Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1673

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The team in Xiaguancun is still running, and the number has dropped to less than two hundred. For them, this is the speed of life and death!

A Knight showed signs of falling behind. Iris stepped forward to help, but Shi Bao who looked at the back caught fire!

This man who can't even understand riding a horse is an outsider. He is from the inland. He claims to be studying abroad. He is attracted by the scenery of the prairie. He is a nerd who reads inland and makes his mind foolish!

People like this are not uncommon in the grasslands. Most of them are the travel behaviors of those pampering scholars in the inland, but this young scholar named Munan is not the same, so he stopped in Xiaguan Village. Later, I spread knowledge to the children of the tribe, and they are very popular and respected by the villagers. I have been here for several months, but didn't expect such a disaster.

Shi Bao is not pleasing to his eyes. It’s not because of anything else, but because many young people in the tribe like to get together and listen to this tragic outside story, including oneself’s sweetheart, Iris, and give it back This poor food and drink!

If you can’t ride a horse or dance a sword, you don’t deserve to stand in this world! This is the concept of a prairie man!

Although they are disgusted in their hearts, the people on the prairie have a clear sense of right and wrong, but they don’t really do anything. They are also guests after all!

Riding a horse to squeeze over, grabbing the poor horse bridle, "I'll help him! You guys go!"

Iris Yiyan let go, talk about riding, next In the younger generation of Guancun, there is really no one like Shi Bao. He led a much stronger one than oneself. Only Wu Ya giggled at the side. As a sister, how could she not know the real intention of the big brother?

Sure enough, with the help of Shibao, the horses have become much more coordinated. This is an essential skill for an excellent embroidery shepherd!

Shi Bao said with a cold face, "Hey, you must have the most basic survivability while teaching people the truth? You can't always drag others down?"

Mu Nanhehe laughed , "No conflict, no conflict! Practical experience is very important, and theoretical knowledge is also very important! Thank you, this horse is a bit disobedient!" Of course he can ride a horse, but if he is desperate like now Fleeing, a long time is a series of problems! He still can't master how to maximize the coordination of horsepower in high-speed Mercedes, which requires long-term exercise.

"Can you throw away those books? You have to understand that the horse runs for a long time, even a few more pounds will affect its physical strength! Don’t be like a miser, miss us Did you throw away the most valuable possessions?"

Munan shook his head resolutely, "no! Books are more important than money! What you don’t understand...I won’t drag you down, I’m really left behind. Just get off the horse and show your identity. They see me as a scholar, and they may not think of me!"

Shi Baochi said, "Of course! Do you think there is still a teacher among the horse bandits missing? I am? It’s silly to see that you’re a biographical novel! If the horses are running, who will notice if you are a Shimoni? They won’t cut you off, they will trample you to death!"

Munan Shaking his head like a rattle, "I don’t know if there is no shortage of teachers, but maybe someone who can write home books? Shi Bao, don’t look down on books, it makes sense, and there are so many horse bandits, their lair. Surely there is also a lack of talents who can read and hyphenate?"

Shi Bao was annoyed and ignored him, just clinging to the horse and chewing, rhythmically, letting the horse run better. Relax, horses are good horses, but people are too bad to control their horsepower!

Yihua smiled next to him, "Mr. I think too much, there is no shortage of literate talents in the horse bandit group, the accountant, the steward, the bookkeeper, everything, but you are not missing!"

Mu Nan came to be interested, "Run to the Miao Peak? I know this place, don’t look at unremarkable, but it’s famous in Yanzhao! It’s even spread in dozens of countries in the vicinity! I’ve long wanted to see it. True or false, it’s just right this time. I can give it my wish. I support patriarch’s decision!"

Shi Bao really couldn’t help it, "You support it! Then someone will cut it with a saber. Don’t you want us to be on top? We are all dying people. What are you still thinking about traveling? I think you are just..."

Munan shook his head, "No! Shibao Brother, don’t you Look at the appearance of my weak scholar, that is also capable of fencing! People waiting for leisure can not get close! The gentleman's six justices, fencing and horse riding are among them, um, although horse riding is not comparable to you, that is another matter...Will you row oars? "

Uya's voice is crisp, "Sir! Your fencing technique may be able to deal with inland rogue gangsters, but we are chasing us with outlaws licking blood! Long sword is long and thin, Not good at hacking, killing with one blow, the real fight is not the same as you think! Wrong horse Shuangfeng, sir, those good-looking postures are not suitable for you!"

Students travel outside, of course they can recite Sword, one is self-protection, more chic! One horse and one sword can have the taste of wandering around the world. When Munan was in Xiaguancun, he often danced swords in the morning and evening to entertain himself. The looks at are really good-looking, but in the eyes of these prairie children, they are beautiful, silver-like spearheads! I usually don’t talk about breaking things, anyway, I want to save some face for my husband. If you still think about the real thing like this, I’m afraid that it will be split into two pieces when you fight it. What is the use of learning in this troubled world? ?

Munan doesn’t argue with them on these details. He is very clear that oneself’s advantage lies in its extensive knowledge, such as this Miaofeng Mountain. Those countless legends are difficult in small tribes like Xiaguan. Inheritance, this is the power of words. Although he has never been here in the future, he knows the magic of this peak too much!

"The three wonders of the Miaofeng! The one is that the inheritance will never end. No matter how fierce the fire or water is, the Taoist temple on this peak will always be broken and stand!"

Shi Bao was disdainful, but he had personally seen it, "Isn’t it just a few broken houses? It’s not uncommon to ruin under construction. There are always prisoners who fled inland. What is the difficulty of building a few broken houses? According to what you said, the sheep pen in Xiaguan Village has a history of hundreds of years. Is it also a legend?"

Continuing the popularization of oneself’s knowledge,

"Miaofeng Qi II, whether it is war or gangsters, or robbers and bandits, I have never heard of a Taoist being killed by gangsters in Taoism! It is recorded that there are Taoist priests here who have survived a hundred years of age and are still very energetic!" Shi Bao continued to retort, "Of course they can't die, they are often hungry! If there is a crime, find a cave. When the cat gets up, who are the prairie people patiently drilling the mouse hole to find them?

The last time I went to Miaofeng Mountain, the Taoists stared at my flock in a daze. I don’t know the smell of meat for a few months! I gave them two, thank you for something, I have to keep me reading, writing and practicing sword in Guanli, saying that only after reading can I have a good life!

I’m pooh! Are you someone who can’t even eat meat?

By the way, they are just like you, just like you with a broken sword, just like dancing! I don’t even know that the sword is broken. I can’t bear to find a blacksmith to get back to the stove after I’ve gotten into it!

It’s just right that you went there, you can dance with them, you don’t want to be a scholar, just be a Taoist, and it’s worth getting acquainted with each other. Come on, I might drive you a few sheep over during the holidays!"

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