Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1684

As mentioned by Nian Yun, Lou Xiaoyi really didn't bump into anything too tricky when he stopped the alien!

When all practice creatures are sealed together, what will be the difference between them?

Simple inference, human beings are the worst on the physical level, there is no doubt about this; however, for True Monarch level human cultivators, they have at least experienced thousands of years of hard practice, especially the sword cultivator For physical training, the physical difference between them and other practice creatures is not obvious! Even if it is sealed, it will eventually become impossible to completely enter the dao initial stage of a mortal state.

Seal is not a retrogression!

For physical training and sword cultivators who pay more attention to physical practice, their bodies after being sealed are enough to support the fight against these aliens, because aliens will not take the initiative to exercise their bodies, they will not push-ups, they will not Persist in daily running, and will not lift stone locks... but humans will! After more than a thousand years of persistence, the gap is not that big.

But on the other hand, the gap between them is huge! Intelligence, experience, vision, insight, judgment, etc., these things humans are still at the level of True Monarch, but these practice creatures rely on their masters to survive. Once the master dies, their own survival combat capability can be imagined. know.

Not on the same level! Not to mention the fun of fighting, but it does have the pleasure of fighting!

Lou Xiaoyi and the four Xizhao Taoists stayed in this narrow road for a full year. During this period, the tide of aliens has never surpassed the scale of one-time hundred heads, and most of the time They also stick one's head around to look for, hesitating.

There is basic wisdom, and I also know the danger, knowing that a choice must be made in freedom and life.

Lou Xiaoyi has the opportunity to taste a variety of insect beast meats, the taste is not very good, because they rarely have the opportunity to get into fire!

So you have to eat it raw!

Of course there are Huozhezi, but there is no fuelwood! Devour raw meat and fowl, something incredible for the cultivator, happened to the top True Monarch sword cultivator in the universe like them, and everyone is in peace!

Including Lou Xiaoyi, if others can eat, he can of course eat too! In many ways, he has no so-called taboos, and he does the same in his hometown.

Slowly, I have a deeper friendship with a few Xizhao old farts, from the original senior and junior brothers to the brother; they learned from Lou Xiaoyi about the latest in the universe The general trend, and Lou Xiaoyi also learned more secrets about Xi Zhao from them!

Among the five existing people, the Yang Spirit cultivation base is the Yang Spirit and the Yang Spirit, and the other three have two Primordial Spirits and one Yin God... They have been like this since tens of thousands of years, if they can still After living for tens of thousands of years, they are still at this level on the cultivation base!

Because they can no longer be regarded as real human beings, they can achieve incomplete immortality through fusion with Sword Spirit, and at the same time lose the privilege of human beings-bring it up a level!

For the right and wrong of the past, Xizhao people rarely mention it, and they don’t want to use it to confuse Lou Xiaoyi’s cognition, and they didn’t know much at the beginning. This is what the general told them. Protection, if you are not in that position, you should not know what you should know in that position.

The discussion is more about the sword technique, not the specific sword technique method, but more of a concept,

"I Nishizhao’s close sword skill came to us , It's a bit off! Because of the integration with Sword Spirit, we can make many changes that other sword veins can't do, but compared with normal conditions, it is difficult to say whether it is good or not. Our view is that, even so The method of fusion can bring essential improvements to our close-in skills, but it may not be a good thing for the cultivator itself. Losing the way to the upper realm, and being immortal like this, also loses the meaning of a swordsman! "

Very melancholy, because some choices are not for them to be autonomous. Otherwise, Xizhao Sword Mansion won't even have them left.

"Xuanyuan added the Dao Sword lineage. We are very pleased. We feel that the burden on our body is lighter. Yazu is the greatest figure in the history of the sword vein. In a sense, Regarding the Great Emperor and the general, it’s a pity that although we lived together for an era, we didn’t have a chance to meet each other. What a shame!

What Yazu got is the part of the Nishizhao sword technique inheritance about the mainstream sword veins. So we wondered, can we summarize the core part of Nishizhao's Sword in the Body? Oneself's things must be sorted out by oneself after all!

Ten thousand years, many Senior Brother Junior Brothers We are all making an all-out effort for this. It can be said that even if we do not integrate the Sword Spirit, we are confident that we can cultivate newcomers to a considerable height in terms of body and sword. This is the result of our tens of thousands of years of personal experience and experimentation. Unfortunately, these things are carved on the stone slabs on the mountainside, but no one wants to take a look at them. It is also a fate!"

Lou Xiaoyi can understand what he said, but it means one thing. Xi Zhao is temporarily unable to get up. Now, since Yazu was able to acquire most of Xizhao’s COSCO sword skills at the beginning, of course it is now possible to combine Xizhao’s core body sword skills as inheritance!

Although Xi Zhao’s future prospects are foggy, with more defeats and less, as long as you are more open-minded and pass on the real things, it doesn’t matter whether there is Xi Zhao!

This is the quality of oneself to reach a certain boundary, and it is also the recognition of Xuanyuan! The reason why I didn’t say it directly was that I was afraid that everyone would lose face when I was rejected, and I was also afraid that it would cause both parties to be causal!

So the slate is there, no one can understand this beautiful heaven and earth, Lou Xiaoyi is willing to learn, and oneself will go back and find some time, and no one will care about him.

Lou Xiaoyi understands that, of course he will not express anything clearly. This is a tacit understanding.

"Senior Brother seems to be! My cultivator pursues immortality, but must is oneself capable The immortality of the master! The sword cultivator is the sword cultivator, and the sword is the sword. It does not mean that the ultimate goal of becoming a sword cultivator is to become a sword!

We are human beings, only if we insist on this point, we will have Infinite possibilities! Instead of entrusting them to some magical objects that seem to be immortality!"

This is a journey of sashimi! For a whole year, Lou Xiaoyi and Xizhao Senior Brothers have eaten sashimi for a full year. It is still the kind without mustard, only salt!

There are no accidents, just like what Xizhao people experience every time.

"In the last few hundred years, I feel that there are fewer aliens than usual? I don’t know if there is any change in Sedum inside and outside?"

In the mysterious Under the action of strength, there is an abnormality in the passage.

"Retreat!" Under the order of the negative 魖, the five people started to throw their legs and ran back. The movement must be fast, otherwise it would be troublesome to be blocked in the passage. Although it will not starve to death, staying in such a place for a few years is very torturing and a test of psychological quality.

Although he was sealed as a mortal once, there are not many difficult tasks!

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