Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1678

Lou Xiaoyi smiled, "Tianmu is not clear about the mission description, I don't understand it well, what is the danger, or what is there? In this mortal world, how many True Monarch sword cultivators are needed to guard?

By the way, how many years have you been guarding?"

Five people sitting on the top of Miaofeng Mountain, and set up family routines. This should have been a normal relationship between the two families. From Great From the beginning of Emperor and General, the fate of the two families seemed to be separated, but in fact they were closely connected.

If the Universe Sword Vein is regarded as a whole, their result is very in line with the far-reaching strategic arrangement, abandon one family and grow one! Just for the last mess!

You are impossible under the gaze of Xian Ting, you must have all your tails, you must pay the price! Either Xi Zhao or Xuanyuan!

Retreat to advance, counter-attack! Now that the general trend has come, I can see something. Although Yazu said nothing, although everyone is ignorant, Lou Xiaoyi can see something because of his extremely restless character!

When a sponger completely tears off the mask of oneself, a certain desire in his heart begins to begin to stir! The general trend of the universe is nothing but an appetizer, and the change of epochs is only an incidental result. The real purpose is...

He can't tell others, because this is the tacit understanding between him and Yazu! Only when a certain sword cultivator reaches a certain height, can he quietly experience something in the process of practice and the changes in the universe!

He doesn’t know if there is any other sword cultivator that feels like this, he can’t verify it, he can only follow his heart, just like he is now!

"It’s tens of thousands of years? I don’t remember it! You just need to know that we were once the dísciple of the general! Because the general angered Xian Ting, he took the initiative to leave us an inheritance bloodline. Ask for eternity here! Use this weird way to achieve another eternity of life!

Maybe you can also see that none of us can be regarded as real human beings, we are Sword Spirit Or people? We are oneself and not quite clear!

We abandon our freedom, we abandon the upper realm, and stand alone in order to wait..."

The negative breath took a breath "Our this lineage is the essence of the general body sword lineage, and because of this, we can deeply integrate ourselves with the Sword Spirit! Otherwise, we cannot accept disciples and inheritance, so what is the meaning of persistence?

There were still some senior and junior brothers who came here, but after tens of thousands of years, countless times of transformation, there are always senior and junior brothers who can’t survive, and slowly there are only five of us left. So, carrying the puppet is the new calendar metamorphosis, and the mood is unstable before he ran out! But don't worry, when his mood matures, he does not need to be locked to him, and he will come back oneself to do oneself's responsibility!"

"Transformation?" Lou Xiaoyi didn't understand.

Ning Yi explained: "Our immortality comes from the deep integration with Sword Spirit! Although we can't go to the realm, but every thousands of years, when our human nature and the existence of Sword Spirit differ It needs to be re-integrated once, we call it degeneration, which will evoke new life through degeneration, and come back for thousands of years!

This is a dangerous process, and no one can guarantee that oneself will succeed every time. Therefore, since tens of thousands of years ago, most of the Nishizhao senior and junior brothers have completely lost themselves in such a degeneration! And if the degeneration is successful, there will be a cognitive blind zone, that is, the state of being a puppet!

He was not the first one to run out, but the first one to collide with your Xuanyuan Sword repair! Splendid heaven and earth This place is too far away from the Fifth Ring, so far away when they have not yet reached their destination When I understood the responsibility of oneself, I had to come back!"

Lou Xiaoyi finally understood the reason why the sword technique is so fierce! Guangyao didn't lose injustice!

"What kind of mission is this? It's worth keeping here for tens of thousands of years?"

The expression in her eyes became darker, "Everything in the world pays attention to a balance." ! So there are pros and cons, there are inside and outside, there are immortals and mortals!

In the wonder of the universe, there are inside and outside sedum, I wonder Junior Brother, have you heard of it?"

Lou Xiaoyi nodded, "I've heard of it! Outer Sedum is the cage of Half Immortal in the declining realm, and Inner Sedum is the gathering place of ancient corpses! Originally these things belonged to the big secrets of human cultivation, but Heavenly Dao The collapse is imminent, and now the news is flying all over the sky, there is nothing to keep secret!"

Xiyi explained: "What I want to say is, where there is immortal, there is mortal! Immortal is the upper level built on the foundation of mortals. Architecture, there is no high-level existence that can get rid of the support of the mortal. This is not just nothing serious! It is not a big and empty ideology, but the cornerstone of cultivation!

For example, inner sedum and outer sedum, both of them are half immortal, so the existence of inner and outer sedum must also be balanced!

How to balance? It is not that the inner and outer sedum balance each other, this is the view of the ignorant , Both are in the Half Immortal domain, but the difference is caused by the different methods of the upper realm. In fact, they cannot be balanced!

If you want to balance, they can only be balanced through the mortal realm! Between the inner and outer sedum, there exists such a mortal world, which is huge in size and rich in luck, which can support the existence of the inner and outer sedum!

This place is the beautiful heaven and earth!"

This is the first time Lou Xiaoyi has heard of this secret, and he can't be blamed. After all, these things are too far away from him.

Negative continued, "Since it is a support, there must be some kind of connection! This kind of connection, Half Immortal can't make it, of course mortals can't make it! But the connection is long. With the accumulation of time, something bad will always be generated!"

Lou Xiaoyi was curious, "Is it the legacy of Half Immortal? Spiritual Body? Resentment? Perseverance?"

Negative shook his head, "No! These are these things, how can those of us who have not yet achieved Half Immortal resist?

Those Spiritual Body of Half Immortal cultivator goes elsewhere, but where they connect , It’s the legacy of the cultivation creatures they created!"

"Cultivation creatures?"

Big smile, "Yes! For most Half Immortal, in their After body dies and Dao disappears, the cultivation creatures will have nowhere to go! Of course, most of them will disappear with the death of the master, but there will always be a few more special existences, but not because of the master. Die and disappear!

Their boundary, the inner and outer sedum will not be recognized after they lose their master! So they cannot continue to exist in the inner and outer sedum! As a cultivation creature, the certain Hong who created the inner and outer sedum has no gift It is incompatible with the function of the inner and outer Sedum to destroy them, and this is also inconsistent with Grand Dao!

Release the sky and fear that they will cause harm to the world, so in desperation, I found a horned place to arrange and dispatch them. !

Just where it connects with Splendid Heaven and Earth!

Originally, with the passing of years, the time that these existences can last and the number of new Half Immortal can also be It’s good to barely reach balance and just fend for itself at the connection, but just tens of thousands of years ago, because Old Ancestor, um, was the waywardness of our general Xi Zhao, who broke the balance of this connection! With the possibility of these monsters diving into the beautiful heaven and earth!

That is the real reason why we stay here for tens of thousands of years!"

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