Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1682

"Since I’ve been here, I haven’t heard you talk about the out-of-the-ordinary combat capability. Is it very unbearable? Or is it for some other reason?"

Negatively said: "About the battle itself, it’s true. There's nothing to say! You know that if you are sealed off from the power of cultivation, with their intelligence and experience, they will be nothing in front of humans!

The reason why Tianmu sent you here, It's not because we can't beat it, but because we are too few in number, and when the aliens swarm up, it is inevitable that there will be omissions... You can't fly, and the sword can only be held. I ran over to one, what else can we do besides kicking it out?

That’s why I made up for you! Just in case!

Well, in terms of quantity, actually Over the years, the aliens that have passed through the channel have decreased. I don’t know why. Is it because the collapse of Grand Dao has reduced these things?"

"Maybe it is being diverted. Who knows!"

Lou Xiaoyi returned to Miaofeng Mountain. Unlike the traditional low-key forbearance of the Xizhao Taoists, he showed the ability of oneself without any scruples. It is not the power of cultivation. He wielded a sword, a sword for thousands of years, what is there to hide?

After the people in Xiaguan inquired about the whereabouts of the horse bandits, he began to attack the horse bandits who were driving the flocks and cattle!

Leading the people in Xiaguan, you can't do it without it, because he can clean up the horse bandits, but he can't clean up these animals! The shepherd's ability is beyond his control.

There were repeated repetitions during the period. Of course, the horse bandits were reluctant to just gain and lose the supplies for the winter! Forcing Lou Xiaoyi to change a batch of masters, and put down a cruel remark,

"If you are not convinced, come and reach out! Sooner or later, I will let each of you have a chance to be the master!"

The cattle and sheep that were brought back will be added as five, half will be returned to Xiaguan, and half will be used as teachers! In fact, they are in a certain place within the valley and bake a few heads every day to relieve their gluttony!

The people in Xiaguan in this situation are all secretly surprised. Five Taoists are five bottomless pits, ten sheep for a meal, two for each person, it’s just not impudent and only eats. Half full!

Sword technique is also taught, but they are all basic things, exactly Lou Xiaoyi's set! He teaches people that he never hides things personally, but he is too lazy to explain anything. As long as you are willing to work hard to learn, you will surely achieve success; but if you fish for three days and spend two days on the net, it is up to you.

Martial arts contextual aperture, for True Monarch like him, is nothing more than a simple thing that can't be simpler. It can be applied after a little tidying up. This is the skill of the cultivator.

Everything is for fullness!

Munan was a little slack after studying for a few days. He prefers to listen to Lou Xiaoyi telling some Taoist stories and some ideas. This is where he is good at.

It is Shibao and several Shibao clansman who are willing to work hard to practice swords. In the process of following the Taoists to snatch the flock, they really realized what a horse like a dragon is. The sword is like the wind. Ten There will be no enemy in the ten battles!

Relying on acting together several times and getting acquainted with each other, I also worshipped the Taoist door by the way. Of course, Lou Xiaoyi did not perform the gift of master and disciple, which was a lie to him. The process of eating and drinking.

Several months later, with a whistle, several Taoists rushed to the cliff and jumped one after another...

In the passage, five people rushed all the way, they need to move forward as much as possible Grab, grab that narrow position earlier; already a mortal body, so the way of fighting needs to be changed, but there can be no one person is guarding, and the mentality of being unwilling.

I just rushed out of several dozen li, and two tall, visually impactful crawlers appeared in front of them, with door-like forelimbs, huge mouthparts, and strong hind legs. They looked like one species. .

The negative pressure suppressed the speed, and shouted; "Lou Junior Brother!"

Lou Xiaoyi knows what he means, this is to let him solve it alone, and by the way, he is familiar with the aliens here. The approximate battle level! The four Xizhao people have been guarding here for tens of thousands of years, but it is the first time for him. Only when he is familiar with them in advance can he have a sense of measure when a large number of aliens appear.

He is actually no stranger to these crawlers. He knows where their weaknesses are. Without the divine ability, such a large body is a target for him!

Lou Xiayi's speed remains the same, and the two big reptiles are quickly approaching, and he kicks and accelerates at a distance of three feet away. This is a dangerous and dangerous change from the two pairs of large reptiles. Flicking across, two light flashed swords at the same time, two worm heads landed!

He didn't stop his movements, he swept outside when he wiped the body of the worm, avoiding the desperate sweep of the reptile's dying tail thorn. These movements have been seen countless in the Big Fruit Pan Nut Star. It's the natural instinct of most insect beasts, but you can't think that it's over if you lose your head. You also need to guard against the inertia of their bodies.

Several Xizhao Taoists secretly nodded, they are worthy of the top sword veins that were as famous as Xizhao at the time. Although they are mainly mid-range and long-range, they can't fault them with their close skills. Whether it is the control of the distance, the grasp of the timing, the sharpness of the sword, it is nothing more than to let them do it.

He rushed on him and ran side by side, "Good sword technique! In the passage, most of the aliens are basically at this level! Because you don’t have to worry about their all kinds of weird divine ability. Therefore, the battle is often more pure. With Junior Brother’s ability, everything here is not a threat to you.

But there is a little Junior Brother who pays attention to it. The power of the enchantment is somewhat greater, and it can be reduced by a few points! Maybe you still think of them as cultivation creatures, afraid that they can’t break their defenses?

Don’t forget, we are mortals now, but there is no Ingenious replenishment! After a long time of muscle swing, it will still be tired and sore!"

Lou Xiaoyi was humbly taught. They just unloaded it.

"What do you do? Use this to kill the enemy?"

Sighed then said, "This is what Junior Brother you have to learn! In all insect beasts, What can be eaten? What can't be eaten? What is delicious? What is not delicious? These are all necessary skills to guard here! You know, we stay in the passage for as little as a few years, and as long as more than ten years, we can’t be hungry. Work with your stomach!

Junior Brother, you don’t have any psychological barriers to this, right?"

Lou Xiaoyi understood what was going on when he heard it, "No problem, Senior Brothers Eat it, I can eat it too! Think of it as eating Spirit Beast meat!"

He understood a little bit. In this place, the trouble is not the battle itself, but the physical limitations of their mortals! There are a lot of issues that you don't need to consider when making a cultivator, but now they have become crucial issues!

Who would have thought that eating can be a problem for a cultivator? But in the absence of those cultivation methods and the storage ring cannot be opened, this is a very realistic thing!

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