Sword Pawn Crossing River Chapter 1685

More than a year later, the people in Shimonoseki have already returned to their homeland. In this loss, although they are the village that has been hit hardest, they have left a reputation for fighting the rioters!

It will take many years to recover, but the biggest gain for Xiaguan people is to find a real support!

The name of Miaofeng Mountain was once again spread, but this time there is real evidence, because many people have seen a very ruthless ruthless Taoist who kills the master!

The point is, you still can't hide!

Shi Bao and the others left, but more people heard the news and found them, all to verify something, but they couldn’t see people, just like every time in history, His head showed a sign, and then he was silent.

There is still one person who did not leave, that is, Munan!

As a scholar of study tour, he has all the conditions of a distinguished son, curious, no pressure to survive, likes new things, and keen to find the roots, so he has the most time to do nothing, he wants to do Is it clear that the name of Miaofeng Mountain is necessarily related to these Taoists?

From the current situation, the connection is inevitable! But how did they continue this influence for thousands of years?

Everyone is mortal, no more than a hundred years at most, so we need inheritance from generation to generation. In order not to lose the incense, we need a certain dísciple base to ensure that it will not be cut off, but he does not see it in Miaofeng Mountain. At this point, there are only a few Taoists with amazing appetites, no more than five people, how did this pass on?

Among the Taoists on Miaofeng Mountain, the only one that is easy to come into contact with is the one that fell from the sky. The Divine Dragon doesn’t see the beginning and the end of the others, and there is no shadow at all.

"The name of Dao Fa? Well, the name is not important, but the idea is important! If you want to say the name, there is also one, which can be called Quanzhen!"

Lou Xiaoyi Only when the entire group came out of the connecting channel, he was blocked by Munan and asked him about Taoist concepts; Splendid heaven and earth also has Taoism, but because there is no cultivation and self-locking, it is academically there. There is a big limitation. Once I came into contact with Lou Xiaoyi's many views on Taoism, I felt very fresh, completely new heaven and earth.

Educated children of distinguished families like him have been involved in a wide range of education since childhood, and they must also include Taoism in the hundreds of families. When they are older and have more experience, they can determine the direction of oneself. This is why he is so interested in Lou Xiaoyi's doctrine, and he is at the stage where he is most receptive to new things.

"Quanzhen? Complete Perfection Cult? Well, it sounds like a very difficult to deal with, Master, I..."

Lou Xiaoyi interrupted him, "I am not You Master! Don’t scream! You are willing to learn something, and I can teach you when you have nothing to do, but the friendship between master and disciple should not be mentioned lightly, it is too heavy.

It’s you, a serious sword. He refuses to learn the technique, but he is obsessed with these theoretical things..."

Mu Nan laughed. He is a son of everyone, and he has a natural sense of superiority, so he doesn’t speak between words. Will put oneself in the next position, very casually,

"The Daoist does not want to be contaminated with right and wrong, and I do not want to! Sword attack is only one enemy, ten people enemy, knowledge is the enemy of ten thousand people!

Little students do not need to rely on the sword technique to seek the future, because most of the Mu clan are people who understand swords. Although they are not as good as Taoism, they are in number; I am afraid that I have learned the true meaning of Taoism's sword technique. Isn’t it because of a small loss of greatness that is involved in the disputes between the leaders of the road, neglect the root and pursue the tip?"

Lou Xiaoyi was lost in thought!

At night, Mingyao hangs high, alone on the top of the peak. Bai Ri Munan's words touched him very much.

He has never believed that Tianmu's mission is pure, this is instinct. But he couldn't find the source of this intuition. It wasn't until Mu Nan uttered that irresponsible bullshit that he suddenly realized a possible trap!

Yes, it is inheritance!

If he saw that slate, if he inherited Xi Zhao’s sword vein, would he inherit part of Xi Zhao’s cause and effect?

It's not what he is afraid of! Now he has a good understanding of this big chess game played by the Great Emperor General Yazu. The more he is like this, the more he understands that oneself should not easily step into it when it is fully grown!

Patience, this is the rhythm of real intervention! Rather than finished apprenticeship, die before swiftly!

Three sword vein ancestors, the general suffered misfortune after immortal! The Great Emperor was also missing the Queen of Dengxian! Yazu is the best, but he still became immortal soon and exchanged his life for morality, which triggered the rhythm of the collapse of Grand Dao!

It’s only when they become immortals that they start their hands. As a result, they have nothing common with each other. It’s hard to tell whether they have achieved their goals, but for him, Dengxian is a real hurdle, it’s his figure. The day I saw it!

Before this, he needs to disguise oneself as harmless to humans and animals just like his ancestors!

That slate, I can’t see it!

Although there are doubts, why can Yazu move back part of Xizhao's inheritance grandiosely, and he is in danger? This may involve core and non-core?

But the strange thing about this task is that you don't know where the trap is! Now he finally has some eyebrows!

Fortunately, he is not an uncomfortable person. Fortunately, this guy Munan is a stalker, so he got a certain reminder!

Should be waiting for him here!

Xizhao’s core secret, invincible close sword skill, ingenious task arrangement, certain sympathy, tens of thousands of years of sword skill entrusted...when all this is brought together, it is a cultivator Can't resist this temptation! even more how a sword cultivator!

Everything is where water flows, a canal is formed!

Lou Xiaoyi sneered in her heart and reminded oneself that as the boundary gets higher and higher, and as well as his consistent high-profile behavior now, oneself's every move will be magnified in the eyes of some interested people!

He can't change his current high-profile behavior, this is the foundation of gathering momentum! Otherwise, it is impossible to imagine how a silent person can make a oneself voice in the changing universe!

But critical mistakes cannot be made, this is the principle!

As for Nishizhao’s close sword skills, he doesn’t really care very much. These few Nishizhao sword cultivators can do this step. The big reason is their fusion with Sword Spirit, which is exactly This is the most unacceptable normal inheritance, because it will affect the upper boundary!

What will happen if you really pass such a sword skill to Xuanyuan? Those Primordial Spirit Yinshens who cannot go to the realm will merge with oneself’s Sword Spirit one after another. They can not only be immortality, but also continue to work for Sect. It sounds like one move, two gains, the best of both worlds; but in fact, if you look farther and farther away If you do something, you will find,

Because of this path, there is no longer a firm determination to live and die! Yang Spirit will become less and less, and of course Half Immortal will be less...

A Sword Sect who has lost its self-motivated spirit, is it still Sword Sect?

Its heart can be punishable!

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