Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1675

Seeing that everyone is hesitating, this is what the question should be. The pony bandits may not matter, but they are so brainy. If they know they are dead, who is willing to covet this? Feng Shui?

The five masters are the Zhiduo star among them, so they made a suggestion, "We don’t occupy the wonderful peaks, nor kill the wonderful experts. We just go in for a fight, and then we quit, wanting to come to those evil sects. Why don’t things go to our body? Explain to the brothers. After entering, you should be restrained. Don’t go too far. It is killing and arson."

The other leaders agreed, and all chased them. When you get here, can't you just give up like this? If this example is not set, wouldn't anyone on the grassland be able to break their wrists with them in the future, other signs?

So everyone agreed that several groups of people went into the valley one by one, and the first ones were the five masters of suggestions!

There are five hundred horse bandits, all of whom are good players in the year. There is no accident in this kind of battle; the leaders of the horse bandits are more worried about how to consolidate the song after entering.

Five masters take the lead, this is a necessary quality to do this business, especially when he wants to climb further, of course, he must fully demonstrate oneself's martial arts!

Fine steed neighs, one arm is folded, a shield covers the body, the five masters have taken out oneself's overall ability, to be reasonable, his military force value is still quite high among the bandits. Coupled with the self-righteous intellect, it is not too difficult to deal with these young boys and girls who are smell of mother's milk not yet dried!

He will start to charge, and then control the speed to let the brothers overtake him halfway through the stroke. Even if he wants to show his bravery, he can't really charge ahead! They are all routines, swords and spears have no eyes...

But there is something wrong with his wisdom this time. Before he can fully demonstrate oneself's brave style, he is still in a predecessor state. Misfortune came from heaven!

The danger is not in the front of his most attention, nor is it in the side that he is observing from the sidelight, but from the sky!

Amidst the exclamation of everyone behind him, his vigilance can only be placed in the front, but he didn't expect a group of dark shadows falling from the sky, just hitting his head. Unpaid, before the full ambition had time to show off, and the whole body's ambitions had not been displayed, the neck bone that was hit by this hit was broken, and the soul returned to heaven!

Heavy objects fall in the sky and people are galloping again. What's so good about this relative speed?

The impact of the horse bandits has not yet taken off. They were surprised by this sudden change, and they stopped their horses to stop, wanting to see exactly what was falling from the sky?

The thing hit the Five Masters sturdily, rolled on the ground a few times, and unexpectedly, oneself stood up!

"Hi, you immortal! I almost fell to death!"

That is really a person, a Taoist covered in dirt, battered and tumbling on the ground. exhausted, but watching him stretch his arms and legs, he didn't fall into any serious problems?

Whether it is a horse bandit or a Shimonoseki, they all involuntarily looked up and wanted to know where he jumped down from? Although the peak is not high, it can jump out and fall to the mouth of the valley. This jumping ability is simply against the sky!

Munan was surprised, "Is this a mountain god? Send a Taoist to save us from the water and fire?"

Shi Bao was also dumbfounded, "How did this fall? Is it possible? Was it thrown out by someone using a catapult?"

Both sides were surprised by this accident and turned the cart before the horse. The battle was put aside first, trying to figure out where this person fell from? And it doesn’t look like it hurts?

Because of the big meat pad of the five masters?

Lou Xiaoyi stood up and patted around on his body to determine if there are any missing parts, or where the function is broken? For a Primordial Spirit like him, this was a change of mind, but now he is no longer a cultivator!

I don’t know what the Splendid True Immortal did, so he completely sealed his abilities to the depths of his soul. He could feel it, but he couldn’t break it, and couldn’t use it!

It's also different from the one in Zhou Xian Iron Rust Star! That time it was only a memory loss, and the means were not available, but at least the body was still there. In the mortal world, there was also the cost of pretending to be a male and female thief!

But his current situation is that the memory is there, the experience is there, and the vision is...but the sparrow palace is sealed! Origin Force is blocked! Even the abilities of the body have been blocked!

He didn't know if he really faced a critical moment, would the ability of oneself being sealed in the depths of the spirit burst out? Very unreliable, he didn't dare to try!

The only thing that hasn't been blocked is the seven ants! Thanks to his cleverness, after hearing the warning from Fairview True Immortal, he took the ants out and carried them on his back, just to guard against this hand! It seems too wise now that the storage ring can't be opened, and all his net worth is something beyond expectation to him.

But there is also good news. Although the Sword Spirit is blocked, the material of the Sword Spirit is placed here. It is said that it is a Divine Weapon, right?

The physical ability of the cultivator is gone, but it belongs to an old monster who has exercised for more than 1,500 years. His muscle itself is still in the mortal world as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, as if Can you survive?

The magic of True Immortal's ability is simply breathtaking! He is five or six levels short of others! Especially half Immortal is a big hurdle, immortal is a huge swamp, so it's no surprise to be restricted to this way.

It fell quickly and lost spiritual consciousness again, so he actually didn’t understand what happened below; but as long as you look at the difference between the two sides, the number of people, the dress, and the imposing manner, he naturally understands. Something.

He still has that philosophy, there is no absolute right or wrong, everyone just asks for life!

So the dust on the patted body made a message to both parties, and said with a pleasant expression:

"It is not easy to reincarnate once, the important thing is to survive and enjoy life! Why bother to live Killed?

Poor Daoist came from afar, admiring the wonders of Miaofeng Mountain for a long time, and longing for it, so I wandered here, I didn’t expect to be swept by a strange wind, um, what a pity this hero!

Let Poor Daoist make a reconciliation for you and the others? Everyone sits down and drinks and dances together? By the way, which mountain is Miaofeng Mountain? Poor Daoist has to rush to meet Fellow Daoist Yeah!"

There are often strange winds in the grasslands. One of them is Dragon Inhaling Water. The power of formidable power can roll a big cow of nearly a thousand catties in the air and throw it into the distance!

Although this explanation is a bit far-fetched, it makes sense to reluctantly! As for why the collision was the same, the fifth boss died but he was fine. There are so many weird things in this world, and there is no one by one to explain.

After his interpretation, both opponents understood. After the initial surprise, things began to return to their original rhythm.

There are two horses galloping out, should be the confidant of the five bosses, one of them shouted:

"If you kill someone, you will pay for your life! This is the rules of the grassland! You crazy Taoist Talking crazy here, thinking that oneself is great?"

Two horses jumped over from both sides of the Taoist, the scimitar flashed, and the two air horses ran away in shock!

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