Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1683

Several outliers were rushed forward in a scattered way. Lou Xiaoyi is still in charge of solving them. In this process, he not only needs to learn how to control his physical strength, but also learn to distinguish what can supplement nutrition.

Not only ground crawlers, but also monsters, puppets, Spiritual Body, zombie, insect race, and all kinds of weird things, but one thing, insect race is the most, followed by zombie, because they Can breed!

In Half Immortal cultivator, there may not be many cultivating insects, but because of these few existences, they can breed groups with peace of mind in places like connecting channels. Relatively speaking, they are like puppets. Yes, Spiritual Body, treasure, but there is one less death.

Lou Xiaoyi can understand more ground crawlers, but he doesn’t understand too much if there are more zombies. Can this thing reproduce?

I don’t quite understand this problem, I just know a general idea, "There are many types of zombies, but I haven’t heard of the ones that can reproduce! But there is a situation where you may be negligent, and some are stiff. People keep zombie in a space similar to an Ancient Battlefield. If such a space also enters the connecting channel, the zombie will be continuously, because the old zombie host does not have the self-discipline of a human cultivator, and they will not consider the zombie. More will affect anything, and do not pursue quality, just know the more the better!

But we have never found such a space before, not before, now there are fewer people, and of course it’s even more impossible !"

The five people ran all the way, and the number of aliens in front began to increase, and their advancement could no longer maintain the initial speed; one difficulty is that in the normal width of the passage, several ten zhang widened them. It is difficult for five people to completely stop it, so we need cautiously. First send two or three people to sweep up the front, and then leave two to hunt a fish that escaped the net!

This is a fine job. Missing one will cause harm to Splendid heaven and earth, which is dereliction of duty!

The only good news is that although they are also called tides, these out-of-the-ordinary waves are only three or forty at most once, and they can barely be maintained.

This is why they have to rush forward immediately, because they have to seize the time to occupy the narrowest pass before the aliens really form a wave.

At this more critical moment, the three veterans who rushed forward were three veterans, negative, enter, and lift; Lou Xiaoyi and another Taoist were behind!

He has no dissatisfaction, so he is not careful to complain that he has not been entrusted with the important task! As soon as a few Xi Zhao sword cultivators shot, he could see their incomparable abilities in close proximity. They deserved to be the dísciple of General Xi Zhao. When it comes to being close, besides the seven ants in his hands, he can take advantage of being close. Sword skill is not as good!

Back the puppet and didn't talk nonsense! He is not someone who can't afford to lose, after all, being close doesn't mean everything! These elders are now half-human and half-sword spirits, and they have been eating close-hand sword skills for tens of thousands of years, so they are not as shameful as they are!

In fact, the close-up sword skill familiar to Lou Xiaoyi is no different. It is concise, very ruthless, judgment, insight, no muddle, never deliberately mystifying, as if dancing on the tip of death, but Always able to retreat from the whole body, this is the ultimate of sword dao, he was amazed to see it!

practice sword dao For one or two thousand years, I finally saw oneself at the same level in some respect, and even a slightly higher comrade, which made him feel that this trip was worthwhile!

True great expert of the sword way, killing is like an art, which is pleasing to the eye!

Five artists cooperate with each other in this kind of protrusion, step by step!

In addition to sword light, there are also loud shouts, just like fighting in the mortal world. This feeling is very novel and warm. After all, it has not been so happy for a long time, simple and simple Is immersed in simple killing!

"There are three puppets in the front of ten zhang on the left, I may miss one, Xiaoyi will catch it!"

"There are piles on the right side, slow down, let the nightmare come and help! "

"Xiaoyi, the two hind legs of the grasshopper are delicious, don’t forget to cut them off!"

"And the tongue, it’s the most delicious when grilled with wine. !"

"Xiaoyi, don’t touch that sarcoma, it’s full of pus!"

No accident, the five people grabbed it all the way and found the only one 200 miles away. The narrow mouth of several zhang wide is their fixed Defensive Array!

"There are still several such narrow mouths in front of them, but we can’t rush forward, and it’s meaningless! Because we can’t clear out the alien species in the open space in front of us. There is no way!"

"How can there be no way? Is it difficult for the master world cultivation world to mobilize hundreds of True Monarchs? Push it all the way, and it can stop for thousands of years, but there are some people. I don’t want you Xi Zhao to be idle that's all!"

These words are a bit heavy, because this suppression has not seen the end until now, and no one knows where the dawn is, but Xi Zhao has only left There were five people, and one ran away.

"You said there is a Sword Spirit here, why didn’t you see it?"

Sigh, "Do you really want to see it? Every Sword Spirit here is The Half Immortal Old Ancestor of our sword vein! Xi Zhao is definitely gone, but it is possible for your Xuanyuan one!

We have seen Sword Spirit once, and the dao lineage is unknown, still tens of thousands of years ago When I first came here, it was not the dao lineage of our two families. It was a lonely existence! We were reluctant to move it, and it did not attack us, and then it disappeared. I don’t know if it is still there after so many years?

I heard that not every Sword Spirit will come to connect the channel here, some disappear with the Lord, some disappear, and some are lost to Heavenly Dao... But what kind of Sword Spirit is specific? Will come here, maybe there are some accidental factors, right?"

This topic is even heavier! Sword Spirit, they want to see, but don't want to see it, it's very complicated mentality!

The gathering of heterogeneous types began to put pressure on them. Fortunately, because there are too many types, like their original owners, they are not convinced by anyone, so they can’t be organized. This is the five people can easily cope with The most important reason.

In this process, Lou Xiaoyi began to contact the system with the various unowned forms of magic objects left behind by the Half Immortal seniors body dies and Dao disappears; he didn’t know why there was no Sedum inside and outside Half Immortal take them in? Is it unwilling? Still no chance?

Theoretically speaking, reaching the Half Immortal level is impossible to look at other people’s magical creatures. They prefer oneself to condense, which is more agreeable, and there is no need to worry about any problems in use.

There are so many secrets in the cultivation world that you will never understand them. You can only take one step at a time and dare not look at some tricky ones.

But Lou Xiaoyi’s thinking is always leapfrog. “What does the inside and outside Sedum end look like? In theory, if these things can go to Fairview through this passage, it seems that we too Can I go to Jingtian inside and outside from here?"

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