Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1681

For Lou Xiaoyi, it is impossible to practice now, and it seems that there is nothing particularly important to do. It is really difficult for him to let him mess around in the barren mountains and unruly rivers like Miaofeng Mountain.

The negative lead led him to give him a general idea of ​​where to fight in the future.

The entire Miaofeng Mountain is actually a ring-shaped mountain, standing abruptly on the grassland, and there is no such thing as a mountain range, as if it was pulled up out of thin air.

In the ring-shaped mountain, there is a small valley with migrant farming.

The passage is not inside the valley, but outside the valley, on a cliff. The terrain here is steep, it is impossible to climb, the stone wall is smooth, the vines are not growing, and very few people are thinking about it here.

The two came to the cliff, at hundred zhang high, which is actually the same danger for them who are now mortal bodies.

Pointing to the bottom of the cliff, said with a smile: "Do you feel anything?"

Of course I feel it! Practice one or two thousand years, even if the cultivation base is sealed, but that feeling, the sensitivity to the Tao can’t be sealed; that’s why all of them here are True Monarch, only they can still be deep in the body This consciousness is hidden, and there is enough mortal ability to deal with alien attacks.

Don’t answer, just move forward! If Munan and the others saw this, they would think that this person could not think of looking for short-term vision, but the negative person would not. They followed and jumped forward. Then, the two mysteriously disappeared under the stone cliff, as if they had never seen it before. Such two reckless Taoists.

Lou Xiaoyi stepped on the solid ground under his feet, and said in surprise: "There is a way!"

Negatively sighed, "You can't fly anymore, and there is no support from the earth. We What can I do?

This road has several feet narrow and hundreds zhang wide. We can only guard the narrowest place with our hands, and we need to go forward 1"

The two went all the way, Lou Xiaoyi picked up a handful of soil, carefully sniffed it, and stretched out his tongue to taste it,

"There is no clue! Absolutely transparent!"

Beiyan shook his head helplessly, "In fact, there are some problems with this channel, and I don't know what Mouhong thinks. I have to leave such a loophole here!"

Introduced by Lou Xiaoyi "The passage is very long. There are probably several thousands li. This is not a problem for the cultivator, but it is a problem for us now! In the long passage, there are also several wide areas, that is, the entanglement of foreign objects. In the land, they also kill each other, everything follows instinct, until the passage is no longer obstructed, they will flow here!"

"Have you explored the entire passage? Have you completely eliminated it once? "

Negatively sighed, "tens of thousands of years ago, when the senior and junior brothers had a lot of time, they had done a few full-channel cleanings! There was an obstacle in it, and it was not easy to clean the wide area. , Because we don’t have a flying sword! We have to arrange manpower to intercept them later. We can’t encircle and suppress them here. They ran away to Fairview! Later, as the number of senior and junior brothers became less and less, they no longer have the power to do so.

The time window is also a problem. There have also been cases where the person responsible for the cleansing and suppression was trapped in a certain area for a period of time and unable to return!"

The two rushed forward, along the way. There is no scenery, and there is no life form.

"Is it possible to block the other end?"

Xing Yun shook his head, "The burden is too big! And you It is very clear that these things have no opportunity. No matter how tightly you block them, they will always find a way to penetrate. In the end, we have to clean up."

Lou Xiaoyi is nothing serious, in In this Cultivation World, you can’t use engineering methods to solve problems. He said blocking is not to build a fence, but to use more cultivation methods, but this ordinary road is doomed to not work.

The two ran for a hundred miles, and it took an hour, and they were a little admired!

In fact, without the nourishment of magical power, most of the cultivator’s physical strength is very unbearable. When everything is sealed and only the power of the body itself is left, who is exercising normally, Whoever is lazy is also obvious at a glance. Even with physical training, after tens of thousands of years, no one can keep up with him after running these hundreds of miles, because the direction of physical training is still somewhat different.

This sword cultivator ran with him for hundreds of miles, didn’t pull it off, and didn’t face red and panting. Thinking about simplicity, it’s actually very difficult. This means that this person has never Stopped the most basic physical exercises. Such exercises are helpless and commonplace for some Xizhao people, but it is especially valuable for True Monarch who has a cultivation base outside!

Xuanyuan Sword Sect is now in the main world to lead the sleeve sword vein. Just looking at this self-discipline, you can see it. It's not wrong to lose the puppet to such a character!

I can’t move forward because the road ahead is blocked!

"Our current method is that when the passage shows signs of loosening, it can be clearly expressed on the cliff wall, and then we will enter here and push all the way forward until the nearest place is narrow. Until the passage is blocked and closed again! Even if you have completed a blocking mission.

Here is the splendid heaven and earth, the pure earth, and the internal and external scenery and the sky are mutually reinforcing and supporting each other, so even if it does not fall into the spell, Even if it is immortal, there is no way to arrange a means here, it can only be carried by someone!"

"It turns out that this place has always been obstructive?"

Negative nodded, "That's it. But I don’t know why the general would beat it into half-pass and half-block? It’s a very strange thing!"

Lou Xiaoyi said: "It is better to block than to sparse! If it is completely blocked, these things have no other way to go. Is it there? I don’t see it!"

He thought of the zombie of the Wang Zang world, and the ground crawlers of the big fruit plate nut world...If the Xizhao sword cultivators have been long Time has not cleared the channel, it seems that some accidents are completely possible? Of course, they can't be blamed. Only five people have been sealed with abilities, and they have long been unable to complete the clearing of the entire channel.

Many things in this Cultivation World, the unfathomable mystery that appeared, found the reason is also unfathomable mystery, it is just a premonition, he has no real evidence yet!

Negatively sighed, "Shu, everyone knows the truth, but where do you go? We can't do it with Sedum inside and outside! It is the place where the Half Immortal activities are performed, and we True Monarch sigh. Why!

Mortal world? Don’t even think about it, it’s the only thing we protect! These things were supposed to be taken by Xian Ting, but they fell on us!

But for Nishizhao’s inheritance alone, this seems to be an opportunity for struggling on whilst at death’s door? It’s just that after such a long time, what does the so-called immortality mean to us?"

Lou Xiaoyi said, "To live, it makes sense in itself! From the sect record, the general of your house is not a person who survives the day, so I thought that since he arranged for you to stay here and wait, there must be him like this. The reason for the arrangement!

If you can’t guess it, just live it!"

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