Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1680

Munan was very tired in order to climb the mountain!

His Xiaguan companions are somewhat reserved, or rather sorry! If you don’t know each other, if someone saves you, you still have the obligation to teach you ability?

The prairie people are relatively straightforward. According to their habits, thank you can not go empty-handed, but their current situation is nothing! The property was thrown away all the way, otherwise it would not last for such a long time. As for the cattle and sheep, there is not even a single one. Who can still lead the sheep while fleeing?

So, some sorry went up, thinking about how to make some gifts.

The horse bandits are still raging in the grassland. It is not unusual for them who come and go like the wind and lick their blood. It is also impossible because these setbacks recede, no matter who is gone, the winter in the grassland is also going to pass!

So, they can't leave Miaofeng Mountain for the time being, so they can only set up a simple tent outside the peak and wait for the return of the sentry.

I finally came to the top of the peak. When others didn’t see it, I saw the Taoist who fell from in the sky eating dried sweet potatoes there!

His thoughts are different from those of normal martial artists. He is not bound by that many rules, because he didn't want to stand on this basis, but in the category of sword dance, he wants to learn one or two ways to pretend That's it.

This is a common problem of scholars, they don't need to rely on military force to get enough food! So I don't think this is a presumptuous thing, but as a kind of elegant exchange, a good story between scholars and Taoists.

"Learn swords from me? Why should I teach you? You have to give a convincing reason?"

Lou Xiaoyi's funny looks at this scholar, As if I saw oneself when I was young, I didn't care, I only felt that the energy of the world is mine with a book in my hand was naive, but also full of vigor.

"We can be friends! My surname is Mu, and I have two trees into forests. I am still a poor name in Weishan Mansion, and even in Yan Zhao State! In the future, Mr. Lou Dao Chang will travel around the world and walk around the city. It's a bit useful to say that the Mu family is a guest of honor!"

Understood, the Mu family should be the local surname, the kind with a long history, who has been a celebrity, and may be able to face the court. A certain influence, belonging to the noble family of the upper class, this is also a huge wealth, and only the children of such a powerful influence will come here indifferently to find a sense of existence, but unfortunately, the horse thieves don't know him.

Lou Xiaoyi knows such a youngster very well. There is nothing bad about it. It is the best period in their life. What they see and learn during this period will have a huge impact on their life.

But he won’t get used to the temper of this guy’s famous kid, "Want to learn? There must be some decent apprenticeship, right? You came so empty-handed, why don’t you hear the truth and don’t pass it lightly? The principle of chaotic crossing?"

Mu Nan felt that this man was a bit vulgar and not elegant enough. He vulgarized some things that couldn't be obtained on the surface. Can he treat him badly by making friends with the Mu clan? Without talking about the property, only the name of the Mu family's guest can make him infinitely useful!

With his temper, it doesn’t matter if such a layman doesn’t meet him, but he wants to show his saint in front of the people of the Xiaguan tribe. It’s not for the so-called prairie beauties. He is a son of a distinguished family and he has never seen any beauty through childhood. Ever? Just to breathe a sigh of anger on Shi Bao!

A prairie barbarian, dare to look down on scholars? He has to take care of his stinking problem!

So I can only endure, "The Taoist said it is very true! It is a pity that I am a fugitive, and I am shy in my hands. Can I post it first and say it later? With my Mu family's reputation, I want to come. I won’t really owe the Dao Master!"

Lou Xiaoyi shook his head, "I still have a credit? Well, I don’t ask you to give out some ceremonies now, um, something is wrong with you. Help me to do it, it's a test for you!"

Lou Xiaoyi's fate, the boss of Munan is not happy, but if he asks others, he can only accept it.

When he climbed down again, four Xizhao Taoists appeared from the dark, and they shook their heads,

"Junior Brother, is this okay?"

Lou Xiaoyi widened his eyes, "What's wrong? The emperor is not too hungry! He made Lao Tzu look like a ghost now, and everything was sealed, but the hunger pangs were not sealed! Need, don’t be vague!

Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing to do with you Xizhao! It’s made by my Xuanyuan people. I’m not afraid to offend the bits and pieces above. I can bear everything in this world, except I can’t bear to be hungry. This is the principle!"

This is not a fuss! It is the repercussions after the cultivation base ability is sealed!

All the abilities of the cultivator entering the Fairview Heaven and Earth are sealed, leaving a body with certain cultivator characteristics. This cannot be changed, even if it cannot be like a steel essence, neither water nor water nor fire can approach, but the activity level of body cells is far more comparable!

In Cultivation World, these consumptions are supplemented by spirit machines. Whether it is Ziqingyuqing or even the lowest ordinary spirit machine in the realm, it can always continuously provide the cultivator with everything the body needs. Element, in fact, this is an insignificant expenditure for the cultivator, and it does not delay anything.

But in this purely mortal world, the ability is completely sealed, and oneself cannot be supplemented by the power of cultivation. These Even if the consumption of insignificant seems to have appeared, there is no other way to supplement, except for the most basic food!

Very hungry, because the body needs it!

Ning Yi explained: "In fact, Junior Brother does not need to worry too much! When your physical needs are urgent to a certain level, your sealed cultivation base will always give out a trace of energy. Those who help you won’t starve to death, so if you are used to hunger, it doesn’t really matter..."

"Why should I get used to hunger?" Lou Xiaoyi frowned." Sending me to do things, I still don’t have enough to eat, I can’t think about myself by myself? This lawsuit is worthy of no matter where I am! What is the difference between the immortal and the common, I can’t preach, and have the ability to let them come by themselves, and they are so hungry. My god, I think anyone else will talk about these shit?"

Different positions of buttocks are different, so the way to deal with problems is naturally different!

Xizhao Sword Mansion has been suppressed too hard! Don't dare to take one step beyond the thunder pool! But in Lou Xiaoyi's view, these are also a few guys who are ruthless and tolerant to oneself. I don’t know what the general said to them at the beginning, but all they are doing now is to make up, wait, and they don’t want to be unwilling because of something that doesn’t matter. The reason is to destroy the persistence of tens of thousands of years, and is unwilling to expose oneself before the opportunity comes.

This is their way!

Lou Xiaoyi's method is different. He wants to express oneself's dissatisfaction through this method, to seek conflicts and changes, and only by making things happen can he see the truth behind it!

Can't always be such a dead water!

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