Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1679

Missed after drinking? Are you joking? Can someone like a general get drunk?

But Lou Xiaoyi is not easy to say, if it is really broken, everyone is embarrassed!

Maybe it's because of a purpose that everyone still doesn't understand? Or is it just a second hand, oneself invading oneself and oneself rub-buttocks, with this seemingly normal atonement, in fact, it is the purpose of preserving the inheritance of the Xizhao sword vein?

There is no idiot who can be immortal, including General Xi Zhao!

When things were clear, the general got into trouble, and then arranged oneself's Nishizhao sword cultivator to plug this hole! Other dao lineage are unwilling to come, because there is no hope at all!

As a result, the general used a small misfortune to redeem him, leaving behind the inheritance for oneself after he really caused a catastrophe!

It's very clever!

"What are these things?" Lou Xiaoyi had a hunch, but he was not sure yet.

"There are everything! There are insects, monster beasts, zombies, ghosts, and even Sword Spirit! There are countless dao lineages in the universe, and countless creatures and creatures. Only you can’t think of it, but there is no You can’t see it!"

Negative shook his head, "But don’t worry, since they are on the mortal path to the heaven and earth, they naturally become mortals. Just like us, we no longer have the divine ability of all kinds of strange things, but only some of the most basic instincts!

We have to intercept them and prevent them from entering the mortal world. It’s a principle to be able to enter the connection, but not to let them come in and besieged!"

Lou Xiaoyi is sighed, he can see it clearly, there is no such thing as the connection of the so-called Xianfan cultivation strength! Everyone can only use ordinary power to compete, and among all cultivation dao lineages, the only ones that can compete with these monsters in ordinary power may only be sword cultivator and physical training!

How many different methods can be used to make a difference? If they can't cast spells, they are nothing!

The general's backhand is brilliant! Even if Gao Xianting knows that it is inappropriate to leave these Xizhao remnants, he can only grit his teeth and admit it. Otherwise, where would you find Dao lineage who is willing to come here to guard the connection channel of Xianfan with ordinary strength?

"Is there anyone who has been here to help guard?" Lou Xiaoyi was curious.

Negative nodded, "Exactly! Because the existence of foreign objects at the junction is always changing, strong or weak! The choice is all in the sky! We can only say our best, but we can also do our best At times, after all, without the power of a cultivator, sometimes I always feel powerless!"

"I am the first and only one sword cultivator to come here?" Lou Xiaoyi asked.

It’s also very strange, "I can understand the reason Xuanyuan would rather send physical training instead of a sword cultivator, because I am afraid that we will blend together! Especially you Xuanyuan Sword Sect! So this Why did you come this time, it makes people very puzzled!"

Lou Xiaoyi is hard to say that this is probably a punishment, but he still hasn't figured out where the punishment comes from? Is it Mingkeng? Or a trap?

"Maybe it was just an accident! Who can figure out the intrigue above? Then, the sword grave in the mouth of the puppet refers to Miaofeng Mountain?"

Bitterly nodded, "Exactly! Sword Tomb is what we call oneself, can we no longer call Xizhao Sword Mansion? It will sting some people's nerves! Actually, it has nothing to do with your Xuanyuan sword tomb small world, right For us, there is no freedom, no hope, no future, only dispensable immortality. Isn’t it a sword grave?"

"I think you are quite idle? With Xianfan inside and outside Sedum Is there no one at the connection all the time?"

Negatively shook his head, "No, the blockade of the connection channel has its own rules. When there is obstruction, they can’t get through, and we don’t need to be there. Inside, only when the blockade is weakened for a certain period of time, like a beast tide, is it busy!

Generally, we have more free time, and we will come out to find some food! You don’t know , Even if we are sealed with power, our appetite is far beyond ordinary people. Although we won’t die if we don’t eat, the damn hunger pangs torment you all the time!

A mortal world like this, so remote Where can we find enough food? The tradition of Xizhao Sword Mansion is not to fear violence, but we never bully the weak, so after so many years, even dried sweet potatoes have become good things!

Can you imagine a few high-level True Monarchs, but the sword cultivator that can dominate one side in the main world is mixed up like this?"

Lou Xiaoyi is a little sad! He can understand the distress of these several brothers. The storage ring cannot be opened, and after tens of thousands of years, their storage ring may not exist long ago, right? This kind of distress actually includes him!

"Are there any taboos to get along with these mortals?"

When you enter the nightmare, laugh, "What are the taboos? We are mortals now! No difference from them, nothing more than military force The value is higher! This is the Desert of cultivation. If you can’t fly, you will always be flesh and blood in the eyes of mortals!

You can also be unscrupulous, but if you really attract the army Retaliation is actually a very troublesome thing for us!

After these years, everyone has long lost the mind of the red dust. If you stay in one place for tens of thousands of years...

So we will not be as hard as you in dealing with the trouble. In order to avoid interruption to the greatest extent, we can only spread some rumors around, and then corroborate it when facing the scene, for example, a few horses. Unlucky bandit?"

"Can't accept disciples here? Even if you can't inherit the things from Xizhao Sword Mansion, at least you can change your living environment! You won't eat sweet potatoes, right?"

Negatively sneered, "We accept disciples just to harm them! Even if there is no idea here, it is impossible to practice! We have long since no such thoughts. It hurts others and disadvantages people. There is no reason to give these mortals an unstable life. Add blocking!

But you can! Because you are Xuanyuan Dao lineage! As long as you can bear this mind!"

Lou Xiaoyi had a long conversation with a few people, and finally it was He had a general understanding of the background of this mission, but he still didn't see where the trap was?

Is it a danger at the connecting channel? I heard a few people say that the main reason why most of their senior and junior brothers have not persisted over the past tens of thousands of years is that they have been fused with Sword Spirit once in thousands of years, and died in the connection channel and alien battles. There are very few, which at least proves that the degree of danger is not very high!

A power such as a puppet can persist for tens of thousands of years without death. What danger can he have?

Further solidification is needed!

"I want to know, how did the back puppet run? Is there such a loophole? You insist here because of your beliefs. If one day you don’t want to persist, will you be able to leave here as well? "

What Lou Xiaoyi actually wants to know is, if he needs it, how can he leave here alone, without the instructions of Tianmu, or the help of Splendid True Immortal!

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