Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1677

Climbing all the way up the mountain, how many years have you not climbed the mountain? The feeling of leaning forward and staying focused at all times?

The mountain is not high, only several hundred zhang, he climbs very slowly, because next he will see a group of sword cultivators who don’t seem to live in the same Cultivation World as him!

Very weird dao lineage, but it must be admitted that it is also a pure sword dao! You can't treat other different sword veins dao lineage as heretics just because oneself was born in Xuanyuan.

On the top of the mountain, four Taoists are sitting or standing, some are eating sweet potatoes, some are manicure, some are reading, some are in a daze!

Looking at Lou Xiaoyi coming up, the one who gnawed sweet potatoes broke a piece and handed it over, "Are you hungry?"

Lou Xiaoyi took it, nodded, "Yes, how can this be restricted? Becoming a mortal, you are hungry very fast! I also thought about countless kinds of preparations, but I didn’t expect that I should actually jump on my shoulders!"

The Taoist laughed, "I knew it? I knew it. If you do, there are too many things you should carry! Too many to throw you oneself to death!

Poor Daoist is a bear, but I don’t know what Fellow Daoist is called?"

"Lou Xiaoyi!"

The other three also introduced me to each other, "Enjoy the nightmare!" "Take the night!" "Come on!"

Lou Xiaoyi is nodded, "It's still a little memorable. Puppet?"

The four of them cast their gazes together, indifferently said: "Lou Fellow Daoist, this is the Junior Brother who has seen my ineffective Junior Brother?"

Lou Xiaoyi also Don’t avoid it. Sooner or later, the relationship between sword cultivators is not that many concealed, and in the future battles, they still need a certain amount of trust between them.

"I have seen it, in It’s not so honest outside! I was beaten by me!"

I raised an eyebrow, "You should have brought him back..."

Lou Xiaoyi refused, "I didn’t That obligation! The legs are on him!"

The four of them were silent for a long time before they looked at him, "Xuanyuan's?"

Lou Xiaoyi looked directly, "Xi From Zhaojian Mansion?"

Both sides fell silent!

Xizhao Sword Mansion, Yazu has a key introduction in oneself's travel notes. Many things in his so-called Dao Sword system come from Xizhao, and this sword vein is highly respected!

Lou Xiaoyi became more knowledgeable as the boundary came up, and he was comprehend in the sword dao stele for a hundred years, so he knows that such a sword vein is very remarkable. If you don’t mention Yazu, the general of Xi Zhao is actually The same character as the Xuanyuan Great Emperor! They are all the superb Sword Immortal that can ascend to the immortal with their swords, and their inheritance can be imagined, at least not inferior to Xuanyuan.

The crow ancestor once entered the Xizhao ruins and gained a lot, but the most fundamental difference between Xizhao inheritance and Xuanyuan inheritance is missing, the technique of holding a sword in close proximity! This is the core of Xizhao Sword Mansion!

If this is the case, Guang Yao’s defeat is justified. They are the most fierce sword vein inheritance in the universe. It is possible for anyone to win or lose. In fact, Guang Yao is in the middle and long range. It also has an advantage. If he can expand the advantage of oneself in the future, there is not much difference between it and backing a puppet!

The duel between the sword cultivator and the veins are different, there will be no two evenly matched, and then shake hands for more than a dozen years to talk to each other, even if the gap between the word cultivator is small, life and death are possible. Just in a flash, this is the characteristic of sword dao! Full of uncertainty!

But there are also differences! Xuanyuan disciples have been in the past ten thousand, but now the real inheritance of Xizhao Sword Mansion is only five people, and one more ran away!

Why do they stay here? What are you carrying? Is it an atonement? Or is it suppressed by some existence?

It was once so powerful, and the sword vein dao lineage called Xuanyuan...It's a pity!

"Only five?"

Negatively indifferent, "Now there are four! That's enough!"

Lou Xiaoyi is a little sad, Yazu is traveling Zhong Zhong didn't know much about this aspect, but the general meaning was. When facing the pressure of Xian Ting, Xuanyuan Great Emperor chose to be roundabout, and the general chose to be tough!

It's hard to say who is right and who is wrong, and who is more pure? But judging from the results, Xi Zhao’s inheritance is difficult, not to mention affecting Xian Ting, the general trend of the universe, oneself, these three melons and two dates do not know when they are broken!

And Xuanyuan is not only still alive, but also more prosperous! Until the birth of Yazu, not only had to hold the bottom of the universe, but also smashed the pot of Xianting and lifted the table of Sihong! Finally, everyone has come again, and it is the complete Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

In this sense, Xuanyuan is better than Xizhao!

Reject the tragic hero complex, this is Xuanyuan’s hidden attribute, speak frankly, Lou Xiaoyi agrees!

Of course, Xi Zhao is also worthy of respect!

"I am instructed by Tianmou to join hands with you as a substitute, and hope for advice!"

After the initial discomfort, Ning Yi finally calmed down, "Xuanyuan, it’s good That’s right! Your ancestors are the role models of my sword cultivator! I heard that the lineage sword has been added to Xuanyuan Sword? So, we are actually one family!"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, "The Universe Sword Meridian should be one family!"

This is a very strange mood, but Lou Xiaoyi understands it! What he is best at is to understand others, and then go on his own way after understanding! As the sword veins that were as famous as Xuanyuan at the beginning, they are now in the sky and the other in the ground, and the sense of gap in it is inevitable. Even if someone with narrow-mindedness would presumptuously guess that Xi Zhao's current decline would be Xuanyuan's betrayal in the first place?

All these are understandable, but they can’t be taken seriously! Because facts have proved that Xuanyuanneng has always stood proudly in the world, and his behavior is indeed incomparable!

Why did you have such an attitude toward Xuanyuan after you came out of the puppet? Why are the four Taoists here so complicated and strange? In fact, there are reasons for this!

But the puppet finally came out and decided to go to Xuanyuan. The discomfort of the four Taoists here was only a very short time; everyone has selfishness, but they can cultivate to this way. The degree requires a broader mind.

Ti Yan asked: "It's such a coincidence, did you back the puppet and attacked you?"

Lou Xiaoyi smiled bitterly, "He wants to attack me directly! At least he can control it. Live! He attacked my Senior Brother. It was dangerous and almost irretrievable... But fortunately, the result was not bad. Well, I think he meant to go to Xuanyuan to play..."

Ti Xiao said angrily: "You should kill him! Or mention him to see you!"

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "There are just a few hairy people, Xi Zhao is like this, Xuanyuanqiang is limited, or Save some use!"

Although Lou Xiaoyi said vaguely, the four of them were unambiguous, knowing what the so-called danger is and what is irreversible at their level! Backing the puppet is the most impulsive among the five senior and junior brothers, or else he wouldn't run out without permission!

Negative took out another piece of crumpled dried sweet potato, the last piece was the last piece, a bit reluctant, but still passed it over,

"With this virtue, our greatest pain is hunger ! Countless clear rules and precepts, you will know later!

Ten thousand years, you are the first sword cultivator sent here! No matter what happened before, we should be brother!

brother, welcome to Miao Gaofeng!"

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