Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1676

Munan was the most excited, and whispered proudly among the tribes:

"Look! This is my sword technique in the inland of the Central Plains! How is it better than your grassland Blade Technique? What long sword is not good for cutting, Can't fight, that's because you haven't seen a true expert! A frog in well, and dare to talk nonsense!"

This is the first time Shi Bao has been dumbfounded by this sourness! What can't be refuted yet! The sword is so fast, you can't see the movement of people at all, nor can you see the waving of the arm, just like lightning strikes two flashes, and then everything is fine.

Uya couldn't bear to see the big brother embarrassed, and said: "His sword and yours are not the same thing, right?"

Munanboasted shamelessly, "Of course it is one What's going on! It’s just that he practiced faster. Am I just starting out? One day I will reach this level, sooner or later!"

"The horse thief won't wait for you!" Ya just twitched his lips.

……Lou Xiaoyi is not angry, he has experienced many such things, and he understands the feelings of the horse bandits very much! But to understand is to understand, to start to start, these are two different things!

His personality habit is that he can always understand you until your five hundred people die! Thousands and five hundred years of killing, what else can make him feel soft?

looks at the horse bandits, "I still recommend that you don't act rashly! Of course, you have the right and way to express your wishes, and I respect... I am the most reasonable person!"

More than ten riders rushed over this time! Seven, eight riders slashed forward, five and six riders put cold arrows in the back!

This is a test of Lou Xiaoyi’s resilience. He is not afraid of this degree of closeness, but he is a little vague about Arrow, because he is no longer the Primordial Spirit, even if he can still judge , But now the body cannot make the most sensitive response! More often, he has to dance a ball of sword flowers beside oneself to protect oneself from the blow of arrows!

This is very inconsistent with his usual fighting habits, very low-end, but in the eyes of Munan, it is like a Supreme Treasure.

"Look, take a look! Didn’t you say that sword flowers are useless? It’s just a fancy, fake handle, and everything is cut off with a scimitar! Now you know the role of sword flowers? Zhongyuan sword Technique wide-ranging and profound, every move has its own meaning, how can you really understand it when you wait?"

Uya's transformation is the fastest, and she starts acting like a baby, "Mu Nan big brother Before, you promised Xiaoya to teach me how to dance swords..."

Munan still eats this set, "Teach! Of course I teach! I never value one's own old broom, sword technique. Things can only be prospered if they are carried forward!"

But he didn’t mention that his sword technique and this man’s might not be the same kind of things? Of course, in fact, he can't tell oneself clearly. What he learned is not called sword technique as much as sword dance. Where is the true ability in it?

In the open space, Lou Xiaoyi was a little hard to kill! It's not that he can't do this anymore after he loses his cultivator ability, but he needs to figure out the limits of his body so that he can allocate the ability most appropriately. Therefore, the more he kills, the harder he gets. But only he knows it oneself, and in the future, he can only kill more easily.

There is nothing to be proud of killing a few mortals, but he now belongs to the category of mortals as oneself, so there is no need to worry about cause and effect.

A few masters are a bit if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off! They have to face a choice, which is to retreat under the guise of Miao Gaofeng's evil door? Or is it the last time you rush to fight as a full-horse bandit?

In this world without monsters, military force is supreme! The so-called legend is somewhat illusory in people's eyes, and it is far from the deep awe in Cultivation World. They don't know the extent to which a person can kill the stars and exterminate the race. This completely exceeds their cognition!

For them, brave people have seen too many, and they can eventually be solved by rushing up. The only difference is how many people rush. The horse bandits were surprised by the sword technique of this man, but no amount of surprise can change their entrenched concept of fighting for decades!

Hundreds of riders charged, not to mention slashing, and hitting him to death!

Lou Xiaoyi has probably reached the limit of oneself's body. For an experienced person like him, he only needs to kill a few people to know how much oneself can do.

He is a little confused. It doesn't make sense to be a living target here. It doesn't prove anything... Fortunately, someone helped him solve this trouble.

Before the horse bandits organized the rush again, a few arrows flew from nowhere. From the boss to the four masters, one did not run, and all fell to the ground!

This incident is much more serious than Lou Xiaoyi's death of the fifth boss, because it means that five positions are vacant!

The mysterious legend of Miaofeng Mountain, countless masters in the past have died of hatred and hatred. Without the backbone, the horse bandit group immediately fell into a riot. Each bandit has its own ambitions, and no one accepts it. Who!

Even the real army may collapse after losing its head coach. In this era of cold weapons, the reliance on collar-sleeves exceeds everything!

Not to mention the horse bandits!

The horse bandits hurriedly retreated, not knowing if they would come again, Lou Xiaoyi closed the sword and leaned back, with his hands behind his back, he began to look at Miaofeng Mountain, wondering where he could climb up!

Not being able to fly, really makes him a little uncomfortable.

Others can't see where the arrow comes from, but it doesn't include him! With a direction in his heart, he started to walk towards Taniguchi, where there were still the Knights of the Xiaguan tribe who were waiting.

"It’s not good to borrow and borrow, it’s not good to block the road like this! Are you charging tolls?"

The people in Shimonoseki were relieved from shock and finally understood Fact: They are saved!

Although I don't know the specific reason, is it because of the unpredictable sword technique of this Taoist Ghost God? Or those mysterious arrows? Or is it simply a manifestation of the magic of Miaofeng Mountain? Can't change the fact that they are saved!

Munan came up first, because he consciously had the qualifications for oneself, and he was also a member of the Central Plains. Of course, he had the obligation to do half of the master.

"The Daoist is a good sword technique! The glory of my sword! Xiaosheng Yanzhao Weishan Mansion is in Munan, a scholar, I have met Daoist here, thank you for your help, otherwise we may not be able to pass this level!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, he doesn't know anything, what Yanzhao, what Weishan Mansion, he doesn't care, now he only needs to find the person oneself is looking for, the view he is looking for.

"No thanks, no thanks, I am also unfathomable mystery, the last few arrows are not my credit, it is someone else! Poor Daoist has something to do, go ahead..."

Munan has a very familiar and entangled temperament, and he is reluctant to follow along.

"The surname of Dao Chang Gao? Xiaosheng also learns the sword technique. I wonder if I may ask Dao Chang for advice later? And a little thanks?"

Lou Xiaoyi has gone too far, and his voice gradually faded.

"Fangwai Lou Taoist, the back of the sword is the whole truth; , The real body is sent outside..."

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