapidated houses are a bit elevated by the description of Taoism!

There are a few weak Taoists who are hungry and full, with dishes on their faces!

The people on the grassland herding cattle and sheep, they tend to raise pigs! It’s just because it’s easier to raise pigs, so you don’t have to go out to pasture! But that thing is so dirty that it can be eaten?

Then there is a vegetable garden...

But such a Taoist temple has existed for how long? It seems that in the historical records of the grassland, no matter how long the history, there is this Taoist temple!

It seems to be longer than Yan Zhao State! The dynasty before Yan Zhao State is also a long time ago! Longer than the legends in the grassland! It is so long that all historical records seem to mention this shameful Taoist temple, even the Taoist temple without a name!

continent The war continues! This is not a place outside the world, but the war is burning more frequently! That Taoist temple seems to have been burned countless times, destroyed countless times, but after each time it was destroyed, it was always built tenaciously, even if it was built more and more rounded, more and more sloppy-work!

Weird Taoism, weird persistence, and I don’t know how those half-dead Taoists inherited from generation to generation in the long river of history?

Sick and crooked, but always stand up and not fall! So I don’t know where or when there is such a legend that Miaofeng Mountain is protected by a mountain god, and so on like nonsense!

Everyone knows that there is no god in this world! No one puts the hope of survival on such an illusory legend, which is irresponsible to life!

Now their patriarch, the wisest person in the clan, puts the hope of survival of the clan on Miaofeng Mountain, which makes many youngsters like Shibao disagree!

They would rather die on horseback than go climbing! speak frankly, people who are used to carrying horses are not suitable for mountain climbing!

There is no way, everyone is running in that direction, is it impossible to split up like this?

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